The CEO's Love

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Chapter 30: Meet The Parents

I woke up before Noah and had a mission trying to get out of bed.

His arm was like a vice around my waist and every time I moved, he would tighten the hold.

Picking up a shirt from the floor, I finally made it to the bathroom and relieved my poor bladder.

My entire body was screaming at me. Just a reminder of last night.

Pushing it aside, I made my way to the kitchen and started on breakfast.

It must have woken him because the next thing I knew, there was hands around my waist and a head on my shoulder.

“Good morning.” his morning voice was dreamy.


“I thought you had ran away when you weren’t in bed.”

“Even if I wanted to, which is definitely not happening, I couldn’t. It would be a very long swim.”

He laughed and put his head into my neck.

“Smells good, the food too.”

“That was so cheesy!” I laughed.

“You look good in my shirt.” he whispered before turning me around and kissing me.

He looked way too good for a morning.

His hair a mess, with strands hanging down. His eyes bright.

The food was done and we ate quickly because we had to get back to dry land.

Once we arrived, the car was waiting for us.

It took us back to the house and we got the rest of our stuff to go get on the plane.

It had been a few weeks since we went to London again and things were going great.

I was sat at my desk working, when Noah walked in.

“To what do I owe the pleasure Mr. Anderson?”

“Oh the pleasure will be both of ours, Miss Price.” he smirked, locking the door and walked towards me.

Spinning my chair around he leaned in and kissed me passionately.

He lifted me onto the desk and my skirt rode up. He stepped between my legs and continued to kiss me with everything he had.

Trailing his hand up my leg, he made good on his promise for it to be both our pleasure.

We lay on the floor of my office in silence.

My head lay on his chest and I could hear his heartbeat.

After a while he spoke.

“My family wants to meet you.” he said it so quietly, I almost missed it.

Sitting up, I looked at him.

“My sister came by the other day and saw us coming in together. She told my parents and they wanna meet you.”

“Do you want me to meet them?”

We had only been together for just over 2 months.

“Of course I do. You’re important to me.”

I just died.

“Then okay. Name a time and place and I’ll be there.” I gave him a kiss and got up, putting my clothes back on.

It was the day when I was going to meet his family.

To say I was nervous was an understatement.

I’d spent the last 3 hours trying different outfits but it all felt wrong.

“Babe, just pick something.” Noah was bored. He’d been laid on the bed, waiting for me to decide.

“I can’t, nothing feels right. Can you pick for me?” It’s the best I could think of in this moment. He knew his parents better than I did.

While he went in the walk in closet, I recalled everything he told me.

His mom, Sarah is a big time fashion designer. His Dad, Thomas used to be the CEO of Anderson Enterprise until he handed it over to Noah. Now he was the chairman. And his sister, Carly was a makeup artist. Her girlfriend, Jacqui was an artist with a gallery here in New York.

He came back out with an outfit.

He had a good eye. He’d picked a black tank top, black skinny jeans and a dusty pink butterfly jacket that Kira made me buy a few weeks ago. He paired it al with an oversized bag and some silvery heels.

Once I put it on, he grabbed my hand.

“You’re going to do just fine.” he kissed my forehead and we got in the car.

He drove today.

It was fascinating to watch him drive.

It was the first time I’d ever seen him at the wheel.

“Like what you see, babe?” he smirked, his eyes still on the road.

I blushed as he chuckled.

An hour later we drove down a long driveway to his parents house.

He came to my side of the car and wrapped his arm around my waist while we walked towards the house.

He walked straight in and called out.

“We’re here!”

A girl came running up to him and hugged him.

“Can’t breath, Carly!” he choked out.

She let him go and turned to me.

“It’s so nice to finally meet you!” she pulled me into a bone crushing hug too.

“Please don’t crush the poor girl before she’s even stepped in the door, Carly.” a woman’s voice called out.

“Hey Ma.” Noah smiled while hugging his mother.

“Its been too long Mr. But I forgive you because you brought this beauty over.” she came over to me and gave me a once over before she too pulled me into a hug.

And here I felt silly for being nervous.

“Come on. The food is ready, your dad is already in the dining room.”

We followed her and Carly into the huge dining room. It was clearly made for dinner parties.

His dad came up and introduced himself before we all sat and began eating. It was delicious.

“So Blake, I hear you’re Noah’s PA?” his mom asked.

“Yeah. For a while now.”

“What made you go into it?”

“Honestly, I would have gone for any job. I had to support my family.” There’s no use lying, right?

“Oh! Yes, I hope you don’t mind but Noah informed us of what happened to your mother. I’m sorry for your loss.” she grabbed my hand over the table.

“Thank you.”

I held my breath to force the tears back into my skull.

We continued to chat about random things until everyone finished their food.

Carly and Jacqui were so much fun and I could see them getting along with Kira and Brett.

I offered to help Sarah with the dishes while Noah went to talk to his Dad in his office.

“You too seem very taken with each other.” she commented with a smile.

“Yeah. He’s great. More than great. But I don’t really need to tell you that, being his mom”

She laughed.

“Take it from me honey, when you have something that is quite clearly good for the both of you, something so strong, you take hold of it and don’t let go.”

“I know.” I nodded at her.

“Do you love him?”

Did I?

I know I have very strong feelings for him but was it too soon for that?

“Well whenever you figure it out, don’t wait too long to say it.” she nudged me with a wink.

I gave her a smile back and we continued with the dishes, leaving me with a lot to think about.


Dad had stolen me away to his office after mom took Blake.

I can only imagine the gossip they will be having.

Everyone had really embraced Blake. And she had them. It was the best feeling ever.

I don’t know what I would have done if they didn’t get along.

“She’s great son. But are you sure you’re ready for this again? It’s only been a year.”

“I know what I’m doing Dad. I really like her. Maybe even.... Anyway, I’m sure.”

“Just checking. She’s too nice to be strung along. But if its what you want then go for it.”

“Thanks Dad.”

He poured the scotch and handed me a glass.

We clinked our glasses together and drank.

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