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Chapter 11

It’s sad when someone
You know becomes
Someone you knew


For the first time in the history of forever I didn’t switch on my phone for the whole goddamn day. Sunday, from morning to night, I didn’t use my phone just to avoid the person who wouldn’t stop texting and calling me.

Even to talk to Amber, I used Blake’s phone. Chris called once or twice more to check up on me rather than talking to Blake. I was avoiding Edward like the plague.

But the odds are never in my favor because I have to go to school on Monday, and my first period is Biology. Now you might ask me Why don’t you skip School? Well, I can’t because:

1. I need grades to earn scholarship.
2. I can’t pretend to be sick cause I suck in acting.
3. What will I say to Mom.

So basically, that is not an option. I did the next thing that came to my mind. I entered the class after Edward so he won’t come and sit next to me. The teacher looked at me like I had grown two heads, and everyone else in the class looked at me like they were in a dream. How do I know? Because some of them were practically rubbing their eyes as if they would wake up and everything will be normal. I am always the first one to come so this scenario here is quite shocking. My eyes searched the room- ignoring all the stares- for an empty seat. My eyes suddenly locked with Edward, his eyes bloodshot and dark circles visible under them indicating he hasn’t slept much.

He was looking at me in a pleading in a way to say sorry. I tried my best to ignore his stare and moved towards the backseat next to a girl I never got to know the name of. She was a shy type of person as far as I know, so she didn’t react much just looked my way once before focusing on the front with a blank expression on her face. I didn’t say anything either because I was in a safe place. He won’t come to threaten a girl so that she will walk away, and definitely not her who doesn’t speak much in front of the whole class at that.

I focused on the class the best I could. The whole period I could feel the burning gaze pointed at my head and when I thought that I would actually get a hole in my head the bell rang signaling the end of period. I was the first one to leave. I heard my name being called several times and the footsteps rushing towards me but ignoring that I went to my next class faster than I’ve ever ran. Now avoiding him would be a bit simple because I don’t have any class with Edward till lunch. I was even ready to eat my lunch in the washroom if it meant that I could not be with him.

But good times run fast and the next I know I am at my locker taking out my lunch bag, which I’ve never brought before today. But if I want to avoid a special someone, I need to make sure I never come in his sight. Taking out my lunch, I rushed towards the library before anyone could spot me.

And then I did the most stupid thing one could ever think of. I switched my phone on, and the moment the screen glowed my phone started vibrating with the thousands of messages and hundreds of missed calls and all from one person.

I sighed and put my phone away when suddenly it started ringing. I turned the ringer off because the librarian was giving me the looks that could kill me any moment and I would be buried six feet under.

The caller ID read Blake so I picked it up and he bombarded me with questions without even listening to me.

“Ava where the hell are you? You are not at lunch, you didn’t greet Amber and Wren. They are so damn worried about you. And would you please speak up and tell me where you are?”

I sighed again for the millionth time and replied, “That would be easy if you would let me speak. So, I forgot to do some work and it was due today and right now I am completing it.” Lies. It was unbelievable for even a person who only knows my name that I never forget to finish my work and that was the lamest excuse in the history of lame excuses.

“And you want me to believe that because?” Blake asked and I really couldn’t lie to him and I know he saw me running out of Biology.

So, I decided to do the sanest thing, I replied “Because I am avoiding Edward.” I said.

“I don’t know what is going on. I am not going to ask where you are but I will want to know every single bit of it before I smash someone’s head into the wall.” He replied a bit angrily and he didn’t say anything else before hanging up.

I couldn’t be any more grateful for that and stared at my sandwich, not meaning to eat it because I lost my appetite. I searched the library for some books to read so that I will find some escape and a lot of time to ignore Edward.

Suddenly the library door burst open and Edward walked in. I was in the back corner so he didn’t see me and headed in the opposite direction. I took it as my chance to grab my stuff and leave. I was so close to the exit when suddenly someone came from behind, grabbed my waist and clamped my mouth shut, pulling me inside the Janitor’s closet and locked the door behind me pushing me into the wall opposite the door. I tried to scream but my voice came muffled due to the hand pressing itself over my mouth.

“Shh... Chill out. It’s just me.” Said an awfully familiar voice. And then I recognized the face, it was Dylan.

“Okay. Now I’m going to put my hand away and you are not going to scream okay?” I nodded slightly and he dropped his hand down and started speaking without giving me a chance to say anything.

“Just listen to me Ava, you need to quit ignoring Edward because if you ignore him for one more minute he is going to burst out and might light the world on fire just to grab your attention, and trust me when I say this, he will burn the whole world down. So just do as I say and talk to him. He is losing his mind. He hasn’t slept for two days thinking that you might come back and give him a chance to explain himself. He even kept his phone close to himself, in case you replied to any of his thousands of messages, he didn’t sleep thinking that you will message him. He is a mess right now and he needs you. You are the only one who can keep him in his sane mind. So please for the good of world, talk to him.” I listened every word carefully, but I could no longer take all of this so I burst out.

“What do you mean ‘stop ignoring him’? He is the one who broke the little faith I started to have in people- in boys. I already did give him a chance but he chose what he did and messed all this up. I have every goddamn right to do what I am doing. You, on the other hand, have no right to speak to me about something that you don’t know about. So just back off and let me live my life the way I want it. You don’t have any right to tell me what I can or can’t do.” I pushed him away and ran out of the room.

Suddenly something came in front of me and all I saw after that was black. No, I wasn’t unconscious, but it was like someone blindfolded me. I could feel myself being lifted up and carried upside down as if someone was carrying me on their shoulder.

“Put me down! You- whoever you are!” I cried, punching the person’s back furiously in order to free myself, “please don’t hurt me, please!”

After some time, I felt myself being thrown on a leather surface and I could feel my body being jerked back which meant I am in a car.

Snapping out of my daze I pushed the mask off my face and saw three men sitting in the car. One was driving and the two of them were on the either side of me. They were masked but their body structure felt very familiar.

“God this mask will kill me. It’s so hot.” The guy on my left said and pulled down his mask. I was shocked the instant I saw his face.

“Agreed dude. I can’t drive with this much heat.” Said the guy who was driving and pulled his mask, shortly after that the guy on my right also removed his mask and all the three guys looked at me holding back their laughter, probably at my expression because my eyes can come out of their sockets any moment.

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