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Chapter 17

Silly pictures and crazy times,

Sisters at heart and

Partner in crime.


“Okay, I am tired of this now. What is the problem with both of you? I’ve been here for the last one and a half hour and you both are not even glancing at each other.” Amber noticed as for the past hour Wren and I have answered in mono-syllables and with sounds of conformation.

After the awkward moment Amber arrived - thank god - and started rambling about the things we didn’t care about.

“Ask her.” I said to Amber with the ever so bored expression.

“I know exactly how you felt when she saw you kissing Ryder.” Wren said.

“You mean, you saw her kissing someone?” Amber said directing it to Wren.

“No, idiot. It’s the other way round.” I said.

“That means you saw her kissing Adam?” She asked again, this time to me.

“No shit Sherlock.” I said through gritted teeth.

“It’s not fair. You saw both of us making out with our boyfriends-”

“Which I am not at all proud of.” I said cutting Wren in between but she continued speaking as if I didn’t just say something.

“And yet you are still here with us, having no boyfriend in hand-”

“Which I am proud of.” I cut her off but she again continued.

“So, it’s only fair, if we catch you kissing Edward.” She finally finished, and made me choke on air.

“Ed-Edward? Why him? Why not Cameron Dallas, or Chace Crawford?” I reasoned, “there are literally so many good options. Did you forget Harry Styles? And Zayn, Niall, Liam, Louis. When people like Chris Evans exist out there, why would I want to settle for anything less?”

“Because you are never going to meet them, and it only makes sense if all the best friends date all the best friends. Blake is with Chris, Wren is with Adam and I am with Ryder. This will look good if you start dating Edward. Don’t you think?” Amber said.

“No, it doesn’t make sense. I am living a happy single life. I have to get married one day so that doesn’t make any sense if I date right now or not.” Also a fact which they are not willing to understand.

“Okay just answer this. Do you like Edward or even feel attracted towards him?” Wren was the one to ask this time.

“What?” I shrieked in horror.

“It’s just a simple question. Are you or are you not attracted towards him?” Amber interjected

“No?” Which is partly true. Who am I kidding? I obviously like him. But they don’t need to know that.

“Was that a question or an answer?” Wren asked. Great, now they are taking turns.

“It was an answer?” I questioned again.

“Don’t answer questions with questions. Yes or no?” Amber’s turn.

I stayed silent this time, not knowing what to say.

I could feel the both of them smirking as I was contemplating my feelings. Sure, I admitted to myself that I like him, but admitting it to someone else is a hard thing. Even if they are your best friends and you trust them with everything.

“Okay let’s play a game. It’s called This or That.” Amber suggested. I shrugged. I’ll do anything to avoid the topic at hand.

“I’ll start. You know the rules, you don’t have time to think. Ava, let’s start with you.” I nodded in confirmation.

She smiled and asked, “Hershey’s or Nutella?”


“Skittles or Gummy bears?”


“Shawn Mendes or Ashton Irwin?”


“Dylan O’Brien or Dylan Sprayberry?”

“Dylan O’Brien.”

“Dylan or Edward?”

“Edward. Wait what?” I asked shocked. Did I just say Edward?

What did I just do! Now they will try and hook me up with him. I literally face palmed myself as both of them high-fived and started a happy dance.

“Shut up guys. It’s not like that.” I said trying to hide the embarrassment.

“Sure.” They both said at the same time. Okay now I am creeped out.

“Can we do something else please? I am getting bored now.” I asked in a desperate voice to change the topic.

“That reminds me there is this game at school. We should go. It’s basketball.” Wren suggested.

“Yeah, we should go. There is even a party after that.” Amber said.

“No. I am not going to any party ever again. No. Not gonna happen.” I said. There is no way I am going to a party ever again in my life. Even if it is my Wedding celebration. My husband can dance himself.

“Oh, come on. It’s the weekend and you will be staying here anyway.” Wren said this time.

“No. Last time we went to a party you both left me to go and do whatever you were doing. And this time Blake won’t be there either. I’m not going. We can go to the game but no, no party. I am done with parties more than people are done with the Kardashians.” I said. No one can change my decision on this topic. No means no.

“You look perfect. I’m almost jealous.” Amber exclaimed. Yes, I am going to that party. Screw me, but I don’t have any option left. They promised me two jars of Nutella. I can’t say no to Nutella and that too when it’s free.

“Look, nothing’s gonna happen. I promise.” Wren said her voice filled with desperation.

Yes, first the game then a stupid party. That’s all I want from my life.

“Remind me again why I decided to let you keep my clothes here?” I asked. Yes, we all have our clothes at each other’s house. We used to hang out a lot earlier and when there used to be some emergency night outs so we don’t have to pack.

“Because you never agree to go on a party and we stack party clothes at my house.” Wren said.

That is also true. Why am I even friends with these creatures?

We reached the game a little late, but we were able to find the seats in the front. The game was in our school, there were people holding signs of ‘go bears’ and stuff. Our mascot is a bear. Don’t even ask me why, I have no idea because sports and me can’t go in one sentence without using ‘no’ or ‘not’.

I could identify some of the students from our school. All look familiar but I hardly know their names. I spotted Dylan in there and I had no idea he was in the school’s sports team.

The game started. The three of us were staring intently on the game going in front of us. The rival team has the lead. A very hot guy, from the other school has the ball. He dribbled the ball like a professional, seemed like he knew what he was doing. Ryan, from our school, tried taking the ball from him, but he passed it to someone else on their team and they scored.

I don’t know very much about sports but I know that we are losing. The guy from whom Ryan tried to take the ball was smirking at our team. It’s very rare that we lose a game. I am not very connected to the school team but I know we hardly ever lose.

The game kept going and we were losing very badly, the score was 6-2 a very bad score in the history of basketball.

It looks like our school is deliberately letting them win.

Half-time came and the teams went away to gather along and discuss the strategy.

In the second half, some bomb exploded, cause our team was winning. They covered the score pretty easily. It felt like they never were losing in the first place.

The game was coming to an end, and both the teams had same scores, the ball was with the rival school.

Our team crowded the guy with the ball, the guy seemed confused and looked around himself to see that there was no way he can pass the ball to someone else. As he was thinking what to do, Dylan took the ball from him and shot a perfect basket from the distance of almost five feet. At that time the bell rang indicating the end of the game time and announcing our victory.

We were at the party. By the time we reached the place, it was almost packed.

This was an amazing party. I didn’t drink anything because I don’t, and my friends hardly ever touch alcohol, the craziest they’ve been was with beer. They promised they will be by my side, but they hardly keep any of their promises and so they left me by the luxurious bar.

I only had a coke and avoided every boy who tried to make a conversation with me. Scott, the basketball team captain, came to me. He is a really hot guy with a hint of cuteness. You know the blue eyes angels with brunette hair, a well-built structure and definitely not scary muscles that frighten you. He was the kind of guy who was almost perfect.

He was wearing a gray round neck T-shirt with faded blue ripped jeans. His muscles could be seen moving from the t-shirt.

“Like what you see?” He asked, breaking me away from my thoughts.

I won’t deny that I find him hot, but him coming to talk to me is something new. Maybe because we don’t hang out with the same crowd, that is why our paths don’t cross.

“I have seen better.” I rolled my eyes at him. He raised an eyebrow at me.

“Really? Is that so?” He asked with an amused expression. I crossed my arms across my chest and nodded at him with a smirk playing on my lips.

Did you know? If a girl is standing in front of a guy with her arms crossed against her chest, that means that she is not interested in you. And if a guy is standing in front of a girl with his legs apart, then he is really enjoying talking to you.

It’s just a fact that I learned a couple weeks ago, and right now noticing the situation I couldn’t help but believe it.

“Would a dance change your mind?” He asked looking hopeful.

Blame it on the smell of alcohol in the air, the fact that my best friends left me alone at a party again, or they mentioned that I should probably date, as the reason for my response here, “Umm... Maybe?”

He gently pulled me along with my hand and we made out way to the middle of the chaos. Déjà vu hit me harder than ever, remembering the night not so long ago when I went home crying for the very same reason. A dance with someone who is not Edward.

And that was when the things got nasty.

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