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Chapter 19

I’m learning to love the sound

Of my feet, walking away

From things not meant for me.


At 2:45p.m I got ready to go at Edward’s house. I walked out of my house to see that my car was already there. Wren must have dropped it earlier.

I got in my car and drove towards his place. Within 10 minutes I reached his place and the same chauffer was standing there giving me a genuine smile which I tried to give back and maybe succeeded.

I knocked on the front door and same maid opened the door and told me to wait in the living room, and said that he was just busy for a few minutes but will be back soon.

I nodded and went towards the direction she pointed to. Assuming I was going in the right direction I started to go ahead in this palace when I heard voices from the hallway on my left.

Out of curiosity I went to see who was there. When I was near a door, I heard two voices arguing. One was a very angry voice and I could tell that it was Edward.

The second voice though had me thinking deep. I am quite sure I have heard that voice. It’s very familiar, but I can’t put a face to it.

So, I did what I shouldn’t have done. I peeked through the door, opening it a little and hoped it wouldn’t make any sound and as wished, it opened smoothly.

I could see half of their faces, and when I saw the other guy a low gasp escaped my mouth.

What is he doing here? Why is he here now? The thoughts never left my mind.

“You can’t just back off now. We made a deal, now you have to be the one to do your part.” He said.

“Are you even listening to what you are saying?” Edward said in an angry tone. The tone I never heard him use in front of me. “Now you may leave. I have guests to attend Parker.”

The guy, Ryan Parker. The last person I expected to see here. Who is well acquainted with Adrian and is another addition to my nightmares.

“Even if you forgot your manners, I didn’t. It was nice meeting you Alpha Knights." Ryan said which made the ground sweep away from my feet.

"Alpha?" I whispered a little louder which made both of them look in my direction.

I started taking steps backwards as both of them started walking towards me.

“Ava?” Ryan whispered in a surprised tone.

"Alpha Knights?" I asked again to which he looked confused.

“Yes. Alpha Knights I thought Adrian told you about him and you knew who he is.” Ryan said. “What are you doing here anyway?”

I looked at Edward, and then all the pieces came into place.

He shifted here from New York. He has a freaking empire to run after his father. There are more than hundred people living in this house.

“You are part of the most powerful pack? You? The person who can hardly talk in a raised voice? The one who took me to a place with waterfall because I was angry at you? You’re the one who werewolves don’t wish to cross paths with?” I asked again to which he started shaking his head, “you are not just the part of the pack, but you run it?”

“Sugar, I can explain everyth-” He started but I cut him in between.

“Don’t call me that. Don’t call me anything, in fact don’t ever call me again.” With that said I started making my way towards the front door, ignoring all the calls coming from behind me. Running away as if my life depended on it because it did.

This is not happening. I just can’t go back there. That was the worst part of my life that I want to forget. This is not happening. I kept thinking that all the way to my car.

The moment I reached my car, I felt someone turn me around so that my back was pressed to the driver side door.

I saw Edward looking at me with concern.

“Sugar, this was not how you were supposed to find out about me. Please let me expl-”

“There is nothing to explain Edward.” I said.

“No, there is. Just-” He started again but I cut him in between again.

“It’s not you Edward. You’re a nice guy and a good friend. But I just can’t go back from what I escaped. I don’t belong in your world.” I said tears starting to form in the corner of my eyes. “I can’t go back to that world even if it is for a very good friend.” A friend that I liked a lot. I thought.

“Friend? You were never my friend.” And that one sentence hurt me the most. The guy I liked just admitted that we were never friends in the first place. I could feel the tears threatening to fall down, but I controlled myself. This is good. I can go away knowing he doesn’t feel anything for me.

His next words moved the ground from my feet again. If that didn’t hurt then this did.

“You were always mine, Ava. Never once I considered you my friend.” He continued. “I knew it the first day I saw you. You were this little bubble of happiness that made everything around herself a small happy heaven.” He said with an emotion in his eyes I’ve long forgotten to get used to.

“No Edward, you don’t get it. I can’t be with you.” I shouted, trying so hard to reason my way out.

“I can’t do this anymore, Ava. And now that you know about my world then I am going to say it.” He started and I just hoped it was not what I was thinking. “You are my mate Ava and I can’t let you go. You belong with me. Only me. And I belong right next to you. And nothing in the world can change that.” He said, making my worst fears come true.

“No Edward. I can’t be your mate. This can’t be possible.” I said contemplating on whatever the hell was going on. “I don’t belong with you Edward. I don’t. And neither do you. Neither can you. I’m sorry bu-”

“No!” He shouted, cutting me off and making my soul shiver. “You are not leaving me. I won’t have you anywhere far from me now. Even if that means I have to lock you up in this house for the rest of my life.” With that said he threw me over his shoulder as if I weighed nothing, and started walking away from the parking area.

“Edward what are you doing!? Put me down! Put me down right now or I swear,” but all my shouts and threats fell on deaf ears. And screamed and kicked and punch but to no avail. His body might just literally be made of metal.

I was taken into his room, where he threw me on the bed. That’s when I saw his eyes, they were blood red, red with anger, at me? At someone else? No one could tell.

But that was the moment when I was most terrified of him. And I hope to god that his eyes are not the last things I see in this world. Because when you anger a werewolf, that too the Alpha, nothing good comes out of it.

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