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Chapter 2

Even when it’s rainy all you ever do is shine.


The week went in a blur and for some reason I wanted the weekend to pass as slow as possible.

Edward told me to reach his house by 11:30 A.M. as he mentioned it’s his “place of solace” and helps him concentrate, cheesy if you ask me.

But that meant waking up earlier than anyone would want to on a weekend, and I personally hated the idea of giving up my sleep.

I took a last look at the clock which said 11:15.

Edward’s house is 10 minutes away from mine that means I should get going.

As I made my way to the door, I got a text from Wren,

Wren: Hey! What time will you be ready? I’m picking both of you.

Wren was back that day when I was told to tutor Edward. But I didn’t talk with her a lot, due to the occupied mind I was zoning out every minute. She said that she wanted to spend some time with us and said that we could meet at the weekend. I forgot to tell her about the plan and now I’m dreading telling her the truth.

Me: I’m sorry I can’t come. I have some work to do but I promise I would come later

Wren: Okay, but I am disappointed and would like some compensation.

Me: Okay! I promise I won’t bail out on you again.

After replying I made my way to my car with a smile on my face.

I reached his house in no time and to my surprise his house was not exactly a house. To call that place a house should be crime. It was a FREAKING palace. He lived in a palace.

I ring the buzzer to his palace and the gates to the driveway opened.

There was a chauffeur waiting for the car to arrive and as I reached the end of the driveway the chauffeur opened the door for me and asked for my car keys.

I gave him the keys feeling a bit embarrassed about my old Chevy Impala and their parking area was filled with BMWs and Audi all around.

As I reached the main door of his palace the door was already open and one of the maids guided me towards the place where Edward might be- or so I assume- to his room.

“He is in his room, this way please,” the maid said somehow reading my thoughts, while we walked up the stairs

After entering his room, I saw him ready with his books scattered on his bed and probably waiting for me to arrive.

“Hi! I was waiting for you.” He said as I walked in his room and towards him.

“I can see that.” I chuckled and looked towards the scattered books.

“So, let’s start” and then we started from the start of the first chapter and made our way up the syllabus.

After the study part was over, I gave him the paper that included all the question about what we studied today.

“So now try and do these questions and tell me if you find any difficulty. Okay?” I asked. He nodded and started doing the paper.

Till he did the work I scrolled through my Instagram occasionally making facial expressions on the new gossip. I was surprised to see a post by Wren there practically calling me out for bailing her in the caption and I just sat there with wide eyes, until my train of thoughts were broken.

“Why are you staring at your phone like you just saw me naked?” Edward said to the face I made at my phone screen.

“It’s nothing,” I blushed at his comment and put my phone away, “are you done?” He nodded and handed me the paper.

I checked the paper and everything was correct. “Quite a learner you are,” I said, it was impressive to be honest.

“Well, what can I say? Listening deeply to pretty girls is one of my favorite hobby.” He replied, and smiled wide at his joke which made me laugh at the shining look in his eyes. He looked like a little boy and that left me with a smile after I laughed it off. But I couldn’t help the small blush creeping up my cheeks and threatening to reach my ears.

“Looks like we are done for today. You want to do the rest tomorrow or next week?” I asked.

“I guess we’ll go with tomorrow. I’m not sure that I can live peacefully till next week to get alone time with you.” He said, making me a little uncomfortable again.

“Umm.... Okay... So, I’ll see you tomorrow at same time?” I asked a bit uncomfortable.

He replied a while later “I guess I can try and survive the next-” he stopped and looked at his phone then at me and continued “-22 hours 49 minutes and 53 seconds without seeing you.”

“Sure... You’re weird,” I murmured the last part under my breath, not wanting to get anymore of this behavior out of him, “So I’ll see you tomorrow. Bye.” I grabbed my bag and made my way towards the main door as fast as I can to get away from his overwhelming presence.

While going down from the staircase I couldn’t help but notice that there were a lot of people even for a joint family to live together. It was like half the town is living in his house/palace.

Ignoring it went to the front gate, waiting impatiently to get out of here.

After moving out of the house I started driving towards my home thinking about the things that happened today. Edward makes me feel like.... I don’t know how to put it in words. Overwhelmed, I think.

After I reached home, I texted my mom that I’m back, asking when she’ll be free.

Even though it’s a Saturday, my mom had to show up at work because of her boss being a workaholic. She works as the assistant at the Knights Enterprises. Yes, it is owned by Edward’s dad. And in future, by him.

I went to my room and called Wren the first thing. I haven’t talked to her properly since she came back from the work trip.

“Hi! Finally got time to talk to the loner friend?” She said just after picking up the call.

“Hey! Sorry about that. I was just packed with work.” I replied.

“What was so important that you bailed out on me today?”

“I’m pretty sure Amber has told you about the teaching thing with Edward,” I said.

“Yeah.” She said as if it was obvious.

“Well, I went to his house.” I know by this time I’ve got her full attention and ended up telling her everything.

“What the fu-.” I cut her off in the middle.

“Don’t curse, I’m trying to be civil these days,” I said

“Okay, sorry” She said ” yeah, I’m coming.... Hey I have to go, work calls you go, right? I’ll call you later.”

“Okay bye. Love you” I replied.

“Love you, too. Bye.” She said and hung up.

Her life is really busy. Her dad owns a big textile company and she being the only child is the legal heir of the business so she is always off to some meeting or business trip accompanying her parents.

For the rest of the day, I finished my homework and watched Netflix all day.

Feeling a little grumbling in my stomach I made my way to the kitchen to grab something to eat. As I was about to grab the cookie box there was some movement outside the kitchen window.

Me being the curios cat, I went out to search for trouble. When I reached out, I heard some movement from the back of the house.

Adrenalin ran through my body like blood. I’m the curious type of person who will be killed first in a horror film, I’m serious.

When I reached to the sound, I was shocked to core to see the person in front of me.

No, it can’t be him. Am I dreaming? I have to be, right?

“Hey! Missed me?” He said and I was dumbstruck after seeing him to say a single word.

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