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Chapter 15

A person who irritates you always
Is the one who loves you the most
But fails to express it.

Sigh. One thing that is now more of a part in my life than even my brain. Now is one of those sighing moments, wanna guess why? Well think of it this way, the boy you like is sitting beside you, concentrating on the task at hand, you sit beside him admiring his slightly tensed posture with your knees accidentally brushing time and again. And now comes the devil, the girl who hates you is sitting in front of you both, wearing ever so exposing clothes that hardly cover her feminine parts and clinging to the boy of your interest.

Well, if you can imagine such a situation, then you know exactly how I feel. Me admiring Edward’s slightly tensed posture, with our knees accidentally coming in contact and Lauren trying to cling at Edward. The only thing that is holding me sane is the fact that Edward is trying his best to brush her off, and I am glade he is or else I know some moves which can make the make-up caked on her face be insufficient to cover the bruises I may give.

Now as for the situation in front of us, we are sitting amongst our groups assigned by the psychology teacher and discussing the project. We have to find someone who is suffering from any psychological disorder, ADHD, Depression, Stress, Anxiety etc. And have an interview with them regarding their state and cheer them up while finding out how they deal with their days of difficulty.

It seems rather easy if we won’t have to deal with certain someone, who won’t stop jumping on the boy who is not even interested.

“It won’t be hard.” Edward said suddenly, “I know a lady. Her husband died due to cancer, she is rather old but depressed due to the fact that she wasn’t financially strong to support her husband. It is the best choice and she knows me very well. We can talk to her.”

“That is amazing. We are due in next two weeks, so we have enough time to enquire her about this, but-” I paused a thought suddenly coming to my mind, “Would she be able to talk about it? Old wounds and all?”

“She might be a bit, but it’s been years now, she is rather happy to discuss about her husband to someone.” Edward suggested then out if nowhere, Lauren spoke up.

“That’s an excellent idea, baby. We both should go and talk to her.” Oh, how I would love to pull those teeth out one by one.

I was about to reply to her but Edward beat me to it, “Yeah that’s a good idea.” He suggested. Was he really taking her offer to go with her instead of me? I could see the smirk on her lips, but Edward’s next words slapped the smirk off her face, “You and I should go and talk to her Sugar. She will be delighted to see you.”

Now I was the one smirking, “That’s a good idea. So, it’s settled then, we will go to her house on Monday after school, if that is alright with you, of course.”

“Yeah, it’s totally fine with me but why not tomorrow? It’s Saturday, right? We can go.” He asked, definitely trying to know my plans. How do I know? I have a feeling.

“I’m sorry tomorrow I can’t. I have some plans but if you want to go tomorrow you can go with Lauren.” I said to see his reaction and looking at the face scowling at me. But his next words made me smile in victory.

“Oh, I almost forgot, even I have some plans for tomorrow. We will go on Monday then, just you and me.”

“Maybe I will tag along too, so that I don’t feel left out of the project.” Lauren finally said, desperate for attention, but Edward was not having any of it.

“Oh no it’s best if you don’t come. She has a lot of cats to keep her company and they are only fond of me. I remember the first time I went there, those cats scratched my arms. It took me months to get rid of all the scratches. I am just thinking the best for you.” He said, fakeness dripping off his tone like drool. You actually have to be deaf to not hear the false concern in his voice. But being the lovestruck puppy she is, she seemed oblivious to that fact.

“Well then what do you suggested me to do on this project?” She asked trying to sound seductive and for once I thought Edward might actually fall for her, but he never faltered.

“You don’t have to worry your pretty little mind. We both will take care of the project. Won’t we Sugar?” He asked trying to sound convincing to me but failing miserably.

I tried to hold back my laughter and covering it with a cough, while replying, “Sure.”

“Okay, I trust you babe.” She said while directing her attention to Edward. “Thank you for helping us Avery.” Lauren replied looking at me.

“It’s Ava.” Two voices echoed through the seat, mine and the other of Edward.

“Sure, whatever.” She replied slightly embarrassed by the harsh tone of Edward.

In seconds the bell rang, students rushing out of their classes, me included. I halted in my way as my name was being called. I turned around to see Edward shouting my name. He came running towards me.

“You actually don’t have an escape considering we have all the classes together and to top it all, our lockers are also together.” Seems like he wants to take every bit of freedom I have.

I was stuck with him for the rest of my school life, there is no escape. God! What did I get myself into? What next he’ll want start to live with me too?

Again, I sighed and went to my locker with Edward following me like a lost puppy.

It was time for lunch so dropping my books in the locker, I went to the cafeteria. Edward doing the same thing walks beside me.

“You shifted here two months ago. The cat thing was a total lie,” I noted, and looked towards him to answer.

“And yet another reason why I like you. You are smart.” I blushed not hearing anything but ‘I like you’.

“Why did you lie though?” I asked trying my hardest not to blush and failing miserably.

“Maybe that’s the topic for later. You look cute when you blush.” Which didn’t help but made my blush deeper. “What plans do you have for tomorrow?” He asked as we took our food to the table where everyone didn’t even care to notice we were not there.

“I’ll be with the girls. We decided to hang out.” I fed to his curiosity.

Reaching the table, I saw all the couples talking with each other and noticed Amber and Ryder sharing kisses in between. They didn’t even notice when we sat down.

Sighing again I said, “I’ve never felt this single ever in my life.” Then all their heads snapped towards us.

“When did you both come here?” They all asked at the same time.

“You see this? That’s, what I was talking about.” I said looking towards Edward who just chuckled, while I, again, sighed.

“Amber don’t you have something to say?” I asked, remembering our hang out time.

“Oh yes.” After that she Ryder and they started talking. Ryder didn’t even seem bothered by our plans. He didn’t even scowl, just said a simple ‘be safe’ which was cheesy but cute at the same time.

“Don’t worry you got me Sugar. Don’t be so sad.” Edward replied when he saw me eyeing the couples with the hint of tears at the corner of my eyes.

“It’s not that. It just reminds me of him.” I thought but didn’t realize that I said it out loud. I snapped my head to him who was eyeing me with anger which was not directed towards me.

“Him? Who is “him”?” He gritted out the words.

“No one.” I said and dropped the topic.

My phone rang suddenly, it was the same unknown number from before, I picked it up to shout at the person but he didn’t even give me a chance to speak and said, “I miss you babe.” And then hung up.

It took me a while to realize whose voice it was and suddenly my head snapped towards Blake who was also looking at me as if asking me the question, I knew he would. I didn’t say anything, just nodded my head once with shock clear on my face.

It can’t be him. No.

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