The CEO's Love

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Chapter 4: Mr. Carter

The rest of the day yesterday was uneventful.

Before I left the canteen Kira and Brett exchanged numbers with me and we were planning to go out sometime.

I had another mountain of work to do and finished by 6pm.

Today was Saturday and luckily with this job, I had weekends off!

Mom decided to go for a girls day with a friend, leaving me in charge of Tristan.

We went to the mall.

He’d been in need of some new trainers and stuff for school.

After shopping, we went to the food court.

Sitting eating pizza, my new friends showed up.

I introduced them to Tristan and we all sat chatting and eating like we’d known each other forever.

Mom called at 3pm asking where we were so we said a quick bye to Kira and Brett and headed home.

“Your friends are cool. When did you meet them? Last I heard, your only friend left.” Tristan asked.

“I met them yesterday at work.”

“Well I’m glad you have some friends again. You need to get a life outside of me and mom.”

“Um Tris, when did you turn into an oldie telling me what to do?”

“I’m serious, Blake. You do everything for me and mom, which we love you for but you need to do things that make you happy too.”

Since when did my kid brother start being all enlightening?

“Did you take some motivational speaking course or something?”

“No. I’m just smarter than you.” he grinned.

And he’s back!

After spending the weekend fighting with Tristan over what to watch on Netflix, I was actually glad to be going back to work.

Tris was right, I needed a life.

I had planned to go out tonight with Kira and Brett.

I’d done the usual routine getting Mr. Anderson’s coffee and getting my duties.

I’d been tasked to set up a meeting with someone from a company we did business with.

I called the assistant of the other CEO.

We had set the meeting up for 2pm and they were coming to us.

At 1.45pm, I had the conference room set up for the meeting and went to get Mr. Anderson.

I knocked on the door and waited for him to answer but nothing came.

We were going to be late so I barged in to get him to start moving.

And what a mistake that was.

He was sat behind his desk with a female.

I’ll let you imagine what was going on.

I ran out of there as fast as my legs would take me.

I got back to the conference room and sat down, getting my breath back.

Mr. Carter and his assistant arrived and I showed them into the room.

“Mr. Anderson is a little tied up right now but he shouldn’t be long.” I informed them.

“I’m here Miss Price.” he said from behind me, making me jump a little.

He smirked at me as he shook Mr. Carter’s hand and sat down.

I took my seat and took notes.

During the meeting, I felt eyes on me.

But it wasn’t Mr. Anderson’s.

When he realised Mr. Carter wasn’t listening, he stopped.

“Is there something you would like to say, Alex?” Mr. Anderson asked.

Snapping his eyes back to him, he shook his head.

Mr. Anderson looked pissed.

After the meeting, Mr. Carter stopped me.

“We weren’t officially introduced. Alex Carter. You are?” he held his hand out.

“Blake Price. Mr. Anderson’s PA.” I gave him my hand but instead of shaking it, he placed a kiss on my knuckles.

A clearing of a throat brought the moment to an end.

“Miss Price, don’t you have work to do?” Mr. Anderson glared at us.

Who pissed in his coffee?

I stalked past him back to my office, where I spent the rest of the day.

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