The CEO's Love

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Chapter 6: I'm Jesus

Its Wednesday morning and for once I was up early.

I sat in the kitchen talking to mom.

“So, did you have a good time the other night?” she asked.

“Yeah. It was fun! I can’t remember the last time I went out like that was.”

“Well I’m glad you’re doing some things for yourself. You do everything for others and forget you have needs.”

“I don’t have needs mom. I’m Jesus.”

“Ok smarty pants,” she laughed, “When are you bringing your friends over? I want to meet them.”

“I can bring them over tonight. They were planning to have pizza at their apartment but we could do it here?”

“Sounds good. Oh, you better get going!”

Checking the clock, she was right.

I raced out to my car and made it at 8.45am as usual.

Mr. Anderson was in his office and sat back in his chair when I brought his coffee in.

“I need you to call my pilot and arrange the flight plan for London on Friday morning. I also need you to call my housekeeper over there, Mrs. Trenton. Have her get the place ready and stocked for a week. We will be having a meeting with Mr. Giles on Monday to finalise plans on some properties we will be looking at.” he rattled off quickly. Luckily I was a quick writer.

“Of course sir.”

I turned to leave but then a word screamed out at me.


“Ummm, Sir, when you say we...”

“I mean you and I, Miss Price. You’re my assistant, I need you there for the meeting,” he looked at me closely before asking, “Is there a problem Miss Price?”

“No, Sir. I just had plans on Friday--”

“Yes, your little date with Mr. Carter. Let me just be clear Miss. Price. Mr. Carter isn’t who you think he is, so I am doing you a favour.”

This pissed me off. Who is he to tell me who not to see?

“Sir, with all due respect, what I do or who I see out of office hours doesn’t concern you.” I stood my ground.

“Ok, you can stay here and go out on Friday, but you will no longer be in a job. Is that okay with you Miss. Price?” he rendered me speechless.

And the asshole knew it.

“Now, go sort the flight plan.” he said dismissing me with that signature smirk.

I had made all the plans for our trip to London and had actually dreaded calling Alex to let him know.

It actually wasn’t bad.

He understood and said we could do it another time.

Now I was sat with Kira at lunch, waiting for Brett to come over.

I’d just finished telling her about what happened in the office and her answer?

“He totally has the hots for you! Why else would he stop you going on a date with another guy? This is big!”

“Who’s big?” Brett asked, sitting down.

“Brett, is your mind always on the junk?” I asked.

“Always, babe!” he winked.

We all laughed and Kira dictated what I’d told her to Brett and by the end of it, he was bouncing in his seat, ‘fangirling’ as he put it.

“Kira’s right!” he agreed.

“You’re both wrong! He hates me. He’s so mean. It’s like everything I do pisses him off.” I replied, biting into my sandwich.

“Nahhh girl, that’s just how he is. He’s been like that for as long as most of us here can remember.” Brett answered.

“Well enough about him. My mom wants me to invite you both over tonight. We can do pizza at my house.”

They both agreed and with that we all went off to our respective floors and back to work.

We all had stuffed our faces with pizza and were full to the brim.

My mom loved Kira and Brett and they were chatting up a storm the whole night.

They finally found out the story about my dad seeing as they were becoming closer as friends.

They didn’t judge like most people did back when we lived in Philadelphia.

After everything that happened, my dad had a lot of friends who didn’t believe us so we moved to New York to get away from it all.

My mom nearly kicked my ass for not telling her I was supposed to be going on a date on Friday.

Kira let it slip while they were talking and told her everything.


Who’s side is she on?

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