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Chapter 43: Cravings

Time had passed so quickly.

I was now 8 and a half months along and so ready for these babies to be out!

During the past few months we’d been so busy.

Planning the wedding for after the babies are born, getting the house ready for the babies to come home, all while working and going to ante natal classes.

Noah stopped me from working when I got to 6 months because he was paranoid!

We had a nursery ready.

It was so perfect.

We had done it in neutral colours because we weren’t going to find out the gender.

At the last ultrasound the nurse asked us if we wanted to know but we wanted it to be a surprise.


I came home late to find Blake crying.

“Babe? What’s wrong?”

She didn’t answer.

Tristan was stood in the corner.

He looked mortified.

“What happened?” I asked him.

“She wants pickles and ice cream.”

A small laugh escaped me. I’d read about the weird cravings. I would have laughed a lot more if it wasn’t for the look she gave.

It was her, ‘I’m gonna hit you if you don’t shut up’ look. Again, that shit hurts so I wasn’t risking it.

“So what’s the problem?”

“We don’t have ice cream. Or pickles.” Tris replied again.

“Oh. Well, I’ll go out and get some.”

I walked out hearing Tristan rambling on about how he’s never having kids if he has to deal with hormones like Blake’s.

You have no idea, buddy! This isn’t even half of it!

I drove around aimlessly trying to find somewhere that was open at this time of the night.

I finally found a 24 hour diner.

Walking in, I saw a guy in pajamas. He was scratching his head, looking lost.

“Are you okay?” I asked him.

“Yeah, I’m just trying to figure out how to get pickles and ice cream together.” he answered.

Join the club, mate!

“Pregnant wife?”

“Yeah, how’d you know?” he asked.

“My girl is too and she’s craving the same thing.”

He laughed.

“What is it about babies that make women so weird?” he asked.

“Heck if I know! Us guys just have to be on the recieving end of the death glares, slaps and being blamed for putting them in the situation!” I countered.

“You get that too? I thought my woman was just crazy!”

We stood chatting while trying to figure out how to do this.

In the end we agreed that if we just got the pickles and ice cream separate, then the ladies could sort it themselves.

Bidding him goodbye, I went back home.

Walking in, Blake was waiting.

Her eyes lit up at the food.

She’s too adorable.

After kissing me and thanking me for getting it for her, she devoured it in double quick time.

Once that was done, she was calm again.

The monster had been kept at bay. For now.

She yawned. I wiped the tear stains from her face before speaking.

“Time for bed. That goes for you in there as well.” I bent down to her stomach, speaking to the babies.

She would be due very soon and everyday it got closer, was a day I was on edge.

A week later, I was sat in my office looking through reports when Blake called.

It was a regular occurrence.

“Hey babe. What you up to?”

“I’m standing in the kitchen in a puddle of water.” she answered.


“Noah, the babies are coming.” she said calmly. But I could tell she was anything but.

“Okay, wait there. I’ll be there in 5 minutes.”

And I was. I broke about 7 driving laws but this was important.

Running inside, I found her exactly where she said.

Grabbing her bag and everything we’d need, I shoved it all in the car before helping her in.

The contractions were coming fast and she started freaking out.

“Babe, remember the breathing.”

“Screw the breathing! Just get them out of me! Holy crap!” she cried.

“Okay, we’re nearly there. Try and relax.”

“Relax? How about I kick you in the balls and tell you to relax?!” she breathed.


Once we were at the hospital, things moved quite fast.

She would disagree with me.

I called everyone to let them know and they were all in the waiting room by the time the babies came screaming into the world.

“Congratulations mommy and daddy. You have a healthy baby boy and girl.” the doctor said once baby number 2 was out.

We were both crying by the time they handed them to us.

They were so perfect.

Leaning down to my soon to be wife, I kissed her, conveying all the emotions. She responded just as much.

“What are their names?” the nurse asked us.

Blake and I looked at each other. We’d had names picked out since the first scan.

“Elijah and Olivia.”

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