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Chapter 10

I wish I were a little girl again,

Because skinned knees are easier

To fix than broken heart


It’s been an hour and a half and yet I haven’t seen the faces of my so-called best friends. I didn’t even see Edward the whole time I was here, and I’m not gonna lie, I was hoping to see him.

Blake left with Chris after taking a drink and now I was standing in front of the lavish bar which I failed to notice the first time I came here for the lesson.

I held a red solo cup in my hand filled with Mountain Dew-No I don’t drink and no I am not even planning to anytime soon- when a guy, I don’t know the name of, showed up and sat next to me. I think he is in Math with me.

“Hey gorgeous. Why is a beautiful girl like yourself sitting here alone?” He asked I just gave him a polite smile and shrugged his question while concentrating on the clear liquid in my cup.

“I’m Dylan by the way.” He said, shoving his hand towards me in a motion asking me to shake it.

“Hi Dylan,” I replied while shaking his hand. he looked at me expecting me to say something else but I ignored his gaze and looked towards the people dancing there life out.

“So, you are ‘playing hard to get’ type,” Dylan said more like a statement than a question, “well, then maybe a dance might help you understand me a bit, and will assure you I am not the bad type?” He asked me showing his hand to me.

Should I? It doesn’t seem like I will do anything else here. None of my friends are around either. I guess a harmful dance would be good right now.

“Sure.” I replied with a smile. I was getting bored anyway.

Soon enough we were in the middle of the chaos covering the whole of this big place. A seemingly softer song played, definitely not the one you can waltz to, but a gentle sway with your lover. But these people surely don’t use that term.

Dylan held out a hand for me I took it while he placed his other hand on the small of my back, his other joining soon enough. We swayed to the beat of the pop love song, my hands around his neck, while his rest on my back in the most innocent way. Dylan’s presence gave me an unexplained comfort which I feel with Blake. The feel of relief I find only with my family, Amber and Wren.

“Am I worthy enough for a name now?” Dylan asked to which I nodded and whispered.

“Ava,” I replied in a trance.

“Such a pretty name for such a pretty girl.”

“You know how Cliché that sounds right?”

“I do know that but don’t you like cliché? Other girls always fall for these lines.”

“Well then for a change, I hate cliché.”

Suddenly the slow music changed into a very loud one and everyone started dancing like crazy as if they were covered with fire.

“Hey do you want to go somewhere quiet?” Dylan shouted over the music and I nodded my head not able to shout over the loud music.

He led me out of a door, which I think, leads to the backyard.

As we entered the backyard, I was not able to speak any longer. Not because I was being held hostage, but because this place had me tongue tied.

This place is beautiful. There was a fountain right in the middle of the garden surrounded by every type of flower you would’ve ever heard of. But my attention was on the particular Orchids which were covering the outer layer, then red roses in the middle and the white lilies covering the circle around the fountain. There were other types of plants covering the boundary. It was a breathtaking view, almost as mesmerizing as the waterfall in the woods.

“How do you know about this place?” I asked Dylan as I sighed dreamily, absorbing the beautiful view.

“It was not difficult considering the fact that I live here.” He said as a matter of fact. It was another shock for me.

“Wait a minute. You live here. That means you know Edward personally?” I asked, confused.

“You can say that, I am his cousin. I have a little brother, who is 4 years old, and before you ask, he is at a friend’s house.” He presented his explanation before I could even ask.

“Impressive.” I said in a small whisper.

“Thanks.” He said shocking me.

“Is there something wrong with my whisper or all of you in the family have super hearing skills?” I asked, irritated of the thought that every time I whisper, they hear it.

He looked hesitant. But before he could say anything, I heard a rather familiar voice coming towards us.

“Hey Sugar, I didn’t think you would come.” Said the husky voice of Edward.

“Oh, hey cuz.” Dylan said while he went to go and give that bro hug thing to him.

I could make out that Edward whispered something in his ear rather angrily, but all Dylan did was laugh and came to me.

“Well then Ava, I should get inside, but you can stay here as long as you want. I am sure you don’t want to go in there again.” Dylan said, to which I just gave him a polite smile and gave him a side hug. It’s weird how comfortable that felt.

“Ok. You should head inside Dylan. Your friends are waiting.” Edward growled. He only seemed to get angry every extra moment I am spending with Dylan and not him. He is acting weirder than usual.

But Dylan seemed oblivious to this fact and he just walked in, his laugh loud enough even when he entered the crowded party.

“Hey.” I said feeling to break the awkward silence.

“Hey.” He said in a monotone.

“This place is really beautiful.” I complimented looking towards the beautiful fountain surrounded by flowers.

“Thanks,” he did not say anything else for a while until he eventually held out a hand for me, “wanna dance?”

“But there’s no music.” I said. He retreated his hand and pulled out his phone from his pocket.

After doing something on his phone the sound of Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran filled the silent surrounding.

Somehow the loud noises inside did not carry out here. The silent night remaining uninterrupted from the ruckus happening inside.

He took out his hand for me to take and I gladly accepted it with a big grin on my face.

“I didn’t see you as a person who would listen to Ed.” I observed.

“I like to surprise people. Especially if it’s you.” He said placing a hand on my lower back.

When his hand made contact with my back, I could feel the sparks as a chill ran down my spine followed by the butterflies fluttering in my stomach.

We danced when gently to the melody flowing in the air until I felt him pulling me closer to him, if that was even possible. His hands moved down to my hips. I was feeling uncomfortable so I tried to get out of his grip but he didn’t lose his tight hold on me once.

“Edward, wh- what are you doing?” I asked trying to move away from him.

His face came close to my ear and he whispered in a deep husky voice, “Dancing.”

“Are you drunk?” I asked, frightened.

“I don’t know. Does it matter?” He asked pulling me even more closer grabbing both the sides of my hips in a ferocious hold, making me whimper.

“Um... I- I think I should go now. Blake must be waiting for me.” I said trying to get out of his grip, which only led him to tighten his hold on me.

“Why? Don’t you like dancing with me?” He asked moving his face a bit away but never losing the grip.

“No, it’s just that I am tired and I want to go home.” I tried to reason with him.

“It didn’t look like you were tired the moment you walked out with him, holding his hand. Why are you tired now?” He let out in an angry voice, growling at the end.

“You don’t know what you’re saying Edward. Just let me go and we will talk when you are sobe-” he cut me off before I could finish.

“I AM SOBER GODDAMNIT! Why were you with him?” He shouted angrily.

I just stared at him in disbelief. His hold on my waist never budging for a moment. I flinched at the tone he used at me. I have hardly ever been shouted at, and when someone does that for no reason, I get scared.

I could feel the tears forming at the side of my eyes, my vision started becoming hazy due to the unshed tears. I didn’t even realize when the song ended and we were there just staring at each other.

“It shouldn’t matter to you. You are not my father!” I shouted back at him. “Let me go!” I shouted again, but this time he did.

I made a beeline towards the front door and made my way towards my house on foot. I texted Blake that I was going home so he didn’t have to worry about me.

It took me about twenty minutes to reach home. It was only 11:30pm so I went to my room and searched through Netflix to watch something. I thought to go with The Kissing Booth.

I wasn’t able to concentrate for a moment. My mind always thinking back to the incident that happened not even an hour ago.

The buzzing from my phone broke my train of thoughts.

Student calling...

I switched the ringer off, not wanting to hear his voice. Switching off my laptop I buried my face in the pillow and let the unshed tears finally fall freely.

I thought he was going to be different, different than others but no. The rumors were true. He will never like a girl without any ulterior motive.

I officially hate Edward Knights.

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