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Chapter 27

When one door of happiness closes,
Another opens; but often
We look so long at the closed door
That we do not see the one
Which had been opened for us.


“It’s not necessary mom. I’m almost 18 and Blake will be turning 18 in a few days. We can take care of ourselves.” I argued for the nth time.

“I know sweetie, but Mr. Knights has requested me personally to do so. And it will only be a matter of a week. Just one week.” Mom tried to convince me, again.

So, what really happened is that, mom wants us, me and Blake to move in the Knights’ mansion for the week stating that she can’t take our security lightly. But what she doesn’t understand is that I am fine by being myself. And she so happens to tell me just this instant.

Right now, I am in the girls’ room, in school, trying to convince my mom.

“Mom, what if Blake doesn’t want to stay at someone else’s place. He has comfort issues. Remember?” I tried again. And I swear this is the one and only option left for me to stay, because, guess what, I can’t sleep in the same roof as Edward’s and not feel distracted by my own dreams.

“Oh, sweetie that issue is sorted. I asked Blake first. He had bargained but after hearing that all of you guys, including the boys will be living together, he agreed.” There now I give up. I can’t argue anymore. I don’t have the strength and time to. Sighing and agreeing with my mom I hung up the phone and walked towards the cafeteria.

On the way I bumped into someone I definitely don’t want to see, and as the lunch is almost about to start, I don’t want to deal with her right now.

“Look who’s here. The ultimate whore of the city. Who was it last night?” Lauren said in her irritatingly high voice and the laughter of the evil twins echoed across the busy hallway.

God how much I hate these three.

Trying to ignore the comment I tried of walking around them but to no avail as the twins blocked my way from both the sides of Lauren.

“Where are you going? Someone got so desperate to have time with you?” And that was it. All my bubble of calm broke.

“Oh, no one who wants me. Sure, I saw someone saying how bad you are in bed and he almost cried. I was just going to show my sympathy.” I said trying to sound as sweet as possible.

She had a smirk on her face while she said. “By doing what? Shoving his dick up you?” My comment didn’t seem to falter her at all clearly knowing I’m lying which made her shoot the comment.

“Now all you gotta do is stay away from my boyfriend.” She said making me confuse.

What boyfriend you talking about?

“Oh really? Which one?” I asked with a smirk on my lips. I realized that everyone stopped in the hall forming a crowd around us. Some even taking videos.

The erupted in the oohs and burn.

This made her scowl. She reached forward with her hand trying to hold me but a muscular hand stopped hers.

By the aura that developed around me I knew exactly who it was and I just stared at the situation. If I don’t stop him now, he has the tendency to kill her.

“Now now now. You know me very well Lauren, don’t you? And you know very well what I am capable of.” Adrian said, I could sense the anger through him, his wolf was trying to come out and he was trying his hardest not to shift. I could hear it in his voice.

“You remember what I did to your brother, right? I would not feel bad about repeating it. And I would not care if you are a girl or not.” Okay so this was now running out of hand. No one wants to see a pool of blood coming out of her in the middle of the hallway. I had to stop him.

“Adrian, look at me, I am fine. She didn’t hurt me in any way.” I tried to make him look at me, it used to calm him down once. Although it didn’t this time. If looks could kill, Lauren would’ve been buried deep inside the ground.

“Well, she was about to and I can’t have it.” He said with his gaze not fluttering for once.

Okay, if I don’t stop him now things could get out of hand. Her face was already covered in tears due to the death grip he had on her hand. This would surely leave marks.

Closing my eyes and heaving out a sigh I did what was the only option left.

I touched his other hand which was free and clasped it in both of mine in a soft grip.

“Ry, look at me.” And he did, with a shocked expression, his grip on Lauren’s hand loosening a bit. “Hey, see I am fine, nothing happened to me and nothing will. Okay? Now slowly let go of your other hand. Relax the muscles.” I said while looking him deep in his eyes and stroking my thumb over his hand, relaxing the tense muscles.

It always worked. Calling out to his wolf to calm him down. And Ryle-his wolf- always liked it when I called him Ry.

His eyes softened and the color of his eyes changed from brown to gray, showing that he was not in control of his wolf anymore. I let out a sigh of relief and freed one of my hands to reach for his other. Keeping my eyes fixed on his.

From the corner of my vision, I saw a tear-streaked face of Lauren running in the other direction while the twins followed her.

Sighing I started to let go of his hands but he held mine in a firm yet soft grip, not letting me go.

His eyes held happiness and I saw a hint of tears in the corners.

“Are you alright Sugar?” Came a voice from behind me breaking me from the stare contest both me and Adrian were having unknowingly.

I looked at Edward to see his eyes changing the color from the chocolate brown to bright golden, his wolf was coming out now, I could feel it. The rest of the students started heading for the cafeteria while talking about the incident that just took place.

A possessive arm was wrapped around me, and pushed me into Edward’s chest which made me let go of Adrian’s hands and I saw the anger and disappointment in his eyes.

Edward nuzzled his head in my hair inhaling my scent and I don’t know why but it felt wrong, so wrong, I was contended in Adrian’s eyes. It gave me an unwanted feeling of safety.

And going with my gut feeling I moved a bit out of Edward’s arms again feeling empty in some place. I don’t know anything about my feelings but all I know is that the mate bond is wearing off. Painfully slow. And right now, I don’t know if I should let it happen or prevent it from happening.

I saw Adrian smiling even though it was for a fraction of a second but it was there. And now I need none of them. Right now, I need my best friend.

I am not going to cry in front of the two overly possessive werewolves. Right now, all I need is Blake. And one thing was running continuously through my mind.

Do I still love him enough to let him break me again?

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