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Chapter 42: And In Health

Today we get to see our baby for the first time at the first scan.

We sat in the waiting room and my leg bounced up and down. Nervous habit.

Noah put his hand on it and squeezed to reassure me and then held my hand.

The nurse came out and called us in.

Rolling up my top so she could put the jelly on, Noah held my hand.

She started moving the doppler around.

There it was.

The heartbeat. It was the most amazing sound.

Her face contorted into a frown.

She left and brought a doctor in who also frowned a little.

“What’s wrong?” that look worried me.

“Not wrong. Just surprising. There’s two heartbeats.”

“It has 2 hearts?!” Noah piped up.

“No, but there is 2 babies. Congratulations, you’re having twins.” he smiled.

We were both in shock staring at the screen.

He printed the ultrasound and then left us to it.

“Oh my god. Twins. We’re having twins.” Noah whispered to himself.


I’m going to be a Dad.

I never thought I would say those words.

I meant every word I said to Blake.

I wanted this more than anything.

She had changed my life forever and we were only just getting started.

We hadn’t been together long but that didn’t matter. I loved her. And I was going to love the heck out of these babies.

Yeah, babies. Holy crap! This was so overwhelming and scary but I also couldn’t wait.

As soon as I saw them on the ultrasound and heard their heartbeats, I knew I’d found my purpose in life.

To be a husband and a father.

I was carrying their picture in my wallet all day, everyday.

Today, everyone was coming over for a ‘dinner party’.

It was a complete ruse to get them all here so we could break the news.

We set the living room up for the big reveal.

During dinner we were excited but we kept it together.

Once everyone was finished eating, we took them into the living room.

We were going to keep the fact it was twins a surprise until the birth.

I know, we’re evil!

When everyone got into the living room, they all saw the boxes with each of their names on.

“Okay, everyone grab your box.” Blake spoke.

They all sat down and picked them up. They looked suspiciously at each other, wondering what we had planned.

“Now, open them.”

They all opened it and they found what was inside. Each person had the same things just with different personalisation.

There was a mug, a shirt and a keyring.

On Mom’s and Dad’s there was ‘World’s Best Grandma and Grandpa.’
Carly & Jacqui had ‘World’s Best Aunts’
Tristan’s had ‘World’s Best Uncle’
Kira and Brett had ‘World’s Best Godmother & Godfather.’

Mom was the first to start crying.

She came up and nearly choked us with her hug.


Everyone joined in with the congratulating us and everyone except Tristan and Blake had champagne.

“I can’t believe you’re going to be a father. You’re joining a very exclusive club, my boy.” Dad said, shaking my hand.

Life was about to get even more exciting.

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