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Chapter 32: A Simple Life

He knew where I was. Which meant he had been watching.

He probably still was but I had to get out of here. I couldn’t let him hurt Noah.

Thankfully Tristan was away from all of this. I had time to figure something out in regards to him.

But for right now, I just had to leave.

I had enough money saved from the house sale and work to get situated again.

I’d done this before when we moved from Philly. I could do it again.

It would hurt to leave Noah behind but it was for his safety.

I packed as much as I could of both mine and Tristan’s stuff and shoved it in my car.

I knew Noah wouldn’t be far behind me so I had to leave now if I had any chance of getting out.

One touch from him, I’d lose my resolve and end up staying. Putting him and everyone else in danger.

I got in the car just as his driver pulled up.

Noah ran over and started pounding on the door.

“Blake! Don’t do this! We can figure something out. Don’t leave!” he shouted.

I put the car in drive and left with tears streaming down my face, watching in my rear-view mirror as the house and Noah, faded into the background the further I went.

I ended up in Boston.

I stopped at a hotel for the night.

Getting a room, it gave me time to collect my thoughts and figure out the next step.

I needed a place to live for when Tristan gets back and a new job.

I’d been in the hotel for 3 days and had found a rental house.

Everything is set for me to move in tomorrow.

I had called Tris and told him everything. He wanted to come home sooner but I made sure he stayed. He needed time to be a normal kid.

The movers were going to get the furniture from the old house that was in storage and bring it down here tomorrow and I would meet them there.

So with that in mind, I fell asleep.

I woke early to go meet the movers.

The house was simple. Exactly what was needed.

I knew at some point I would have to go back to New York because that’s where mom was buried but for now, this would be home.

I had also thought up contingency plans in the hotel just in case we had to move again to hide from Owen.

I wasn’t going to let him get to Tristan. Over my dead body!

The movers had placed everything where it needed to go and then left me to it.

It felt weird.

The house felt empty. I was so used to being around both Noah and Tristan and now for the next 2 weeks, I’d be alone.

I’d gotten rid of my car and got a new one so that if Owen was keeping tabs, it was one less way he could find us.

Once everything was done, I sat at the window seat and looked out.

I found myself reliving moments from the past few months.

I wanted to have a life with Noah but at this point in time, it wasn’t possible.

Why couldn’t life just be simple?

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