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Chapter 9

You are precious in every way,

The sunshine in my day,

The joy in my soul,

And the love of my life.


What is the best part of the week? You all are right, the weekend, that means last day of school, party at a rich jock’s house and waking up on Sunday afternoon not remembering half of the night.

That’s the life of a normal teenager, not mine. I have a date with Netflix. We watch movies with cold drink, popcorn and Nutella.

But this year has everything I don’t want in store. Blake, Amber and Wren are forcing me to attend Edward’s party.

After the Monday evening, things have been a lot easier for both of us, so it doesn’t get awkward between us but this time they are asking me to ditch my date for some stupid party that I am not even interested in going.

When I asked my mom if I could go or not, I was hoping she would say no but guess what, she was so happy about me going to my first High School party that she started crying while hugging me, and to top it all, Blake too got emotional and joined the hug, while I awkwardly stood there, the real tears of pain threatening to fall from my eyes.

And now here I am getting ready for the party I am not even happy to attend. Sometimes I hope that I can be the school loner who doesn’t go to party or has friends so no one can steal my true love Netflix from me.

But then there is also the fact that I love my friends more than anything so I wouldn’t think of having no friends.

Amber insisted to choose my dress and Wren jumped to do my makeup whereas, Blake chose to sit in the corner with a bag of potato chips while judging.

“This is the outfit for you.” Amber said after coming out of my walk-in closet holding a black dress which was way shorter than I’d allow my clothes to be.

I sighed and grabbed the dress. I don’t even remember buying any such dress. How did it even end up in my closet? Dismissing the thought as irrelevant I wore that dress.

Slipping on the dress I looked in the full-length mirror attached to my closet door.

Oh My God! No way in hell I am wearing this! After wearing that dress, I am damn sure I never bought such thing.

“Amber where in the hell’s name did you find such dress? I am damn sure I never bought it and no way in this life I am wearing this!” I shouted after coming out of the bathroom.

The sleeveless, mid-thigh, black dress was made out of lace which showed way too much skin even after all the parts it didn’t cover, and two layers of black clothes covering my chest and below navel to the hem of the dress. It was already revealing enough without see through lace and I am already uncomfortable in it.

“I might or might not have bought it for you when you weren’t looking.” Blake replied causing all of us to look in his direction.

“And I might or might not have helped him select it,” came the voice of Wren.

Now everything came back to me. The day we went to shopping was the day all of this happened. They picked up this so-called dress when I went out to attend the call of the person responsible for this party.

I shook my head in disbelief as both of them looked at me expecting me to shout at them or something but some sense left in me said that it was of no use so I just went to sit on the edge of my bed.

Wren was smiling ear-to-ear and made her way towards me and started with the makeup.

After some time, the make-up was done. I looked at myself in the mirror and saw a beautiful girl with damp hair which were still undone, but a face which showed the minimum of the make-up yet was looking amazing.

Wren did a really good job, “now let’s do your hair till Amber gets ready.” She said while I was admiring my beautiful self in the mirror. With a mere nod she started her work with my hair. She didn’t have to get ready because she came from her home fully prepared for the party.

It wasn’t much. She just curled my red hair and made a French braid on the left side when she was not satisfied with the open curls. I was looking beautiful.

After hearing all the compliments from my friends, we made our way downstairs to wait for Amber to show up. My Mom was in the kitchen, and guess what, she again cried the second she saw me and hugged me. I was getting tired of all these hugs.

Amber soon showed up wearing a beautiful cocktail dress which was almost similar as to what Wren was wearing.

“I feel a little left out here you know,” I said and they both just laughed.

Kissing my mom goodbye, we made our way toward the door, where all the shoes are stacked on a rack, and I was again forced to wear 5 inches tall, black heels which, I may say, were highly uncomfortable.

Cursing under my breath we made our way towards Blake’s car.

I was shotgun with Blake driving and the other 2 in the backseat gossiping.

After 10 minutes we reached Edwards house and parked the car far away from the house as the whole road leading to his house was filled with cars.

You could hear the loud music from a mile away. It was hardly a 2-minute walk to his house from where we parked our car, so we made our way together by a comfortable silence following us and the smiles permanent on our faces.

The moment we entered the house, the smell of alcohol and sweat filled my nose. This place was filled with hormonal teens, either making out or puking their guts out, were everywhere. Others were dancing to the loud music as if there was no tomorrow. I scrunched my nose in disgust and looked around to see both Amber and Wren gone.

“It is going to be one heck of a party. Don’t you think?” Blake asked out of nowhere.

“Yup. One heck of a party it is,” I replied as we made our way to the depths of the crowd.

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