The CEO's Love

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Chapter 12: Him


We were in London.

We, being me and Miss Price.

I had a call from Mr. Giles about a party he wanted us to attend tonight.

Breakfast was going to be ready soon so I went downstairs to the kitchen.

Miss Price wasn’t down yet, but I got to have a chat with Mrs. Trenton.

She told me about her thoughts on Miss. Price.

She said she reminded her of someone that I used to bring here before everything happened.

After what happened last year, I had closed off. Until now. Miss Price challenged me so much but for some messed up reason I enjoyed it.

Footsteps brought me out of my reverie.

“Good morning, Miss Price.”

“Good morning, Sir.”

When was she going to give that up? It kinda bugged me that she called me Sir for a few reasons. Not all bad though.

“Could you stop with the Sir now?”

“What else am I meant to call you?” she asked, with her scrunched up confused face. It was cute.

“Noah.” I told her.

“Ok.... Noah.”

That’s better.

When she started making plans to go out to some park near here, I stopped it.

I would take her to the park but not on this trip.

“We already have plans for today.” I spoke over Mrs. Trenton.

“Oh really? And what would that be? When were you planning on giving this information?” she tried to sass but she’s too sweet for that.

“In reply to all of your questions, yes, sightseeing, dress shopping, party. And I was going to tell you right now.”

I imitated her voice because I just love winding her up.

“Sightseeing, fair enough but dress shopping and party? What’s that about?”

“There’s a formal function this evening for a friend of mine, we will be going and you need a dress.” I answered back quickly.

“I have dresses.”

“Formal ones?”

“Formal enough.”

“No arguments Miss. Price. I will be buying you a dress for tonight's function and that is the end of it.”

I stood up and walked out. I always get the last word.

A few minutes later, we were in the car being whisked into the centre of London to sightsee.

We went a lot of places.

We went to Westminster, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and the London Eye to name a few. I also took her to the top of The Shard.

I could tell she was excited by it all and her eyes lit up with all the sights.

When we stopped for lunch, I let my guard down a little while we spoke.

Now we were on our way to a dress shop I knew the owner of.

Walking in the sales lady came tottering over.

“Hello, how can I help you today?” she purposely stuck her tits out. Not today lady.

“My fiancée needs a dress for a formal function tonight. Money is no object as long as she’s happy.”

I saw Miss Price’s jaw drop open as she tried to make sense of what I said. It was funny but I kept a straight face.

“Of course, if you’d follow me please, ma’am?” The sales lady looked pissed!

“Off you go, wifey.” I pushed ‘wifey’ forward and sat down in the waiting area.

Sitting there, it felt like forever. What is it about shopping that women take so long?

“I found the one, Noah!” she called out to me. Finally.

“Great! Can I see?”


I was waiting downstairs for what felt like forever.


I heard the clicking of heels at the top of the stairs, so turned around.

When she told me the dress was perfect she actually meant it was perfect on her.

“Blake, you look.... wow!”

“You too.” She replied quietly.

It was only when we were in the car that I realised, I had said her name for the first time. And it felt so right.

At the function, we had to socialise with people so we made small talk with a few and then we met Mr. Giles. We chatted for a while before he had to go find his wife.

“I’m going to go over to the bar and grab us drinks. Don’t move from this spot.” I had heard Carter was here, so had to be on guard.

As I was going back to Blake, I saw him talking to her.

“I was invited. If I’d known you were going to be here, I would have insisted you were my plus one.” he said lifting her hand up to his lips, like he did at my office.

But before they could connect, I took her hand away.

“Too bad Carter. Where is your date for this evening?” I was angry. For good reason.

“She’s somewhere around. It was good seeing you again, Blake. I’ll call you about that raincheck.” He glared at me before he turned and walked away.

“What was that about?” she asked me folding her arms across her chest. She was stubborn, I’ll give her that.

“We’re gunna dance. Come on.”

I pulled her over to the dance floor and pulled her close to me.

“You didn’t answer the question.”

“Ask another one.” I can’t tell her.

“Why did you tell that woman I was your fiancée?”

I chuckled. Of course that’s what she’d ask.

“It was fun. The look on both your faces was a picture but yours especially.”

“Oh thanks. You do realise you gave me a heart attack with that stunt.”

“I know,” I smirked, “I bet I can give you another heart attack.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, wifey, I could do this.”

With that, I smashed my lips on hers.

She was into it at first but then she pushed me away.

She looked behind me and I know what it was.

He was partly the reason why I did it, but the other part was because I had to.

It felt like instinct.

She ran out of the hall to find him and I tried to stop her.

She didn’t know him like I did.

History would repeat itself and that can’t happen.

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