The CEO's Love

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Chapter 27: Our Little Bubble


We had arrived in London in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Blake was still asleep and she looked so peaceful so I didn’t wake her.

Instead, I put my arms around her and picked her up.

I carried her to the car and then from the car into the house when we got there.

I took her to my room as I was going to be in the office for a little while.

Placing her on the bed, I put the covers over her.

I was falling deeper for this woman.

After a while of working in the office, I went back to the room.

I climbed into the bed beside her and wrapped my arm around her waist and fell asleep with her warmth and sweet scent around me.

I had woken before her and went downstairs.

Last time we were here, she had wanted to go to the park and seeing as today is Sunday and most places are closed, its the perfect time to take her.

It was a couple of blocks away from the house.

Not long after me, she came down looking all cute.

“Why was I in your bed, Mr. Anderson?” she gave me her angry face.

I had to try to keep a straight face. I once laughed at her angry face and she didn’t talk to me for hours!

“You were asleep when we landed, I was going to put you in your room but what’s the point in that? We’re together so there will be no more separate rooms.” I walked up to her and held her close.

She was always so warm. It was just one of the things that made me like her more. My own personal hot water bottle.

She looked up at me, still with her angry face but it slowly softened.

“Dammit! Why can’t I stay mad at you anymore?”

“Because you liiiike me.” I mocked.

She laughed.

We sat down to breakfast and then went to get ready.

I took a shower and picked out my go to casual outfit. Black tee, faded jeans and a pair of brown lace up boots. Dean Winchester, eat your heart out!

I was done quickly, so waited for Blake downstairs.

When she came down, she did a quick appreciative look before breaking into a smile.

I did the same. Taking in her attire, even in jeans, a slogan tee that said ‘cute but crazy’ (which is true, don’t tell her I said so!), an over-shirt and some black boots, she looked like a vision.

We got to the park 15 minutes later and its better than I remember.

The last time I was here, it was really quiet and the flowers weren’t out.

They were now.

We walked around and talked.

I could really be myself around her. She brought something out of me that no one ever could.

We were now sat on the grass.

We had gotten back onto the topic of the person I lost.

I knew now we were together I had to tell her.

“It was a girl called Laura. We were dating at the time, she was murdered.”

“What happened?” she looked genuinely interested. She held no judgement.

“She was out late and she was walking home. Someone ran her over and then drove off. They were never caught. I know who it was though.”

“Have you told the police?”

“Yeah. But because we have no proof, they can’t do anything.”

It has been over a year and we were still no closer to getting the proof we needed.

She shuffled over and took my hand and we sat in silence, in our own little bubble.

After a while, we made our way back to the house.

When it came round to going to bed, it felt like we were some kind of married couple. It felt so natural.

I could stare at her all day if given the chance. I memorised her every feature.

Yup, I was becoming such a pussy.

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