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Chapter 15: The Call

After the secret meeting that Noah had, he’d been a bit distant.

I’d catch him staring into space. He even snapped a few pens because he was holding them so tight.

It had been a completely strange day with the phone call and Noah and I had a feeling deep in my gut that something big was coming.

And I didn’t have to wait long to find out what.

I was sat at my desk in the afternoon when my mobile rang.


“Hi, can I speak to Blake Price?”


“Miss Price, my name is Detective Mason, I’m afraid an incident has occurred at your address.”

“What kind of incident?”

“A man by the name of Owen Hale, forced entry into the house and attacked your mother. She’s been taken to the hospital.”

My heart froze.

“Is she going to be okay? What about my brother? Was he hurt too?”

Noah must have heard my panic as he rushed into my office.

“No ma’am, your brother fled the scene.” he completely ignored the question about mom.

“Well where is he?! You need to find him!”

“We have officers out searching as we speak ma’am.”

The elevator pinged and off ran Tristan.

“Oh my god, its ok he’s here. I’ll be at the hospital as soon as possible.”

He ran straight into my arms.

“Are you okay? Are you hurt? What happened?!” I fired the questions at him, while checking him over.

“I’m fine, he didn’t notice I left. He showed up at the house and kicked the door down. Mom was crying and screaming. I wanted to stay to help her but I was so scared. I’m sorry!”

“Its not your fault Tristan. Don’t ever think that. Come on, we’ve got to get to the hospital.”

This was when Noah spoke.

“You can’t drive in your state. I’ll take you.”

With that, we arrived at the hospital in 10 minutes.

Turning around, I faced them both.

“Can you keep him with you, I don’t want him to see this. I don’t know what---” I aimed at Noah.

“Its fine, go. I’ll look after him.” he cut in.

I ran to my mothers cubicle and saw the worst scene I’d witnessed.

Doctors and nurses rushing around a woman who I barely recognised due to the injuries, on a gurney.

All the sounds around me jumbled into one as I watched until......

" Time of death..... 2.47pm” a doctor announced and turned off the machine.

Falling to the floor, I cried for the loving mother we had lost. I cried for a mother not getting to see her son grow up. I cried knowing this was the fault of the man I used to call Dad.

A few minutes later, I stood up and trudged towards the room Tristan was waiting in.

I didn’t even need to say anything. Tristan knew mom was gone.

He ran to me again and collapsed in my arms.

We sat like that for what felt like hours.

The police came and informed us our ‘father’ was in the wind.

“What happens now?” Tristan asked me.

“We need to find a place to stay.”

“No need. You’re both coming to live with me.”

In all the commotion I’d almost forgotten Noah was still here.

“That’s not necessary.”

“Its safer that way. I’m not going to take no for an answer Blake.” he said with such finality, I couldn’t argue.

Later that night, I had gone back to the house with Noah to collect clothes and things we would need, while Tristan was taken to Noah’s house where the housekeeper would be waiting.

I put on the blue booties the officer gave me.

I started towards the house but stopped in my tracks.

Turning back to Noah, my voice cracked.

“Could you.......? ”

He knew what I was asking and he agreed. He went with me into the house.

Again the scene was horrific. Blood everywhere, smashed glass. It was something out of CSI.

At the sight, my stomach turned. Noah didn’t even bat an eyelash.

He held my hair back as I expelled the contents of my stomach into the bushes outside.

We left as quick as possible as the crime scene cleaners wanted to get in.

This would be the last time I was in this house.

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