The CEO's Love

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Chapter 45: Making It Official

This is it!

I was standing by the mirror in my wedding dress.

Kira and Brett were in here helping me get ready.

Noah’s parents, soon to be officially mine too, had taken the kids while we got ready. They had been made ring bearers at the age of 3 months old!

It was 10 minutes until the ceremony and I was standing by the doors with Tristan.

He was going to be giving me away.

When I asked him back when planning the wedding, he crushed me in a hug and cried. I couldn’t imagine anyone better to give me away.

The music started playing and he held his arm out for me to take.

“Here we go.” he whispered.

We made our way down the porch stairs of our house, down to the garden.

Turning the corner we came to the floral arch that led to the aisle.

My eyes instantly fixed on him.


When he caught sight of us walking down the aisle, he broke into the most blinding smile I’d ever seen.

It took my breath away.

He was mine.

Tris kissed me on the cheek and handed me over to him.

“Ready, wifey?” he asked, taking my hand as we walked up to the Officiant.

“More than ready.” I smiled.

“Welcome everyone, to Noah and Blake’s wedding. You’re all here to celebrate the love between these two people. They have chosen to write their own vows so I’m going to hand over to Noah first.”

Noah gave me that look again. The one that had me turning to jelly.

“Blake, I promise to love and support you through our life together, to love our children unconditionally but above all, I promise to help you straighten the back of your hair when you can’t reach it, to drive around at random times trying to find pickles and ice cream and to chase the spiders away when you find them in the bath. I promise to grab your butt when your mad because it calms you down. I also promise to annoy the hell out of you so that we can make up in the best possible way. I didn’t believe I could be this happy until I met you. I love you.”

I was crying and laughing at the same time.

“Blake.” the officiant moved onto me.

“Noah, I promise to love and support you. I promise to give you plenty more babies. I promise to keep you sane when you feel like you’re losing it. I promise not to push you off the bed again, no matter how much you annoy me. I promise to make you laugh everyday just to see those cute laughter lines. I promise not to get mad about you leaving your shoes lying in the way, no matter how many times you do it. I also promise to never start the next episode on Netflix until you are there to watch it with me. You brought fun, love and happiness into my life when I thought I’d never see it again. I love you.”

Most people were crying by now.

“Noah, do you take Blake to be your lawfully wedded wife?”

He smiled down at me.

“I do.”

“And Blake, do you take Noah to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

“I do.”

“Well then, I now pronounce you husband and wife. Noah, you may kiss your bride.”

He stepped up and crushed his lips to mine and everyone stood to applaud.

We walked back down the aisle towards the reception.

We ate, laughed and enjoyed the evening with our family and friends.

Then came the speeches.

Jamieson gave the typical funny best man speech and mom and dad gave theirs.

It was now my turn.

“Finding the person that you want to spend the rest of your life with can be a difficult task. But when you do find them, it changes everything. I found that person, who is sat next to me and I can call him my husband. Noah, I will always love you. No matter what. ”

Then Noah stood.

“The first time this timid girl walked into my office, I had no idea what to make of her. As I got to know her more, I realised she was more than that. She is feisty, a little crazy and brought so much colour into my life. I have to thank my HR manager who is here today, because she hired said woman. And that woman is now Mrs Anderson. Blake, I can’t wait to see what the rest of our life together brings. I love you.”

It came to our first dance as husband and wife.

Our song came on.

Kiss me by Ed Sheeran.

We started dancing and soon everyone was joining in.

We spent the next few hours dancing, socialising and having fun.

We had decided the honeymoon would wait until the kids were a little older so once the last of the guests left, we went to put the kids to bed.

Standing by their cribs, we stared down at our creations.

“I love you, Mrs. Anderson.” he whispered in my ear.

Turning around, I wrapped my arms around him.

“And I love you, Mr. Anderson.”

He smiled and leaned down, capturing my lips in a searing kiss that led us to our future.

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