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Friendship isn’t a big thing,

It’s a million little things.


School was about to end and it was the last period, meaning biology test. More than me I am worried about Edward. I just hope he scores a B, the least, but he is quite intelligent and if he did score an A, I will not be surprised.

“Class, get seated. We are about to begin the test, and I have a surprise for you all.” Mr. Walker said as he entered the class room. We all looked at him curiously as he stands there with a smile. “This test holds 20% of your finals, so perform your best.”

The whole class groaned but I was rather happy. I did study well for the test and to hear that it is so important I can say that I am the happiest person alive at this moment.

The teacher started to pass out the papers. I faced Edward and showed him a thumbs up, and wishing him to do good. It’s more like my exam than his, because I was the one who tutored him for this. He passed on the gesture to me and we started writing.

Half an hour later I was done, so I looked up. Everyone else was writing and some were passing on the chits that most probably had the answers to the questions. Then my gaze turned to Edward and saw him engrossed in his paper not leaving the pen for even one second. I felt proud of myself while looking at him.

Picking up my paper I went to Mr. Walker to hand it to him. He looked impressed and took the paper and asked me to wait on my seat till he checks the paper not having anything else to do.

I went back to my seat and saw Edward gazing through his paper, re-checking the answers. When he looked satisfied, he looked at me giving me his gorgeous smile and I smiled back. He went to the teacher to hand him the paper. The teacher looked shocked but took it, nonetheless and told him to wait.

After a while Mr. Walker came towards us and handed us the papers, while patting Edward on his back as a gesture of appreciation.

I looked at my paper to see an A+, as usual, and saw the grade on Edward’s too. Guess what? He got an A+ too.

“Wow! Congrats!” I exclaimed.

“Yeah. Thank you for all your help, I never thought I would score anything other than a D.” He said grinning widely.

“You’re welcome. I’m happy to see your efforts flourish.”

The bell rang signaling the end of the day. I waved a quick bye to Edward and made my way to Blake’s car and waited for him to show up. He did take a lot of time to complete the test.

Reaching home, we spent the day choosing an outfit for him for the date. When we finally settled on something, it was already time for mom to arrive from work.

When she entered the house, she was looking exhausted, so we decided to order Chinese instead of cooking.

Soon after the food arrived and we settled ourselves on the table.

“Mom, how is work going? You look exhausted.” I asked breaking through the silence.

“Oh I am. Parker enterprises are coming for a meeting on Monday. This is a really important deal so we have to make sure everything is perfect.” She said, I didn’t register anything but the first small phrase.

“Parker as in, Ryan Parker?” I asked hoping she will say no and say someone else.
“Yes sweetie. Ryan Parker. I really can’t believe that he is a CEO of such a big company at such a young age.” Mom continued but I didn’t hear anything and looked at Blake, who was giving me the same, scared look.

After dinner I went straight to bed trying to forget all about the conversation that just happened. But that is not very easy. I tried to go to sleep and after a lot of twisting and turning I finally did.

“Ava? Can you hear me?” I heard a voice coming from a large clearing. It was very familiar.

Turning my head towards its direction I saw Edward walking to me with a grin plastered on his face. He seemed so happy.

“Oh my god Ava. I missed you so much. How are you doing?” He asked. I furrowed my eyebrows.

“We met at school Edward just few hours ago.” I said getting confused.

Now it was his turn to frown, “Who is Edward?” He asked, his voice no more sounding like Edward’s.

Then the person’s face changed and then I recognized him. “Adrian?”

“Yes babe, it’s me, Adrian. Who is Edward anyway?” He said his face now completely changed. “Doesn’t matter now. God Ava, I missed you so much. It’s been almost two years. I never thought you would come back to me. I am glad you did.” He said while hugging me.

“No! I am not coming back to you.” I said pushing him away. “I don’t want to be with you again. I don’t want to be in your world.” I said moving away from him.

“Babe you can’t run away from this. You were bound to be in this world. You don’t have a choice.” He whispered.

“I do. I have a choice like I did last time. And I am going to do the exact same thing. You can’t have me back Adrian. Never.” I said and walked away from him. He was about to say something-

“Wake up Baby girl, it’s 12.” I heard Blake who was banging on my door, which woke me up.

“I’m up. I’ll be down in a minute.” I replied.

“Okay. Martha had to go for some last-minute arrangements for the meeting, so it’s just you and me.”

“Okay. I’ll be down in no time.” I heard his retreating footsteps and sat properly on my bed.

The dream was really weird. As I tried recalling it, it was slowly fading.

Pushing back the thought I got out of my bed, took a shower, brushed my teeth and hair and entered the kitchen. I searched for leftovers which were not there and that was my guess that mom didn’t eat breakfast and just ran for work again.

After breakfast I packed my bag for the girls’ night out. I know it’s barely afternoon, but we promised to spend the day.

“Blake, I am going at Wren’s. Take care and all the best for the date. Mom will come home by 5 most probably.” I shouted while going downstairs and towards the front door.

“Okay, have fun.” He replied from his room.

“You too.” I shouted back and searched for my car keys which I hardly use anyway.

I don’t even know why mom bought me this car. I don’t need it anyway. Well taking in the situation right now, I am glad she did.

I reached Wren’s house at 2 and was greeted by her mother.

“Hi Ava it’s so nice to see you after so long. I forgot what you look like.” Wren’s mom greeted me with a hug. I hugged her back.

“Hi Grace, I’m glad to see you too.” I replied smiling.

All the three of our parents are sort of friends too, of course after we started to hang out, so we practically treated each other’s parents like our own.

“Where is Wren?” I asked her.

“Oh, she’s in her room. I am guessing Amber will be here too in a minute or few. Why don’t you go and enjoy and I’ll start baking your favorite cookies, “she replied with a huge smile.

“You are making cookies? God, I missed them so much. Thank you.”

“It’s alright dear. I wanted to ask you something. Do you mind?”

“Sure. What is it?”

“Do you know about Wren’s boyfriend?” She asked. I don’t blame her, as parents they are to be worried.

“Adam? Yeah. He’s a nice guy. Even if he’s total opposite of how your daughter is, they go well together. I have never seen her acknowledge Lucas’s presence whenever he is with her.” I replied smiling all the while.

Lucas was Wren’s very first boyfriend. Although she knew he was a player she thought that she was different. They actually dated for almost a year. She was so in love with him, that she actually thought the name of their children. Of course, she didn’t sleep with him, she wanted to wait, and she was actually glad she did because she found out that he was cheating on her.

“Really that’s great. I never liked that assh-” I cut her off in between.

“Language Grace, language. You are a mother.” I said to which she muttered a quite apology and went back to bake the most delicious cookies to ever exist.

I went to Wren’s room and entered without knocking which was the biggest mistake of my life.

“Oh my god not again!” I exclaimed rather loudly and both, Wren and Adam pulled apart.

“What is it Ava? Are you alright?” Grace asked me coming upstairs.

“I am fine Grace. It’s just-” I looked at the couple who were shaking their heads at me, “- I hit my foot on the door.”

“Oh, are you alright?”

“Yeah, I’m fine it’s okay. Nothing to worry.” I replied going in her room, anger visible on my face.

“Hi Ava.” Adam stated rather awkwardly as I closed the door.

“Hi Adam. Do you realize that in this house there are parents, who might not feel comfortable with all this?”

“Uh. We weren’t expecting you.” Said Wren.

“You could’ve expected your mother. The least you could do was lock the door. I just got over the incident from yesterday and then this.” I said. I have never been this single in all my life.

“Um... Sorry?” Adam said. I glared at him.

“Adam I am asking this politely. Get out.” I said being anything but polite.

“Of course, this is polite. Um- I guess I should go. Bye Wren.” He said, hinting the sarcasm in an awkward way- if that was even possible- while straightening his clothes, giving Wren a hug and jumping out her bedroom window.

“I can ex-” she started to say but I cut her off showing her my hand to stop.

“Just don’t say anything.” I said and threw my bag in the corner and sprawled on the bed.

Suddenly disgust filled me I got up to ask, “You didn’t do anything on the bed did you? Or even if you did, did you change the sheets?”

“What no!” She exclaimed.

“No to what? Changing the sheets or doing something?” I asked to which she rolled her eyes.

“We didn’t do anything Ava. Don’t worry.” She said.

I laid back on the bed. “Thank god.”

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