The CEO's Love

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Chapter 8: London

It’s Friday and I’m rushing around like a headless chicken.

7.45, I just finished packing and have 15 minutes to get to the office.

Instead of taking my car, I caught a cab and luckily made it.

“Finally! We nearly left without you Miss. Price.” Mr. Anderson stood next to a black town car, “Get in”

Following him into the car, we set off for the airport.

The ride was silent thankfully.

I can’t take his wise cracks this early.

The car stopped on a stretch of runway next to Mr. Anderson’s private jet.

The pilot who I had spoken to on the phone the other day came and spoke with us before going back to the cockpit.

A woman sauntered over to Mr. Anderson.

“Can I get you anything, Sir?” she asked, while flaunting her girls.


I left them to it while I continued to admire the plane.

I must have zoned out because I felt an arm reach across me and click my seatbelt in.

Looking to the owner of the arm, of course it was Mr. Anderson.

His face was so damn close!

He gave a smirk and went back to his laptop.

I was being shaken awake.

Opening my eyes, he was closer than I thought, so I jumped back and fell out of the chair on my butt.

Chuckling, he held out his hand to help me up.

When I was vertical again, it took him a moment before he released my hand.

The awaiting car took us, not to a place in the city, but a beautiful house just outside of it.

“Who’s house is this?” my mouth had disconnected from my brain.

“It’s mine. One of many, all in different countries. This is the smallest.” Mr. Anderson spoke.


It truly was something to behold.

Just like the jet, the inside was just as gorgeous!

As I stepped inside, I came to see a large foyer that had a balcony at the top of the stairs. The stairs themselves looked to be made of reclaimed wood in different colour tones. There was a small round table in the middle of the foyer with a vase of flowers. On closer inspection, they were definitely not fake and were in fact freshly picked. The sweet smell emanating from the roses and peonies was calming.

Next he showed me to the kitchen. The first thing that was obvious was Noah liked marble. All the surfaces were covered with it. It was clinically clean. The cabinets were a light grey which went well with the giant, shiny silver Aga cooker and fridge that both stood in the corner of the room. Everything was neat and in its place.

The living room was spacious and again, clean. The colour scheme was blue and white. Big bay windows were the main feature and I was in love. You can see so much of the front of the house from them.

The garden had a large pool that I would have to explore at some point. It had been a while since I’d been swimming. The patio area was simple but cosy. 2 chairs and a love-seat surrounded a fire pit. I can only imagine how nice it must be to sit here in the evening with a good book.

Next we moved back inside and upstairs.

His office was the first door we came to. It was a lot cosier than his office in New York but the big windows seemed to be his favourite too as this office had them. The light flooded in and reflected off his mahogany desk standing proudly in the middle of the room. Across from that were some really comfy looking armchairs. His Mac stood on the desk and he must have left some files out the last time he was here as they were scattered on the free desk space.

The next room surprised me. When he informed me it was his room, I couldn’t believe it. For some reason, I had expected something dark and brooding, like him. But this room was light and airy. It was covered in white and silver tones and overall, looked nice.

“And this, will be your room.” he finished off the tour.

It was huge! It had mainly gold and white tones and was so inviting. It also had a walk in closet and an en-suite that was the new love of my life. Again, marble was the main feature. The shower had 3 different heads! 2 on the side and one above so it covered every angle. I couldn’t wait to try it out.

“It’s beautiful.” I replied, looking around.

“Well, Mrs. Trenton will have dinner ready soon so once your settled, it’ll be in the kitchen.”

With that he left.

I took a shower and changed into something a little more casual, seeing as we were going to be hanging out here tonight.

Once I was done, I went downstairs.

Whatever was cooking smelt delicious.

Walking into the kitchen, Mr. Anderson was no where to be seen.

There was a short plump woman about 45 years old, bringing something out of the oven.

Turning around, she jumped a little.

“Oh my dear! I didn’t know you were down yet! Sit, sit. I’m Mrs. Trenton. We spoke on the phone the other day. Miss. Price correct?” she said with a beaming smile on her face.

“It’s great to finally meet you Mrs. Trenton. And yeah but you can just call me Blake. Is there anything I can help you with?”

“Oh honey don’t you worry about a thing. You just sit and chill out. You need it, working for Noah. I’ve been working for him for 15 years and trust me, he can be a handful.” she laughed.

It was contagious.

“Speaking of Mr. Anderson, isn’t he coming for dinner?”

“He eats in his office, sweetie. He’s always been like that.”

She ended up sitting and eating with me and we spoke for ages.

“Look at the time! I’ve talked your ear off! Off to bed with you, Blake.” she shooed me off with a smile after we said goodnight.

Going upstairs to the room, I fell onto the bed and sunk into the cloudlike mattress.

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