The CEO's Love

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Chapter 13: Magic

We had been back in New York for 2 weeks.

We hadn’t spoken anymore about the night of the function and my mom assured me she wouldn’t bring it up after I told her what happened.

I had to get time off for this afternoon so I’d ask when I get to Mr. Anderson’s office.

Grabbing his usual coffee, I went in without knocking.

He didn’t look up, even when I put it on his desk so I just stood, waiting.

When he realised, he finally spoke.

“What can I do for you, Miss Price?”

“Is it ok if I leave early today?” I asked, playing with my fingers. It’s a nervous habit.

“What for?”

“I have to take my brother to basketball practice. My mom can’t do it.”

“Fair enough.” he dismissed me.

Completely back to normal.

At lunch, Kira and Brett were filled in about New York and they filled me in about what they got up to.

They were silently fuming over the way Mr. Anderson was acting.

The day went by quickly and now I was picking up Tristan.

He jumped into my car and started messing with the buttons.

He connected his phone with the bluetooth and started blasting his music through my car.

By the time we got to the basketball court, 40 minutes away, I was ready to strangle him.

I sat and watched the team while checking my emails.

One had just come in from Mr. Anderson.

He had misplaced some files and needed them.

Once Tristan finished his game, I raced back to the office with him in toe.

He followed me up to the office.

Mr. Anderson was pacing the room, seething.

I went straight to the filing cabinet and located the files.

“How did you do that?” he asked, as I passed them to him.


“I looked there and they weren’t there!” he said pointing to the cabinet.

I decided to mess with him.

“I hate to break it to you like this, but I have magical powers.”

He actually looked so convinced and I couldn’t contain the laugh that came out.

Tristan, stood at the door, burst out laughing and Mr. Anderson just looked shocked.

“Who are you?” he asked Tristan.

“Oh, I’m the good looking sibling, Tristan.”

“Shut up, Tris. You wish you were good looking!”

“Don’t be jealous, Blake.” he gave back.

All the while, Mr. Anderson watched our strange interaction.

“Go wait in the car, Tristan.” I told him.

He left the building.

I was getting strange looks from Mr. Anderson.

“What?” I had to ask.

“Nothing. It’s just weird to see a different side of you.”

“And what side would that be?”

“The relaxed side. You have a nice laugh. You should do it more.” he said so genuinely.

“I’ll keep that in mind.”


He moved closer to me.

“We should talk.” he said quietly.

“About what?”

“You know what, Blake.”

He put his hand on my face, tracing my bottom lip with his thumb.

My breathing was non existent at this point.

When his lips landed on mine for the second time, I knew I was a goner.

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