The CEO's Love

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Chapter 14: Jamieson


When his lips landed on mine for the second time, I knew I was a goner.

Once we came up for air, I asked the question.

“I thought this was going to be a talk?” I asked breathlessly.

He smirked that ridiculously handsome smirk.

“That was the talk.”

It was then that I remembered Tristan was waiting in the car.

He seemed to realise too and slowly let go of me.

“See you tomorrow Miss. Price.”

I went down to my car.

“What took you so long?” Tristan asked.

“We just had to go over the files.”

He looked at me suspiciously.

I hate the fact that he knows if I’m lying.

“Okay. If you say so.”

When we got home, mom was back from the library.

We sat for a while watching Netflix, until I decided to take them both out for dinner.

We haven’t been out for a family dinner in a long time and I could finally give them that.

I woke up to my phone ringing.

Checking the the time, it was 2.45am.

Who on earth would be calling at this hour?


There was no answer from the other side.

“Who is this?”

Still no answer.

I hung up and looked at the contact.


That’s not weird at all!

I went back to sleep thinking nothing of it.

I woke again to my alarm and got ready for work.

On my way there, it felt strange.

It felt like the call had changed something.

I couldn’t put my finger on it though.

I managed to push the thought away for a while so I could get some work done.

I soon found myself drifting back to it and completely zoned out trying to figure it out.


That brought me back.

I jumped and fell off my chair.

He held his hand out to help me up.

“Are you okay?” Noah asked.


“You sure? I was calling your name for 5 minutes.”

“I’m sure.”

“Okay, well I need you to set up the conference room.” he said, leaning against my desk.

“There’s nothing in the diary.”

“I know. Just have it done in 20 minutes please.” he went back into his office.

Today is full of weirdness!


After Blake had set up the conference room, I sent her off.

She can’t know about any of this.

My best friend, who also happened to be great at digging up dirt on people, Jamieson, walked in.

“Did you get what I asked for?”

“Of course.” he threw the folder to me.

I’d asked him to watch Alex Carter from a distance for a few days. The folder contained all the details of what he’d been up to.

Nothing of note had gone down so I told him to stop tracking him for now.

But I knew he had something up his sleeve where Blake was concerned.

Ever since the night of the function, I’d become very protective of her. Especially with Carter around.

“So what’s up?” Jamieson asked.

“I think Carter is going to try something with my PA.”

He scrutinised my face for a second, trying to read me. Seems he found something because he then said,

“The only time I’ve seen you like this was when--”

“Yes thank you Jamie, let’s not go there.” I cut him off.

“Ok but if you don’t get it out there, you’ll never fully be able to move on.”

With that, he stood up and left.

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