The CEO's Love

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Chapter 3: Besties!

Finally stepping into the comfort of my house at 8pm, I was surprise attacked by my brother.

“Finally, you’re home!” he boomed, while crushing me with a hug.

He was way too strong for a 13 year old.

Walking into the kitchen, I found mom cooking lasagne.

“Hey honey how was it?”

“It was ok. Tiring but good. The workload is a lot though.” I said, sitting down on one of the dining chairs.

“What about your boss? Was he as bad as Mrs. Griffith said?” she had brought the plates over to the table and sat down herself.

“Worse. He’s a total jerk, mom.”

“I’m sure its not that bad, sweetheart. You gotta give him a chance. He might have just been having a bad day.”

My mom always saw the best in everyone. Even if they didn’t deserve it.

That’s how she got with Dad.

He was the notorious bad boy of the school. She was the shy girl. It was that cliché love story.

She saw something in him no one else did. Not even him. And it turned out she was the only one who saw it.

“Maybe. So how was your guys day?”

My mom and brother spent the rest of the night telling me about what they got up to.

Mom helps some of the local elderly residents and helps out in the library.

My brother told me all about what he did at school today and then we spent the rest of the night watching movies together.

The next morning I arrived at work early, remembering Mr. Anderson’s warning.

I got his coffee and turned up at his office at 8.45, placing it on his desk.

He was wearing glasses and holy hell did it suit him!

He looked at the clock and his eyebrows rose for just a second.

I had my little smug party in my head while he told me everything I had to do today.

A small win for today!

I had finished everything he’d asked me to do before lunch so I got to go down to the canteen.

Before leaving, I went to ask if he wanted anything but he had already left. Where to, I had no idea.

Walking into the canteen downstairs, I grabbed a sandwich, a muffin and a drink.

Sitting down, I was half way through the sandwich when two people sat down with me. A girl and a guy.

They both looked to be my age.

“Hey, you’re Blake, right?” the girl asked.

“Yeah. How did you know?”

“Everyone has heard about you, sweetie. You’re the big bad boss’s new PA. Its huge news around here.” the guy said with a huge grin on his face.

“Oh I’m sorry! We didn’t even introduce ourselves!!” the girl laughed.

“I’m Kira and this is Brett. We work in the finance department on floor 24.”

“It’s nice to meet you both.” I smiled.

With that we ended up talking for a while.

I found out Brett was gay and Kira was his roommate.

They were really fun and made me laugh a lot in such a short time.

I missed this since my best friend Jessica moved away after college.

She was there throughout school when my Dad would beat me and mom up. She’d help me cover the cuts and bruises and would make me laugh to forget about everything.

I knew then and there, these two would be great friends.

Suddenly the colour drained from their faces as they looked behind me.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and it sent shivers down my spine.

Looking up, there stood Mr. Anderson.

“Your break is over.”

With that he turned to walk off.

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