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Chapter 24

Shoot all the blue jays you want,

If you can hit ’em, but remember

It’s a sin to kill a mockingbird.


“Hello dear students.” The principal began. “I know this is a sudden call, but don’t worry your fifth period will be given to you as lunch-” he didn’t complete his sentence as the students started to cheer on and started howling and whistling.

The principal silenced down everyone after a minute and continued. “As I was saying next period is lunch. Now, I would like to welcome back these two students as some of you might recognize them, Gael and Adrian. They left the school in the 10th grade and turns out they did very well. They went to Arizona and they started to play in the soccer team and have achieved many medals and trophies for their performance.” The students started to clap, especially the girls as they knew about Adrian and Gael and even if they didn’t, they do now and can’t resist the flawless person standing in front of them.

“As I was saying,” the principal continued as they students started to quiet down. “The main reason for this assembly is to welcome these students back and they came with an offer. The offer is of that of an exchange program. The students of the Arizona High School will be coming here and our selected students will be going there.” The students started to howl and shout again.

“Well, it’s not the best part.” Gael said with his playful voice. “The best part is that the students will not be staying on the school campus. Instead, they will be out in the woods camping with the students of the opposite school. And this exchange trip will be for a whole week.”

The rest of the assembly was all about the exchange program which I didn’t bother to hear as I was not going to go. The assembly soon got over and most of the students started to head to the stage to welcome back Adrian and Gael. Mostly girls. While some students head out to the cafeteria which they were granted a free period for.

The eight of us, however, didn’t move from our spot. We just stared at the stage. After a while I gained some courage and stood up from my spot which made Edward’s hand to be pulled up with mine. I realized that our hands were still entwined.

Edward noticed the movement and looked up at me and stood up. The others saw this and stood up as well and started to walk out of the auditorium.

As we were about to reach the exit, a strong muscled chest stopped us. I looked at the person’s face and saw the guy I didn’t want to talk to.

“Babe, please can I talk to you?” Adrian asked in a cracking voice. Even his voice hasn’t changed a bit. I thought almost tearing up with nostalgia.

“You don’t get to call me that.” I softly replied, my voice on the verge of cracking, showing every ounce of hurt I have bottled for the years he wasn’t here for me.

He sighed and ran his hand through his perfectly messed up hair giving it a messier look. I would’ve swooned if I didn’t know the kind of person he is.

“Ava, please I really need to talk to you. It’s been 3 years. Shouldn’t I at least get a chance to explain myself?” He said in almost crying voice. Somewhere in me, I felt sympathy for him, but I just can’t let go of the fact that what he did to me left me broken.

“You don’t get to talk to my mate like that.” I heard a low, almost threatening whisper coming from my side which was only meant for me and Adrian to hear. It was Edward who spoke his eyes turning black with anger.

“Mate?” Adrian stated in shock. “But-” he didn’t get to complete his sentence as Chris spoke from behind.

“I think we should go. The period is about to be over.” I didn’t realize that all my friends were still here until I heard him speak.

All of them scurried out of the auditorium leaving only the three of us inside alone in this big room.

Edward came in front of me finally letting go of my hand and looking hard towards Adrian who stood an inch or two shorter than Edward.

“Now listen to me little pup. If I ever see you anywhere near my mate again, I swear on moon goddess that it will be the last sight you ever witness in your miserable life. Do you get that?” Edward said in his dark voice that I have only heard once before while talking to Ryan.

Adrian couldn’t help but bow his head in respect while an alpha spoke to him and he moved out of the way nodding his head hesitantly.

Edward, once again, held my hand and dragged me out with him. I couldn’t help but look back. Look back at the broken figure of the guy I fell in love with once. Looking back at the guy who seemed just as much shattered as I did. I knew that loving him had consequences. And now he knows too what it feels like to get hurt by someone you love. But maybe he never did love me. Maybe I was just there to be played on. Maybe my feelings really didn’t matter. Maybe he moved on and maybe I should too.

And maybe, just maybe there is a slightest hope that I already have. What I feel for Edward is completely different from what I once felt for Adrian, but it’s just as strong, maybe even more. And I know for a fact that if this thing with Edward turns out anything like Adrian, I will be too ruined to love again, and I hope that I am wrong. That this time it will last. Last long enough to let me know what I am truly worth.

Please Edward, please. Don’t be like him. If you were to leave me the way he did then I know the threat I will become for myself and the people I love. Please.

I begged him, I begged him in my head, somehow hoping he will catch my pleads, knowing the mental spiral I am going through.

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