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"Please Ava, listen to me i can expl-" "There is nothing to explain Edward I don't belong in your world. it's not you it's me. I'm sorry." But deep inside me, I knew I did. and will always be his. Ava Smith a normal teenage high school girl who has her goals set for life but her life was turned upside down when she has to do the most unexpected thing. For example: tutoring the bad boy of the school Edward Knights. But she doesn't know what she is getting herself into. Edward knights the bad boy of the school. All he ever wanted was to have a mate whom he will love till the end of his life and if possible, even in afterlife. but what happens when he realizes that his mate doesn't want him. will he give up? Or will he fight for what is rightfully his? But that's not it. Ava has the secrets of her own and knows better than to get involved with another Werewolf. let alone a whole pack of them.

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T. Rose
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Ava’s POV

This day was supposed to be like any other. Same boring classes, and the same boring teachers.

Just one week of high school and I already can’t wait to graduate. And being a freshman is not helping in any way either.

But the day turned out to be the one I never expected.

“You heard about the new guys?” My friend, Amber asked.

“Yeah. I don’t even know why people are excited about them,” I said.

A new group has joined the school. A group of freshmen, well some of them are, some joined as sophomore. People have been talking about them since morning and the school hasn’t even started yet.

“Rumors have it, all are smoking hot,” Amber said.

It has just been a week and we both are already on the road of being best friends. I can see the potential.

“I don’t even want to see them. They sound arrogant and full-of-themselves,” I said while moving for my classes, and Amber following.

“Anyway so I met this guy...” She started but I couldn’t quite focus as a sudden scent filled my nose.

The scent of vanilla and woods. The fragrance was so ecstatic that I couldn’t quite focus anywhere else. I tried looking around me to locate the source of the faint, sweet scent. Suddenly the warning bell rang cutting me off of my thoughts.

Ignoring my senses I walked in to my class waving a quick goodbye to Amber who went to the other direction.

I entered the class and moved towards the seat in the middle of the last row near the window enjoying the way trees were flowing in the direction of the wind. So peaceful.

But the teacher had to break the peaceful moment by entering.

It was just another reminder of how much I hate Math.

The teacher started explaining an equation when suddenly the same ecstatic scent of vanilla and woods filled my nostrils, but this time a little stronger than before. My gaze fixed at the closed door of the classroom as I felt movement outside it, when suddenly it burst open and the scent now completely filled the room.

The principal walked in with two boys strolling behind him, the guy which was around 6′2 tall, with jet black hair and dark eyes looked too bored to care for anything.

But what actually caught my attention was the other guy, slightly taller than the dark eyed guy, a brunette with gray eyes searching the room eagerly when his eyes finally settled on me. He kept his gaze constant as he whispered something in the ear of the other boy, smirking and smiling at the same time, who after listening to his words looked directly at me with the same eagerness as the other. And I was just there with almost pink tinted cheeks as their gazes were constant on me so I looked down at my book instead.

The principal who was talking to the teacher, finally faced us and started speaking. “Kids these guys will join you in this class. And let’s just hope they won’t skip any classes.” The principal spoke the last part more to himself than to anyone else.

But the brunette guy heard him and quickly spoke, “Trust me sir. This class, I won’t.” All the while his gaze fixed on me with the smirk playing on his lips. I could feel his eyes on me, I didn’t even have to look to know.

The students must have noticed his gaze as they turned to look at me too. Embarrassed from the stares I stared at my book mentally digging a hole in it. The sweet scent was still around the room and I just couldn’t figure out where it was coming from.

“Very well then,” The principal said guiding himself out of the room, and the teacher asks them to sit.

There were only 3 seats empty in this room, the last one in my row, second in the other corner of the room and one behind me.

One part of me was hoping for the brunette to sit behind me, and the other was filled with the beautiful scent covering my nostrils and making it impossible for me to think straight.

The boys stood in the front not moving at all as the black haired one spoke.

“Okay. I know these looks so let me introduced myself,” He said -in his powerful and swoon worthy voice- noticing all the stares directed to them, but my eyes locked with the gray eyed hunk as the other continued speaking. “I am Gael. And the guy next to me who is staring creepily at the girl by the window is-” he said motioning his finger towards his friend who spoke finally lifting his eyes from me leaving me embarrassed by the comment Gael made.

“I am Adrian, and I am really looking forward to this year.” The eye candy- whose name I just learned as Adrian- spoke. I could feel each of his words directed at me.

The girls were all swooning at Adrian’s voice, and I don’t know why but a pang hit in my chest. What is this feeling? I don’t even know this guy.

After the greeting they started walking in the direction of my row. I tried to ignore Adrian’s stare by looking at my book with intensity. I felt the chair behind me being occupied. I had to fight every cell in me to not look back and see who it was.

Trying my best to concentrate, I listened to the teacher, who after explaining gave us the rest of the period to solve on our own, by saying as I quote, ′ Do whatever you want to and with whoever you want to. I will still get paid. So just don’t bother me.′

Yes, those were the exact same words. Ignoring his comment, I started working on the work in hand when I felt a tap on my shoulder. Turning around, I saw the stormy gray eyes looking intently at me.

“Yes?” I asked trying control the fluttery feeling in my stomach.

“I had a doubt. Could you maybe help me?” He asked in his thick accent. And as if drawn by his charm, I couldn’t look away from his eyes and nodded my head.

He immediately smiled, and showed me his book. I tried to concentrate as best as I can at the question, but I was distracted by the constant gaze.

“You have to solve it with a different formula. It’s this one.” I finally spoke writing the formula in his book.

“Thank you...” He trailed his words, to make me complete his sentence by telling him something I was supposed to. But I was too distracted to think of anything.

“You’re welcome.” I said, in my sweet voice.

He chuckled at this and said, “So I don’t get to know the name of the angel who helped me?”

I then realized that he wanted to know my name and I quickly looked down in embarrassment and quickly said my name. “Ava.”

“Nice. You know I heard that red-heads are usually short tempered. Is that true?” He asked. Referring to my hair. I didn’t think before answering his question.

“Well, they may be. I only get angry when I’m hungry.” The moment the words left my mouth I gasped while placing a hand on my mouth.

Right now, all I want to do is dig up the ground and bury myself for the rest of my life. But all my thoughts went downhill when I heard him laugh quietly.

His melodic laugh echoed through my ears like a musical composition, so soothing.

“You are funny,” Adrian said smilingly, showing me his pearl white teeth. I couldn’t stop the smile forming on my mouth.

But little did I know, he would be the reason the same smile vanishes.

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