The CEO's Love

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Chapter 2: Meeting Boss Man

“Come in.” a husky voice called out.

Stepping into the office, I was first taken aback by the beauty of the office.

It was so bright and calming with tall windows. A large desk took up most of the space. In front of the desk were three black seats with plush velvet covering. Across to the side of the room was a seating area that looked to be for informal meetings.

Then I was taken aback by something entirely different.

The man sitting behind the desk.

There was only two words that came to mind.


I totally forgot I was blatantly drooling over my boss, when he snapped me out of it.

“Who are you?” his voice was so rich.

“I’m your new P.A sir.”

He looked me up and down and then said, “You’re late.”

Looking to the clock on the wall, it was 30 seconds past 9.00am.

“Sir I was here at 9am.”

“Let me tell you something Miss......”


“Miss Price, being early is being on time. Remember that for next time.” he looked at me until I nodded.

What a jerk! A hot jerk but still a jerk nonetheless.

“Now, I need you to get started right away but first, go down the hall to the break room and get me a coffee. Black, 2 sugars. You will do this first every single morning from now on. And then I will tell you what to do next. Go. ” he ordered and then went back to his computer.

Turning to leave the room, I went to find the break room.

I didn’t realise the whole time I had been holding my breath. The office may have been calming but he most certainly isn’t.

With the coffee in hand, I strolled back into his office and placed it on his desk.

“Your office is right next door. Everything is set up already. I need you to transfer all these files,” he handed a huge stack of them over, “onto the computer.” and with a flick of his hand he had dismissed me.

Well this was going to be fun.

----- 🕛a few hours later🕧--------

I’d been sitting in this office for nearly 6 hours without a break.

Between the files and the phone calls I had to field through to his office, I had been busy.

I had contemplated on going for lunch but then decided against it with the amount of work to do.

It was coming up for 4pm and I was ready to drop.

The last file was almost done and then I would be able to leave for the day.

I do really like this office.

It was almost like Mr Anderson’s, just a little more feminine. The white desk held a laptop and a lamp with a pot for pens etc. There were a few plants dotted around the room for decoration.

I finally finished the last file and put my head in my hands.

My relief is short lived when boss man shows up with more files.

So much for leaving at 4!

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