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Chapter 1

Your life is a message to the world. Make sure it is interesting.


Ava’s POV

I was woken up by the annoying sound of my alarm clock. As the days go by, I feel like murdering the person who started the hell called school. I woke up and walked to open my bedroom window and glanced at the serene view. I saw the time and sighed, it said 6:30. I still had 1 hour to get ready which is more than enough, well for me.

As I went to open my bathroom door to shower, I didn’t realize it was closed and BANG!! There goes my head, banged on the bathroom door. Could this day get any worse?

After doing my business I moved down and towards the kitchen where I know my mom would be waiting for my arrival with breakfast on a plate ready to be eaten. And as predicted there was my mother laying out the plates filled with pancakes on the table. I went for a kiss on the cheek as our usual routine. “Good Morning Mommy!” I greeted.

“Good Morning honey.” She said, “You are the only kid I know who gets up this happy on a Monday morning,” she laughed out.

“Oh, don’t worry mother, I’m not high or anything. I just did a human sacrifice and the high powers are happy with it,” I laughed along her and started digging into my delicious meal.

“Thank god! I was worried I’d find meth in your room. I’m relieved it will just be blood and organs to clear up,” she added with a fake sigh.

“Do you have any idea how dysfunctional this is mother?” I commented but she waved it off and sat next to me.

While having my breakfast my mind brings up all things in the past, usually of a park near my previous home in New York that includes a particular brown eyed boy with black hair.


I was playing in the park and suddenly I saw a boy- probably of my age- sitting alone on the bench. I don’t like people being lonely when I am there and so I went towards him.

He saw me coming and shifted a little, in nervousness.

“Hi! I’m Ava. What is your name?” I asked cheerfully.

“Asher.” He mumbled.

And then we started a lame conversation about cartoons and toys we like to play with.

We became really good friends after that and started meeting every day. But one day my parents told me we have to move into a new home far away. I have seen it coming a while ago because mom and dad would talk about how things will be good if we just move away. Something about a ‘her’ not being there anymore.

Well safe to say nothing really changed, that man did leave us but for good and hopefully we won’t see him again. But he did make me lose a friend who seemed like he really needed someone.

“So, is Amber going to pick you up today?” My mom broke my train of thoughts.

“Yeah.” I replied.

Amber is my best friend who made it into the cheerleading squad in sophomore and now is the head cheerleader. God bless her flexible as hell body and crazy crackhead energy.

I heard the car honk which means Amber has arrived and I have to wait for 5 minutes outside the car to listen to a lecture on how to dress up when you have to go to school.

I kissed my mom on the cheek and said goodbye.

I walked to the car and as expected I heard Amber sigh and there goes the lecture.

“Ava, look at yourself. What is wrong with you? You look like a mess.” And blah blah blah....

Lord take me with you, hell is a better torture place than Amber’s scrutiny.

Finally, her lecture ended, I jumped into the car and we drove off to school.

On the way Work by Rihanna started playing on the radio and we started screaming on the top of our lungs as we laughed and sang totally off key, and soon we were standing out of the boring school building.

As we stepped out of the car, the usual stares and looks were passed which I were used to by now, mainly because of those were directed at Amber more than they were at me and she really didn’t care for them.

I took in her appearance. She was wearing a crop top and shorts. Looking beautiful as always. Amber is beautiful in every way. Every guy in the school wants to be with her and every girl wants to be her. Sometimes I wonder how I can be best friends with such a beautiful girl. I mean, I, the socially awkward and not so popular is friends with the school’s Ms. Popular?

Amber spoke after we entered the hallway and made our way to my locker, “Have you heard anything from Wren recently?”

“Yeah. She will be coming later today. She had some work to do.” I said and she nodded in response.

Wren is our other best friend in the group. We all have been friends since the middle of freshman year and have stuck with each other since then till this senior year.

I reached my locker to see almost every girl in the school was there waiting for the one and only Edward Knights to arrive.

It’s rather ironic that I have the locker next to his and I’m not even that attracted to him. And almost every morning I hear words along the lines of you are so lucky Edward’s locker is next to yours or Bitch I’m so jealous of you. But to be honest Edward is the kind of guy I want to stay away from. Why do they have to gather around so early knowing he will probably enter the school when the classes have already started.

After a lot of curses and abusive stares I got my books out and went to Biology, waving Amber a goodbye. I was the first to reach the classroom, which wasn’t a surprise to anyone.

I greeted my teacher, Mr. Walker. Before I could take my seat, he called me. I went to his desk and asked what he wanted to talk about.

“I want to ask for a favor from you Ms. Smith,” he says and I look at him responding immediately.

“Yes sir?” I asked uncertain about the question myself.

He said something that made the ground move away from my feet.

“I want you to tutor Mr. Knights until he catches up with us,” as the words left his mouth a gasp left mine. He is seriously not asking that from me.

“Uh are you sure sir? Because I don’t think he will be interested in that,” I desperately plead in hopes I don’t have to.

You see I’m not the person who socializes a lot. That means I cannot tutor the guy who could attract immense amount of attention to me.

I will have to hear every girl in the Edward Knights fan-club passing on bitchy comments and their curses more than they already do now.

“There is no one in my class better than you, that’s why you are perfect for this. Ava, you have tutored many before and he is the difficult one. If you get his grades up then that is the challenge you took and improved your college application. Think about it please,” he said. He definitely had a point.

I am completely confused right now. I really want that put in more effort in my application for the university I want to attend but never in my wildest dreams I thought that I would have to tutor Edward Freaking Knights for that.

On the other hand, he might just make my life a living hell for as long as I am obliged to teach him and possibly even after that because he will know I exist.

Mr. Walker said after a while, “So..... Will you do it?”

I can’t believe I’m doing this. “yeah, sure,” I let out a defeated sigh.

After that I didn’t hear what the teacher said and I reached my seat at the end of the room near the window.

The students started to fill in the class. I heard the shifting of chair next to me and saw the one and only Edward Knights taking a seat with an expressionless face. WOW!! Could this day get any better? The best day of my life here.

I gave him the what-are-you-doing-here? Look.

He looked at me and said “He told me to sit here” He said pointing towards our teacher.

I sighed at locked my gaze to the front of the class trying to concentrate on the lesson. Keyword trying.

“Hey locker neighbor-” he said looking at me.

Wait he knows me. Why does he know me?

I’ve never even seen him at his locker ever, how does he know who is next to him?

“Yeah?” I replied trying to act as natural as I can.

“I heard you are going to tutor me and help me catch up on whatever I’ve missed.” He said looking me in the eyes.

“Yeah apparently, I heard the same thing. So weird,” I said in a clear sarcastic tone.

I looked in the front of the class but I caught him staring at me all of the time and I wasn’t able to concentrate on the lesson.

There is something in his eyes that’s captivating. His eyes are so familiar. The brown eyes that could just stare into my soul and I wouldn’t mind. It reminds me of....... Ugh, focus Ava you are not supposed to be thinking about anything else but class.

The rest of the period went in a blur and the next thing I know it was time for lunch. As usual I took my tray and went to our table almost in the corner of the canteen.

I saw Amber sitting there with her phone in her hands and her tray on the table waiting for my arrival.

I wonder where Wren is? She should be here any moment.

Amber saw me coming and dropped her phone in her bag.

I settled myself on our table and heard Amber say “Hi, Wren will be coming after lunch,” I nodded and started playing with my food instead of eating it.

“What happened? You, as in Ava Smith, is not eating FOOD. Is everything okay?” Amber observed. I had to tell her she is not the girl I can keep secrets with.

And so, I told her everything that happened and at the end she had her jaw dropped to the floor.

After waiting for what felt like eternity she spoke “Wait a minute. You are saying that you have to tutor Edward Knights, like for real?” I nodded doubting it myself.

After a while Amber looked in the other way and said “Okay, act natural.”

I frowned and followed her gaze. There he was coming in my direction with amused expression.

“So, locker mate, when should we start working,” He said.

“okay, firstly I-” I said pointing towards myself “-have a name which is-”

“Ava. I know” he cut me off leaving me with a shocked expression.

Right! The beloved biology teacher told him. Duh!

“It’s just amusing to call you locker mate.”

I shook my head and said “Well it’s not amusing to me so you call me by my name, I would appreciate it.” I continued “And secondly, we can start working from this weekend at whatever place you would like to work at.”

He nodded and walked towards his table in the middle not before glancing my way for the last time and giving me a wink.

I was too shocked to move. Amber broke my train of thoughts and said, “What was that?” I shrugged her question. But for the rest of the day my mind was stuck with the thoughts of a particular person with the name of Edward Knights.

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