The CEO's Love

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It was a lazy Sunday and Noah had kept me in bed, despite my best efforts to get up.

He kissed me slowly and started to move on top of me.

Kissing my neck, he went lower and lower until....

“Mommy, mommy! Eli hurt my dolly!” Olivia, our 5 year old female twin cried, bursting into the room.

Noah groaned, laying his head in my neck. I sunk my hand into his soft hair.

“What did he do, baby?” I asked looking over at her.

“He pulled her head off. Look!”

Shoving the doll in my face, it was indeed missing a head.

The culprit stood in the doorway. The other half of our brood.

“Elijah, what have you done with your sisters dolls head?”

“I threw it outside, momma.”

These kids!

“Right, you go to your room for time out, Elijah. Liv, baby, I will come and help you find her head in a sec.”

They both walked out.

Noah picked his head up and stared down at me.

“How’s our boy doing in there?” he asked, running his hand over my 5 month pregnant stomach.

“He’s very active today.”

To prove the point, he kicked Noah’s hand.

Its just one baby this time but Noah already has plans for more.

His reasoning?

“We make the most beautiful babies. It would be a shame to deprive the world of such beauty.”

“Okay, come on. We have guests coming in a few hours Mr. Anderson. Get that gorgeous butt up.”

“Is that an order, Mrs. Anderson?”

“Yep.” I gave him a quick kiss before getting up to sort the kids.

As I got up, he tapped my butt.

Giving him a playful glare, I walked out.

After locating Cindy Lou’s head, I fixed the kids’ breakfast.

Elijah had finished time out and was chilling at the table.

“Are you two excited to see everyone today?”

“Yes!” they both said in unison.

What they say about twins is true.

They do that thing where they speak the same thing at the same time.

It had only started recently though and the first time it happened, not gonna lie, it creeped me out.

But they were my babies so I couldn’t say anything.

Noah came in and sat Olivia on his knee.

She was a pure little daddy’s girl while Elijah was a momma’s boy.

After breakfast, Noah took Liv for a bath.

I’d already put Elijah in one earlier so now I just had to get him changed, which was easier said than done.

He had this thing about having to run around naked for at least 5 minutes before he would settle and change.


5 years.

5 years since we had our first children. 5 years since we got married.

I won’t say its been easy because relationships aren’t but when you’re doing it with someone you truly love, it makes it that bit easier.

Taking Liv to the bathroom, I put her in the bath.

Everyone was coming over today to celebrate our anniversary.

After the bath, I put her in her favourite dress of the month. She had a lot of these.

She’d pick one dress that she would want to wear as much as humanly possible before it had to go in the wash.

This was a flowy light purple one with those sequin things.

Speaking of sequins, do you know how many of those damn things I find around the place? They’re everywhere! My car, the office, the house. They’re like a disease you can’t get rid of!

Taking her into the living room and setting her down to play, I went in search of my wife.

I found her finishing up with Eli.

I went and put him with Liv so I could steal her away before everyone descended.

“I hope you haven’t forgotten what was started this morning, because it will be resumed later.” I smirked.

“Hmmm, I don’t recall. Maybe I need a little reminder.” she tapped her chin.

I chuckled darkly.

“Of course, Mrs. Anderson.” My lips went to her neck and trailed to her sweet spot.

The doorbell rang and I stopped dead.

“Fucking cockblockers.” I mumbled against her skin.

Laughing, she pushed me towards the front door.


They were all here.

Our parents came in first.
Dad had retired last year so Noah had taken on the responsibilities of chairman as well as CEO. Mom was still designing and she’d just opened a shop in Manhattan.

Tristan and Lucy came next. They were still going strong even through the stresses of college. Yup, college. Tristan is 18! I cried on his birthday because I couldn’t believe my baby brother was grown up. They both went to NYU and were loving it. We bought them an apartment so they could live together.

Carly and Jacqui had gotten married last year and Jacqui is now a lawyer. Carly still has her own makeup artist business and she recently worked on Demi Lovato for some of her music videos.

The biggest news was that Kira had found a man! At our wedding, of all places. Her and Jared had been married for two years and had a 6 month old son, Sam. He was gorgeous.

Brett and Tyler were now married and were going through the adoption process. They had been on the list for a while so Noah had pulled some strings. Any day now they will get the call.

And last but not least, Jamieson. He’d met someone. They’d been together for a year and he was smitten. He brought her along. Sally. She’s cute. Pretty little brunette who works as a teacher. From what I’d seen so far, she was perfect for him.

We chatted about life while we ate.

Once everyone left, I was stood doing dishes while Noah put the kids to bed.

I was startled by his arms wrapping around my waist.

“I’ve come to collect.” he spoke huskily as he turned me to face him.

He sunk his teeth into my bottom lip
and kissed me sensually.

He moved down to my neck and shoulder and left marks over them.

Picking me up, he took us to the bedroom where he took his time.

We lay in each others arms and in that moment, I knew where I belong.

I knew I had The CEO’s Love.

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