The CEO's Love

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Chapter 26: Beach Days

Halfway through the night, I woke after remembering the note I’d been given at the ball.

Fishing it out of my purse, I opened it.

‘It seems you have it all figured out. Enjoy it while it lasts. See you soon enough.’

What the heck?

I scrunched it up and shoved it back into my purse and calmed myself down.

Surely it was a joke or meant for someone else.


It had been a week since the ball and Noah and I had been spending more time together.

Tristan was making plans with friends to go camping in the summer.

It was now Saturday and because it was nice enough weather wise, Noah, me, Tris, Lucy, Kira and Brett went to the beach.

I had gone to get the ice creams with Kira and when we returned, the sight that greeted me was beyond words.

Noah was walking out of the water towards us with the water dripping from his toned body and it made my insides turn to jelly.

Holy mother of hotness!

The heat coming off of my cheeks could have fried a god damn egg!

And he knew it because he came over and chuckled before kissing me.

“Get a room!” Brett hollered, causing all of us to laugh.

We spent a bit of time playing in the sand before somehow, the guys decided to gang up on us girls and chased us into the water.

Noah grabbed me and dunked me in the water.

I couldn’t imagine today any other way.

We were all well and truly soaked and were now drying off by the cars.

Tris and Lucy were giggling away together.

I have to admit, they were a cute couple.

I’m glad he had someone to take his mind off of everything.

Back at work we had kept the touching to a minimum even though a lot of people already knew we were dating.

We’d heard back that the London office was going to be finished in a week which was exciting!

We would be going back there to check it out so I’d got the flight plan ready again.

At lunch, Kira and Brett were gushing over how much fun they had at the beach and how they shipped the couples. Me and Noah and Tristan and Lucy.

They spent the entire lunch trying to come up with ship names but I completely zoned them out.

The day of the second London trip arrived.

Mrs Trenton was going to stay here to look after Tris and there was a new housekeeper in London.

The same flight attendant was on the plane.

And again, she tried to flirt with Noah.

“Good afternoon, sir, is there anything I can get you?” she fluttered her eyelashes, trying to look sexy.

Not today, bitch!

He looked over to me.

“Want anything, babe?” he asked.

“Not yet.”

“You heard her. If we need anything, we’ll ask.” he shooed her away.

He leaned in to whisper,

“You can’t kill her with your eyes, sweetheart.”

“Maybe not, but I can try.”

“Okay, put the claws away kitty. Although, feisty you is damn hot.” he laughed.

He reached over to put my seatbelt on.

The last time he did that, I blushed having him so close. This time, I could reach out and kiss him.

And that’s exactly what I did.

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