The CEO's Love

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Chapter 44: Family Time

I was exhausted.

Pushing one baby out is hard enough but 2? That shit is cray cray!

Noah and I didn’t get the family in for a while because we wanted to spend a little time with each other and the babies before the madness started.

We knew as soon as we leave the hospital, it will be hectic.

“You were so amazing today, Blake.” Noah looked at me with so much adoration.

It always made my stomach do back flips when he did that.

Just seeing him hold our children made my heart do weird things.

I’m marrying this man in 3 months.

While Noah doted on the babies, I thought about what led us here.

From the very first day we met where he was a total ass (he still is a lot of the time) but now I love his ass, to moving in with him after losing mom, to leaving, then coming back to him and here we were now with our own family about to be married.

In just under a year, we had built a life together.

As much as I love and miss Mom, I wouldn’t change any of it because if it hadn’t have happened, Noah and I probably wouldn’t be where we are today.

I would take the babies to meet Mom when they were old enough. They would know of her and they’d be raised with the same morals she had.

Noah pulled me out of my moment.

He had put the babies down to sleep for a little while and got on the bed with me, wrapping me in his arms.

“Can you believe it? We made those.” He said, looking at the cribs and then back at me.

I shook my head and smiled at him.

I was just so lost for words and my hormones were still all over the place.

He pulled me into his embrace and kissed me on my forehead, playing with my fingers.

We lay in a cocoon of bliss for an hour before finally getting the family in.

We had them come in one couple at a time.

Mom and Dad came in first.

“Oh my god! They’re so beautiful!” Momma Anderson cried. She came over and hugged us and then got cuddles off the babies as did Pops.

Carly and Jacqui came in next and nearly stole our babies!

Tristan and Lucy came in and held the babies for a little while, fawning over them.

And last but not least, Kira and Brett.

They slowly rounded the curtain and as soon as Kira saw us her mouth hung open.

“Why are there two babies? Did you steal someone else’s baby?” she asked, her eyes bugging out.

Everyone laughed. She looked like she’d gone into shock.

“No Kira, we had twins!” Noah laughed.

She slowly walked over and when she held one she was at a loss for words.


“I’ve lived with her for 5 years and she has never been this quiet!” Brett commented.

“I can’t help it! They’re just perfect! Tiny little humans.” she whispered, while Olivia held her finger in her tiny hand.

Looking around the room, we were surrounded by everyone we loved and I couldn’t be happier.

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