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Chapter 22

Expecting things to change

Without putting in any effort is like

Waiting for a ship at the airport.


“What’s the life and death situation?” Chris asks out trying to joke.

I just glare at him, and so do all the boys which wipes off the silly smile on his face.

“Okay. Sorry, I’m just a little new with being serious so yeah. I’ll shut up.” He lets out nervously.

“Are you guys playing around with my friends.” I ask out, hoping that they would say yes. I just can’t face the fact that all my friends’ life would be at stake.

“What?” Adam was the one who spoke up. Clearly shocked by my question. Guess I could not hide the hope in my voice for them to say yes.

“I am asking if you all are just hanging around with my friends for fun, or are you serious about the relationship.” I said again.

“What the hell are you even talking about?” Ryder spoke up with shock evident on his face. “You know about us even as werewolves and our reputation in school. Chris doesn’t date. I never had a serious relationship, and Adam? He’s the kind of guy who likes to keep to himself. Where is the confusion here?”

“Are you seriously asking me that Ryder? Don’t you know how dangerous this can be for them? Don’t you think you are putting their lives in a fatal situation? Have you even been thinking about how much danger Amber can be in?” I let out trying my best to not raise my voice as we are in a library.

“And you Chris. What about Blake? Do you even know that he is being distant to me. The one who laid by his side when he needed a shoulder to cry. He is hiding something from me. He is the kind of person who tells me everything. Even if he buys new clothes, I am the first one to know.” I said raising my voice a little more.

“Adam you are a good guy. Wren is so happy to be with you. She always forgets about Lucas when she is with you. She thinks about you all the time. Don’t you think that it will be very dangerous for her? Do you want her to live in the fear of being killed any moment? Even if you are the best warrior you can’t always be beside her. And even you know that.” I said a little softly this time. Adam is a reasonable guy, he will understand it.

“And you Edward. Why do you even think I am your mate? This is impossible. And even if I am, you won’t need such a weak, human Luna for your pack. You need someone strong who can fight beside you. I can hardly make a fist. You don’t want someone as weak as me.” I said a little more-softer this time, trying to control the tears that were threatening to spill out. His face got blank the moment I said he needs someone else.

I can’t make my mind up for the fact though. I just can’t see him with anyone, but I don’t want to go back there. I don’t know what I will do, but all I know is that my friends won’t suffer.

I looked at all their faces and saw the look of concern on them. Maybe this could be good?

“And I think you guys should know this. Blake knows about Werewolves too. I told him the moment I knew and within that one sentence he believed me. I don’t know why but he always does.” I said and Chris’ face held another shocked expression. So did everyone else’s.

“You are saying that he knows about us already?” Chris said, shock evident on his face, with a little hope in his voice. Maybe he thought that Blake knew about him and still hung around.

“Not about you, but about your kind. He doesn’t know that you are a werewolf.” I said, which made his expression turn gloomy again.

“Wren has never talked about Lucas since I met her?” Adam asked out softly. I know he is the mature one in this group of fools so he would understand. And I know that When has told him about her past relationships to him. She would never hide such a thing from me.

“No, she never has. Hell, the last time she cried was before the day she met you. She used to always be upset about him, but now whenever she sees him, she just smiles and say ‘thank god he left me. I got Adam.’ And she just can’t keep the smile off her face.” I said, with a smile. Wren was the happiest of the group now. “That is why you have to understand what danger your feelings can lead her to.” I said hoping he would understand.

I looked at Ryder, hoping he would understand too. But all I got was a blank expression.

“Ryder you have to understand. You can’t lead her into this.” I said in a consoling voice.

“Are you crazy?” He shouted out. The librarian hurriedly came and asked us to stay quiet. The moment she left I looked at Ryder who had pure anger visible on his face. “I freaking love her. I just can’t leave her because you think that I can’t protect her. I will protect her. Always and forever. I will never leave her. You know werewolves find their mates at the age of 16. And here we are finding our mates at 18. You really want us to give away our mates because you think that we can’t protect them? We are the members of a very powerful pack. The Silver Warrior pack is the one that others can’t even think about messing with. I don’t know why you think that I can’t protect her, but I won’t leave her. Not now, not ever.” He said, more like shouted and stormed out of the library in anger.

I looked at others, and saw them deep in thought.

“He is right, Ava. I can’t leave Blake, even if he knows about us. I love him, and that’s what matters. I just can’t. Sorry.” Chris said softly and walked out as well.

“Sorry, Luna. But I can’t let my love slip out of my hand just because of a stupid feeling. I won’t leave her. She needs me, to forget about the mistake she dated. She needs me to be happy and I will do anything to do that. I just can’t go and reject her.” Adam said. Even if he contemplated about both the options, his love won. He walked behind Ryder and Chris.

I looked at Edward hoping he would listen, as he is the one who didn’t say anything.

“Edward please.” I pleaded with moisture in my eyes from all the overwhelming things said by the three boys. “You need to understand that I will do no good to your pack.” I said in hope that he would understand.

He reached his hand out and wiped the rebel tear that fell out of my eyes.

He cupped my face with his hands and brought his face closer to mine. Leaning down, he kissed my forehead, and I closed my eyes with a sigh.

He then pulled my face a little further and kissed both of my eyes, kissing away the tears that spilled out.

He then pulled away and looked at me. His thumb wiped another tear that was forming in the corner of my eye.

I looked into his chocolate brown eyes as he spoke without breaking the eye contact. “You see these tears? NaCl+H2O. A deathly combination in a human body. Girls tend to have more of this. I don’t know why because I suck at Biology. But I got a good teacher so I’ll learn fast.” He said with a slight laugh which made me chuckle as well. “But the thing is that I will never let these be in your eyes unless they are related to happiness. I will protect you with my life. I don’t know why you think this is impossible that you are my mate, but I will never let the reason come around you and make you cry again. I will always protect you Ava. Even if I have to give my life away.” He said which made my heart swell with happiness and new round of tears formed in my eyes, but this time of happiness.

The bell rang indicating the end of third period.

“Let’s go, we gotta go study Biology now.” He said and I couldn’t help but break into a round of laughter with him.

I don’t know if I can ever love this guy or not. But I know this that even if I can’t, he will protect me. Always.

And in the end, if we end up breaking each other’s hearts, in this moment he was the reason for the smile on my lips.

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