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Chapter 25

They told me that

To make her fall in love

I had to make her laugh.

But every time she laughs

I’m the one who falls in love.


Edward’s POV

I can kill someone right now. And by someone, I mean that bastard who dared call my mate babe. How the hell could he even think about my mate that way. I can’t help but feel jealous.

I saw the way she looked at him the first time she saw him at the party. Yes, I was there, watching out for her. The moment that basketball guy approached her I was ready to end him but my pack members held me back from pouncing at him. Just when he was leaning in her to kiss her, I was about to take his petty human life but that pet from Ryan’s pack beat me to it.

That was the day I saw the look of love and hurt together in her eyes. She really did feel something for him and I won’t lie but she still does and it makes me feel more jealous.

The fact that another wolf or even a human was there in my mate’s life before me is enough to make me cut through hell but the fact that they might have been mates earlier is more heartbreaking. I can’t think of her being with a guy who isn’t me.

I still remember her words I thought rejected humans can’t have werewolves as mate again. I remember all of it. And I have never been more broken ever in my life. She was so desperate to get rejected by me, I could see it in her eyes how bad she wanted it, even if she never said it directly

But I can’t do that. I have loved her since the first time I saw her all those years ago. Even when we were young, I could tell that she was meant to be mine. When I saw her in the school the first day, I knew it was her. I knew that she is Ava, my Ava and I could do anything to get her back.

The first time I saw her in that park in New York when we were around 5 years old, I knew that we connected somehow. That was the first time I went there without Ryder because I had a very bad argument with my parents. I wanted Ryder to come with me but I didn’t want to ask him to come. That was when a little redhead with green eyes approached me.

The way she said my name, Asher, so fluently I never wanted anyone else to take my name unless it was her. The day she left without saying anything was the day I stopped using that name completely because I knew that if she couldn’t say my name for me to hear I didn’t want anyone else to say it. So, I changed my name to Edward. Not exactly changed because it is my middle name.

When she first called me Edward while talking to her friends I flinched. I was hearing their conversation with my strength and I couldn’t help but want her to call me by my real name.

My suspicions were when I first got to know her name, but when I saw those beautiful eyes of her, I knew she was my Ava. The one that belonged to me even if she doesn’t know that.

I don’t want her anywhere far from me I want her by my side, in my house. I don’t care how and that is how my father will help me. I went to his study where he was working on some documents.

Not bothering to knock I barged through the door and when I got his attention, I started speaking.

“I want my mate by my side. I don’t know how you’ll do it and I don’t care what you will do but I want her here with me.”

“Well then go to her house. Even if she is human, she can’t resist the bond.” My father said focusing on his papers again. Well, he was right. I can go to her house. I know that I am being childish but if throwing a tantrum is all it takes to get her, I’ll do it.

I nodded my head thinking and started to walk out when my dad called again.

“Oh, and if you’re on it. Could you maybe get me the files that Martha has for the meeting coming up? I need to study them.”

“Sure.” I said and walked out when an idea hit me so hard that it made me fall and I looked at my father smiling devilishly.

“Oh, for the sake of Moon Goddess. What do you want me to do now?” Good my father knows me too well.

“You are going for a very important meeting in New York with your PA. Get up dad go and get ready we don’t have time.” I told him pushing him out of his chair and to his room.

“Oh, please Ash, don’t do this I have a lot of work to do.” Only my parents call me Ash, not Asher but Ash. Like I said no one but her.

“Come on dad. Can’t you do a little favor to your son so that he can stay with his mate?” I asked pulling off my innocent look.

“Oh, and by the way, you are going tomorrow at 5pm. Don’t be late.” I said to him and went out before he could protest anymore.

I got out of my house and entered the garage where I have my favorite rides parked and today, I chose the Porsche without roof which resembles that I am in a very good mood. I took the car out of the garage and nodded at the pack members passing through.

Some of the wolves visit our house regularly to help dad with the office work. Now that I have taken over my father and became the Alpha my dad and mom completely focused on the business so that they can provide the pack what they deserve while I handle pack affairs.

I reached my mate’s house and knocked on the door waiting for someone to open the door.

After a few moments it opened revealing my beautiful mate wearing a light pink crop top and very short shorts which she only wears when she is ready for bed and considering its almost 9pm right now and tonight being a school night she was going to bed.

I couldn’t help but stare at the perfectionist standing in front of me. Her long legs showing off perfectly with that crop top hugging her body.

She shivered under my gaze and I smirked. “I affect you Sugar. Don’t I?” I asked, more like stated while tilting my head enjoying the way she reacted to me.

“You don’t. It’s just a bit cold.” Ouch. That hurt a lot. And seeing it was almost the time of October she might be feeling cold. But I didn’t let her see that what she said affected me in anyway and deepened my smirk.

My plan is going to be very, very successful in bringing me and my mate closer. And at that thought my wolf also started to get jumpy.

‘We will be close to mate.’ He started repeating this line and all I could do was agree with him.

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