The CEO's Love

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Chapter 5: Clubbing

I was currently sat in Kira and Brett’s apartment.

We were getting ready to go to the club.

They had asked me why Mr. Anderson had a face like thunder and was shouting at everyone today.

I told them the story from when I walked in on him up to the part where he was glaring at Mr. Carter.

“Oh my gosh, you actually walked in on him doing that?!” Brett was rolling on the bed, laughing at me.

“Yes and now I’m scarred for life!” I threw a shoe at him.

He fell on the floor and me and Kira burst out laughing.

“Damn, girl! Don’t damage me! I need to look good to grab a man tonight!”

I honestly don’t see what his problem is. He’s a good looking guy and his outfit was on point!

“What about you, Blake? You on the prowl tonight?” Kira asked.

“Maybe. For once, I’m just gonna go with the flow.” I shrug my shoulders.

“That’s the spirit! You better get changed. The taxi will be here soon.”

My makeup and hair was already done.

So I slipped into the dress they had picked out for me.

“You look amazing!” Brett smiled.

Kira nodded in agreement, clapping her hands.

The taxi took us to a club where we passed the queue as Brett knew one of the bouncers.

A few shots later we were on the dance floor.

After an hour, I went to sit at the bar with my heels killing me.

“Hey, Blake.”

I looked to where the voice came from.

“Mr. Carter! What are you doing here?” I couldn’t hide the surprise in my voice.

“You can call me Alex. We aren’t at work. And I’m here with some friends. What about you?”

“Oh! Me too.” I pointed to them.

“Can I get you a drink?” he asked.


He ordered us a drink and we chatted, more like shouted over the music, for a while.

I don’t see why Mr. Anderson was mad at him.

He’s a nice guy.

A little while later he and his friends left the club and so did we.

The taxi dropped us at the apartment and we all went straight to bed.

I had to drag Kira and Brett out of bed this morning.

They refused to drink some water last night before bed so now they were suffering.

Thankfully I had driven here last night so I got them to work. I left them on the finance floor and went up.

Taking coffee to Mr. Anderson’s office, he wasn’t in there.

I placed the cup down on the desk and walked out to my office.

I checked the diary to see if he had an early morning meeting and found none.

I called the front desk reception downstairs to see if they knew anything.

“He’s taking a personal day. He might show up later. He left some files in his office on the desk for you to deal with.” the woman said.

Finding the files, I started working on them.

Lunch was spent with Kira and Brett. I had found they were surely becoming my best friends even after only knowing them a few days.

I was back in my office, finishing up with a file when a tall shadow filled my doorway.

“Have you finished with those files Miss. Price?”

“Almost.” I answered, looking at Mr. Anderson.

He continued to stand in the doorway.

The office phone rang and I answered.

“Good Afternoon, Anderson Enterprise, this is Mr. Anderson’s PA, how can I help?”

“Blake, its Alex.”

“Oh hey Alex! What can I do for you?”

“I was just wondering if I can take you out on Friday?”

“Friday? Sure. What time?”

“About 8? I’ll pick you up.”

“Ok. See you Friday. ”

I hung up.

We had exchanged numbers last night at the club so I text him my address.

I totally forgot Mr. Anderson was still there.

Looking at him, he kept clenching and unclenching his fists.

“Keep personal calls for after work, Miss. Price.” he spoke finally.

“Sorry, sir.”

I passed him the files, and he walked out.

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