The CEO's Love

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Chapter 33: Play It Cool


After a week of moping around the house, I finally got back on my feet working in a really nice little café.

My boss was a sweet lady in her early 60′s, Mrs Highland.

Tristan had come back from camp and was still attending school in New York until I could get him transferred so I had to drive him there and back everyday.

I was on shift as usual on a Tuesday morning. The café was quiet as service usually picked up at lunch.

There were the regular morning customers in and I’d already got them sorted.

Sitting on the stool behind the counter, I began flicking through todays paper.

I didn’t get far before I came to an article with a photo that brought this past month of trying to get on with life crashing down.

The picture was of a very familiar man walking next to some super hot model. The one thing that stood out the most though, was the giant rock on her finger. If that wasn’t enough the headline read:
**Billionaire Noah Anderson is finally off the market! Leaving behind a trail of broken hearts all across the world!**

One heart in particular.

He’d moved on already. I mean I expected he would but this quickly? That stung a lot even though I’m the one that left.

I could feel myself starting to lose it so instead of reverting back to the mess I was a month ago, I put on my big girl pants and got on with my job.

Turning my back to the counter, I started getting another coffee pot ready to brew.

Once it was on, I turned around to wipe the counter and there, in all his gorgeous glory, stood Noah Anderson.

Play it cool.. That way he knows he doesn’t affect you, even though he totally does!

Clearing my throat, I fished my notepad and pencil out of my apron.

“Welcome to The Highland, what can I get you?”

Nailed it!

“Blake, I need to talk to you.”

“I can’t right now.”

He didn’t say anything.

“If you’re not going to order, you can leave.”

I turned to walk away.

“Fine! Coffee, black, no sugar.”

I already know how you take your coffee, genius!

Removing that thought out of my head, I grabbed the coffee pot and poured.

Just as I handed it to him, it seemed fate was being extra bitchy today because the song that came on the radio was the same one we danced to at the ball and when he asked me to be his.

Kiss me by Ed Sheeran.

I closed my eyes in despair, hoping the ground would swallow me whole.

He noticed it too and a ghost of a smile came onto his face and he made eye contact with me.

I took in a sharp intake of breath to stop my heart from fucking off out of my chest.

“Thank you. Now can we talk?”

“I’m working.”

With that I went to the back to grab a tray to clear the tables.

While I was getting on with work, I got a call from the school.

"Hi, can I speak to Miss Price?”


"I’m the Vice Principal of your brother’s school. I’m calling to inform you that he’s been suspended.”

All the while, Noah was listening to my side of the conversation.

“What did he do?”

“He was caught fighting with another student.”

“How long is his suspension?”

“2 weeks.”

What was going on with this kid?!

This wasn’t in parenting 101!

“Okay, I’m at work but I can try to get an early break to come pick him up.”

“He already left.”

“How can he have left already?”

"He walked out before we could stop him.”

And in to the cafe, walked my brother.

“It’s okay he’s here. Thank you for letting me know.”

He sat down at the counter and I looked at him for a minute. I had so many things going around my head, it was going to explode.

“I have no idea what to say to you right now.” I was disappointed. This wasn’t like him.

“How did you even get here? You go to school in New York. You had no money to get the train.”

“I got a lift from someone.” he answered.


“I don’t know, th--”

“You don’t know?! Are you kidding me? Do you not realise how dangerous that is?!” I shook my head trying to comprehend it.

I had to walk away before I completely lost it.


I got suspended.

Blake is gonna absolutely kill me!

The only reason I punched that kid was because he said Blake wasn’t fit to be a mom. He had no idea.

She was thrown into this and she never even batted an eyelash. She could have given me up and sent me to a foster family but she kept me with her. That’s more than most people do.

I had to try and get to her work before the school called her, so I could explain. Maybe she won’t be so mad if I do.

I had no money so I had to hitch a ride.

It was a couple with a baby. They were really nice and chatted away like no tomorrow.

I got to her work and she was on the phone. She looked pissed. Damn. Too late.

But I was more surprised at who sat at the counter.

“Noah hey! What are you doing here?” I asked him.

“I came to talk to your sister but she won’t let me.”

“Ah. I don’t think I helped much. She’s gunna be pissed off even more now, so good luck getting her to talk.”

“Thanks buddy.” he chuckled.

Why did she have to let him go. I actually like him. He’s good for her.

She freaked when she found out how I got here but she didn’t let me finish.
I explained it to Noah after Blake stormed off.

I had to get them to talk somehow. I’d seen how sad she was without him.

Time to play matchmaker.

I had told Noah my plan and he was all for it.


It had been a month!

A fucking month!

Jamieson was on the case trying to find out where she was.

She wasn’t taking my calls. Ignoring my texts.

I had no idea where she had run off to.

I had reverted back to my drunk self but women were not on the cards this time.

I couldn’t. I just wanted her.

Jamieson walked into my house like he owned the place.

“Get up. Get yourself sorted. I found her.”

“Where is she?”


I found myself stood outside a café.

Jamieson said she’d be here.

Looking into the window, there she was.

Walking in, she had her back to me.

When she turned back around, the surprise was evident on her face.

I tried to get her to talk to me but she wouldn’t.

I sat waiting to see if she would during her break but then she got a call. It was about Tristan.

Whatever he did, she was mad.

When he showed up, he explained to me what had happened and although I don’t condone it, I understood.

He said he had a plan to get Blake to talk to me.

She would probably kill us both for this but I couldn’t just let her go.

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