The CEO's Love

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Chapter 38: Young Love

It turns out Owen had another gun.

As I lay in Noah’s arms, police stormed the building.

I watched as they took Owen and Alex into custody.

“Blake, look at me.” Noah turned my face towards him.

“Keep your eyes open, okay?” he putting pressure on the wound to try and stem the bleeding.

I nodded and he kept whispering to me.

I watched him. His hair was a mess but as always he pulled it off like no one else could.

Strangely, there was no pain. It just felt like I was floating.

My eyes started to drop and vision blurred.

“Blake! BLAKE!” I heard the distant shout come from Noah.


“BLAKE! Wake up! FUCK!”

This cannot be happening!

When that gunshot went off, it was like time stood still.

I saw it hit Blake and I grabbed her before she hit the ground.

I briefly registered Carter and Owen being taken away and it took everything in me not to fucking kill them both right there.

I was not losing her!

Picking her up, I carried her outside. I couldn’t wait for the ambulance.

Jamieson drove while I sat in the back still holding her and her wound.

As soon as we pulled up, I ran inside.

“Please, someone help me!”

A whole bunch of nurses and doctors ran over and put her on the trolley.

I followed them until a nurse stopped me.

“Sir, you have to wait out here.”

“What? No! I need to be with her!” is this woman crazy?

“She’s in the best hands. Just wait here and I’ll come get you when she’s out of surgery.”

She went down the corridor to where they had taken her.

I sat down and cried. Yes, cried. Like a fucking baby.

Jamieson came up and held my shoulder.

“Bro, you need to go get cleaned up.” he pointed to the blood on my hands.

“No. I’m not leaving.”

“I meant in the bathroom over there. I’ll wait here in case there’s any news. I called Mrs. Trenton. Her husband brought some clothes.” he handed them to me and I went off to the bathroom.

I changed quickly and washed the blood off.

I don’t know what I’d do if she doesn’t make it.

Tristan, Kira and Brett arrived at the hospital shortly after we did.

We waited for 6 hours.

It was pure torture.

A nurse finally came out.

“Blake Price’s family?”

We all stood up.

She looked taken aback for a moment.

“There were a few complications... But she’s going to be fine.” she smiled.

We all let out the breath we’d been holding collectively.

“Can we see her?” I asked.

“Of course.”

We all followed her to the room.

Kira and Brett were first to go over and see her.

They moved over for Tristan to go over and finally, I got to go over.

She had tubes and wires coming out of her and an IV in her arm.

I went over and held her hand. It was so cold.

The nurse had said that was normal for someone who had lost a lot of blood.

It took me back to when she cut herself. If I’d known back then what I do now, I would never have let her out the house. Ever. I’m still contemplating locking her away when she wakes up.

I bent down and kissed her forehead before sitting down on one of the chairs next to the bed.

The nurse came back and told us that visiting time was over.

Kira and Brett left and Jamieson took Tristan home.

He was priority while Blake was out.

The elderly nurse saw me still sitting there and gave me a look but she must have seen the determination on my face to not leave, so she brought me a blanket and left while muttering to herself ′young love’.

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