The CEO's Love

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Chapter 35: Soon

Tristan and I had been back in New York for 2 months.

Kira and Brett had been stealing me away every chance they got to make up for the month I’d been away.

I had wanted to call them when I was in Boston but I was worried about them too. I didn’t want them getting hurt by Owen.

They understood but they made me promise that whatever weird shit they had in mind, I’d roll with it.

So here we were at an adult jungle gym.

It had one of those ball pits that kids play in at the end that you drop into.

I have to admit, its fun!

While I was away, Brett had found a guy. His name is Tyler and the way he looks at Brett is just the cutest thing.

Kira was still on the hunt for a man.

Finishing up at the jungle gym, I went back to the house.

It was the afternoon and I half expected Noah to be back by now but he was no where to be found.

Tristan was in the living room watching TV.

He motioned me to go sit with him so we spent the next 3 hours cuddled up watching movies on Netflix.


I had left work early for an important errand.


I had one thing I needed to buy but it was the most important thing I would ever buy in my life.

Walking up to the counter, the sales guy cornered me.

“How can I help you today, Sir?” he asked with the biggest shit eating grin I’ve ever seen.

He really wants that commission.

I informed him what I was looking for and he showed me my options.

After 2 hours of trying to find it, I was beginning to lose hope.

But then I saw it.

It was perfect!

Leaving the shop with my purchase, I practically skipped to the car.

When I got back I hid it in the safe behind the picture in our bedroom.

Going back downstairs to find them, I found Blake lying on the couch asleep.

Checking Tristan’s room, he was asleep on his bed.

I picked Blake up off the couch and she curled into me while I carried her to the room.

Laying her down and putting the covers over her, I just watched like a creep for a while.

Sliding in beside her, I held her close.

Soon, my love, soon.

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