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Chapter 25: Dancing The Night Away

“Be mine”

I was going to over-analyse it like I normally do but I remembered my mother’s words.

‘Live your life. But you have to let someone in to do that.’

So that’s what I’ll do.

Throw caution to the wind and go for it.

Noah was still waiting.

Breaking into a smile, I finally answered.


He grabbed me and kissed me again like it was everything.

It started getting late so we went back to the house.

As soon as I was in my room and out of the dress, I fell asleep.

Dreaming of the dream like night I’d had.


I had tasked Tristan with helping me get Blake ready for the date tonight.

She had no idea what was planned.

We would be at a masquerade ball but that wasn’t the entire night.

I hadn’t seen the dress or mask that Tris and his girlfriend, Lucy picked out but I knew the colour.

Tris had bought a tie and mask for me with my credit card that apparently matches hers.

When I got to the venue, I knew I would pick her out easily, everyone was either in black or silver tonight.

Everyone’s eyes turned towards the doors and I saw her.

There’s that weird feeling again.

She walked towards someone, who I realised was Kira and Brett. She spoke with them for a second and then I lost sight of her.

She popped up again and I made my way to her.

She stiffened a little when I grabbed her hand and pulled her to me but when she looked up at me she calmed down.

We danced for a while before I put the surprise in motion.

I told her to follow me and Kira and Brett gave me a thumbs up.

I took her to the rooftop that I’d set up earlier. The guy who owns this place let me use it, we went to college together.

She was quiet for a minute and it worried me.

Did she not like it? Was it too much?

That’s when I saw the smile I adored.

“It’s amazing!” she turned to me.

I took her hand and the song I had picked out started playing.

We danced for a while and it was the most innocent thing but it felt like more.

I couldn’t help myself.

I pulled her close and kissed her.

Ever since the first time, it just felt like I had to. I couldn’t stop. I was addicted.

Which is why at the end of the night, watching her stare out at the skyline I knew I couldn’t let her go.

The words came out and I meant them with every fibre of my being.

“Be mine.”

She thought for a second before answering.


That was all I needed to hear.

She was mine.

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