The CEO's Love

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Chapter 24: Be Mine

The day of the date arrived.

I’d just got home from work and found a note taped to the front door.

I followed the note and it led me to my room.

On the bed was a box and another note.

Put this on. I haven’t seen it. Tristan picked it out as a favour. Happy hunting. x’

Opening the box, I found the most gorgeous dress, shoes and mask.

Tristan had good taste!

I ran down and asked him and turns out that he had help from his girlfriend.

I put it all on and took care of my hair.

The dress was poufy and long. It was a stunningly bright red colour with beading all over the strapless sweetheart top and it trailed down the side. The mask matched the dress. My hair was down in curls, cascading down my back.

Walking down the stairs, Tristan and Lucy, his girlfriend, were waiting.

I hugged them both, thanking them for the help and they waved me off.

I knew Kira and Brett were going to be there and they’d texted pictures of what they were wearing so I could find them.

Arriving at the venue, it was inside a tall glittery building. I don’t think I’d ever get used to this.

It was stunning and done up really well.

Walking into the giant hall, there were bodies everywhere.

Elegant ball gowns, masks, dancing and laughter filled the room. I stuck out like a sore thumb. Every other woman here was wearing silver or black.

It would be difficult to find Noah in all this since there were about 6 or 7 guys wearing red ties.

I spoke to Kira and Brett for a while and then went off to find Noah.

A guy came up to me and gave me a letter.

“Wait until later to read it.” he said. His voice wasn’t familiar.

After the run in with him, I’m pulled into a dance with a man. Not just any man.


I could tell straight away from his eyes.

“You look good in red, Miss Price.” his eyes raked over me appreciatively.

After dancing for a while he leaned in to my ear.

“Come with me” he whispered.

He held my hand and took me with him.

We ended up in the rooftop garden.

It was beautiful.

There were lights hung up, casting a soft glow.

He continued to take me round the corner where there stood a single table with two chairs and it was set for a romantic meal.

It was perfect.

“You did all this?”

He nodded. He even looked a little nervous.

“It’s amazing.” I breathed.

I couldn’t believe he’d done all this just for a date.

We ate and talked getting to know each other more and more.

I learnt that a year ago he lost someone close to him, I didn’t know the details but it was enough for now.

Once we finished, we were standing looking out at the skyline. Its so different from up here.

I looked back at him and he moved over to me and took my hand.

We started to move just as a song started playing from where, I had no idea.

The song was one of my favourites.

Kiss me by Ed Sheeran.

All of this felt crazy but I honestly wouldn’t change any of it.

The thought he had put into it was immense.

He moved one of his hands to my face and pulled me closer and we kissed, still dancing.

It was the most intimate moment I’ve ever been in. It felt like something deeper than any of the others we had shared.

Pulling away he spun me and then just held me until the song ended.

Something had shifted tonight.

I didn’t know what it was but it felt good.

Then he said the words that would change everything.

"Be mine.”

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