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Chapter 23

You never know how strong you are,

Until being strong is the only

Choice you have.


I have never been in such an awkward situation ever in my life. Embarrassing? Yes. Awkward? No.

There in front of me sits the three boys to whom I have to apologize.

The moment I left with Edward I realized one thing. My best friends are not going to be in any danger if these three boys will be by their side at all times.

All through the fourth period, I only thought about what the boys said and how I will apologize to them and now here they are, waiting in the cafeteria, waiting for their partners to arrive while holding a sad expression.

I just can’t help but feel guilty as I am the reason of their sadness and thought of apologizing to them.

I told Edward how I really wanted to say sorry and now here he is standing by my side as I look at the three of them.

They straightened their posture as they saw me coming and avoided eye contact. I sat on my chair with Edward sliding in his next to mine.

“Um... I-I just wa-wanted to say that I’m sorry.” I stuttered, nervousness clear in my voice. Their heads snapped in my direction as they took in what I said.

Ryder started to speak but I didn’t let him.

“Look I know I was harsh on you guys and said things I shouldn’t have, but that is something I have been through. It’s hard to accept it. If you were in my place you would’ve understood it, but I don’t blame you. From my past experience, I have learnt that humans are a weak kind and not compatible for werewolves. And humans being weak are always rejected. I thought that rejected humans can’t have a werewolf as their mate again. But now I definitely know that you guys won’t let anything bad happen to my friends. But still I want you to know that if anyone of them ever came crying to me or even one strand of hair went missing from their heads, I will personally kill you with a silver knife.” I completed all of it in one breath and doubted if they even understood any of it. But the looks of happiness gave away my fear.

“You really will bring a silver knife?” Asked an amused Ryder. They did hear me. That’s good.

“And kill you with it.” I said, completing the sentence.

“Well... Then I promise nothing will happen to anyone of them.” Ryder said. I looked at Chris and Adam for conformation and they and they just nodded their head, enthusiastically.

“Promise?” I asked all three of them.

“Promise.” Chris said.

“Who promised what?” Amber asked while sliding next to a now happy Ryder.

“Nothing. Chris just promised me a packet of skittles for stealing my best friend next week.” I said, coming up with the only excuse I can think of.

The three boys looked at me with amusement. Enjoying how nervous I was.

“A packet of skittles? That’s all I’m worth to you?” Blake asked, sounding hurt. But I knew better than to fall for his fake actions.

“Yes. That’s just advance by the way. I can’t be bought with only a packet of skittles.” I said. “Which reminds me. You both-” I said pointing towards Amber and Wren “-promised me 2 jars of Nutella. I haven’t received one yet.”

They just smiled and pulled out something from there bag. I squealed in happiness when they both gave me the jars. I snatched it from them and put it in my own bag.

“Dude, why do you look so pale?” Blake asked looking in my direction, but his question was indicated to the one beside me. And now is the time that I noticed Edward.

He was looking pale, with his fist clenched under his table which made his knuckles turn white.

I reached out for his hand under the table and started rubbing small circles on the back of his hand. He snapped out of his trance and turned to look at Blake.

“Nothing. I’m fine.” He said. If you were listening with concentration you could hear the hesitance in his voice. I looked into his eyes to search for any emotion, but saw nothing when he gave me a tight-lipped smile. When his smile dropped, I could’ve sworn I saw anger. But it vanished as soon as it showed, leaving me thinking that I might have imagined it.

“Stealing me next week huh? What are you planning?” Blake asked looking towards Chris.

Shit! Did I say next week? I did, didn’t I?

“Yeah. Next week um actually it’s this weekend though. You don’t mind, do you?” Chris asked fidgeting with his words a little while glancing my way.

“Um no. It’s fine actually.” Blake said, with a little hesitance. Even Chris noticed it but let it drop.

But I didn’t. I can’t. I need to find out what is wrong with him.

“All the students are requested to gather in the auditorium for an assembly.” The voice came through the speakers.

We all looked at each other confused by the sudden announcement.

“Right now? Aren’t the assembly meant to take place in the morning? And on Thursdays?” Wren asked confused.

We just shrugged but nonetheless, walked out of the cafeteria and towards the auditorium, following the rest of the students.

I suddenly felt a tingling sensation in my hand, and warmth spread through my body. I looked at my hand to see that it was intertwined with someone’s. Furrowing my eyebrows, I followed the muscular arm and saw Edward walking beside me, looking in my eyes with an unknown expression.

Unconsciously, I wrapped my fingers around his while looking into his eyes that were holding me captive in a weird way. He tightened his hold more, but not meaning to hurt me. It was a hold to reassure him that I was there and telling me that he will never leave me. And somehow, I knew he wouldn’t.

Reaching the auditorium, we found seats in corner of fifth row, near the door, while other students seated themselves in the back and in the middle.

The auditorium was quite spacious. A mini version of that where you go see opera, except there were no seats attached to the walls or at higher levels. The stage had the red pleated curtains open, giving the view of the big stage with wooden floor, just a foot or two above the ground, with people standing on it.

That’s when I completely took notice of the people on the stage. The principal, the teachers and two people I dreaded to meet.

I tightened my hold on Edward’s hand painfully not knowing I was still holding his hand.

“Hey are you alright?” He asked and followed my gaze towards the stage, his hold also tightened when he saw them.

Blake, Amber and Wren also looked shocked for an instance while snapping their heads towards me.

There on the stage stood two boys. One with the jet-black hair and blue eyes, almost similar but a little more muscular and hair a little longer and the other one, with brunette hair and gray eyes which were piercing through my soul.

There in front of me on the stage were the two boys I used to laugh with, share my happiest moments with. There standing on the stage were Gael and Adrian.

Gael as usual with his playful smirk and careless attitude looking at me with a knowing look. And Adrian. Eyes narrowed, tight fist forming on the sides, knuckles white and clenched jaw, the same perfect figure, not an ounce of change. The sharp jaw that could cut a paper clenched a little more.

Again, I felt I was falling for this guy all over again, but the heat spreading through me made me realize something, something really weird.

Even if I love Adrian, the person next to me makes that feeling go away, even for a little while.

I looked at my side towards Edward to see his eyes closed, trying to compose himself and then I realized that I might have started falling for this guy. And that made an unconscious smile appear on my face.

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