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Chapter 29

All of life is peaks and valleys.
Don’t let the peaks get too high
And valleys too low.


“Well, you see.... uh.... I don’t know how to.... But the thing is that.... um.....” Blake tried to explain. Keyword tried, not explaining. You see the difference?

“Oh, and just so you know I have all of the day to wait for your explanation to complete.” I threw out sarcastically, while glancing at an invisible watch on my left wrist.

“Um.... Uh..... I.... I just um.... Wanted to...” Blake stopped again, mid-sentence, and frowned this time. “You know what?” I raised my eyebrows at him accusingly. “I don’t know why I said yes to your mom.” He said with the frown of his own, while staring blankly behind me, successfully towering my height.

“You don’t know?” I almost shouted at him. “How the hell do you not know that why on earth you said yes to my mother to stay at someone’s house for almost two weeks?”

My tone is enough to tell anyone that I’m pissed. If not, I’m pretty sure my expression can scare off Satan. Or maybe. Yeah, definitely maybe. I don’t even know what Satan looks like or what he’s scared of.... But you get my point. Which is: I am very angry.

“It just happened, okay? She called me and she was like ‘Hey Blake! Do you wanna stay at Mr. Knights’ house till I’m away?′ and I was like ‘I don’t really know.’ and she’s like ‘I heard some of your friends will be there too.’ and I was like ‘what friends are ya talking about?’ and then she was like ‘oh, you know, the guys. I think their names were Ryder, Adam and who was the last one? Oh yes Chris. So, what do you think?’ and I’m like ‘sure why not? I mean I’d like some company’ and then she’s like ‘can you talk to Ava bout it?’ and I’m like ‘why’d you wanna kill me? Do you not like me enough that you wanna kill me?’ and she’s like-”

“Okay, shut up.” I said, a little loudly. How the hell did he say that in one god damn breath?

“So.... What do you say?” He asked after a little while.

“I think that if you remain to be so annoying, I might start hating you and kill you in your sleep. And expect that to be very soon.” I said, with my one hand rubbing my forehead.

“Well... That’s something I gotta worry about. But what do you think about staying with them?” He asked hopefully. The hope in his eyes was killing me and I just can’t let that slip. And that his how my expression softened a bit.

“I agreed.” I said, throwing my hands up in air, in defeat. Blake’s face lit up and he hugged me real tight and I couldn’t do anything but hug him back.

After breaking the hug, we realized that the period was almost over and I pretty much skipped one class which is not the first time, but I still feel bad about it.

“So, what did you wanted to talk about?” He asked out of nowhere, and then it all came back to me. Why I wanted to be with him. Why I needed him by my side. But I don’t think he can handle this talk when he has his own battles to fight. “Hey you alright?” He asked while putting a hand on my shoulder.

“Yeah, it was nothing. I actually only wanted to talk about this only.” I tried to convince him but that didn’t really work because I couldn’t even convince myself.

“I know you baby girl. And I know when you’re lying. So, tell me.” He said and this time I can’t say the same thing. He knows me too well for this.

I told him everything that happened between Lauren, me, Adrian and Edward, and about my confused feelings about the both of them. I know that I can trust Blake, because he is one of the very few friends I trust which include him, Amber and Wren. Actually, these are the only friends I have. Because I only trust them. I knew that whatever he’d do or tell me to do, it will be for my own good. He would never harm me.

“I don’t know what to do about this.” I said, closing my statement.

“I think instead of killing me you should kill her.” Blake said while nodding his head in understanding as if that was the only right thing to do.

“Not that, idiot! What should I do about Adrian and Edward?” I said in frustration.

“Oh... Um... I think you should give it some time. Don’t you think it’s a little too early to worry about whom to choose?” He said and I just nodded while looking at my feet. Wow. I never actually noticed the speck of dust on the tip of my black shoes. Maybe I should clean it sometime.

Wow. I’ve clearly lost my mind.

“Besides.” Blake continued. “I think you should worry about your mom going back to New York.” I furrowed my brows at him, showing him how confused I was.

“Why would I worry about that?” I finally asked.

“Didn’t you hear?” He asked and I rolled my eyes.

“Might help me if I know what I should’ve heard about.” At this statement he rolled his eyes at me.

Then a sudden look of sadness passed through his eyes. It was so quick but I know it was there. “Your Dad. He’s also there.” I widen my eyes in horror. That was the part I didn’t see coming. My dad? As in my father? As in the sperm donor for my production? The one who left us when we needed him? Who left us for his mistress?

“Well, I didn’t think it through, did I?” I asked to myself rather than him. And my naïve little friend just nodded his head innocently at me. “What is going to happen?” I asked, this time to him.

“I don’t know really. But I think Martha must’ve thought this through. And most importantly, we don’t even know if they are really gonna meet, and the chances are very less.” Blake said.

Well, this was a nice consolation. But then there are things I don’t know how to deal with. For example, moving into the Knights’ mansion. Whom to be with, Adrian or Edward.

“Yeah. That’s true. So, I am thinking that we should skip the rest of the periods. After all, we have bags to pack for the rest of two weeks.”

“You are suggesting to skip classes!?” Blake asked amusingly. “I am impressed.” He nodded his head proudly at me. I rolled my eyes at him and we walked out to the school parking lot.

Finding his car, we headed home. This school has the worst security arrangements. Anyone can be out of sight from the front gate and no one would notice.

Reaching home, we packed all our stuff that we wanted. Mom came back around 3:30 and took her suitcase with her, which she already had packed, and bid both of us before heading for the airport.

Mr. Knights had a driver arranged for us to take us to his house. The driver looked that he was in his early 20′s and took all our stuff in the trunk of the car and drove us to the mansion.

All I thought about on the way was that this will be changing things in my life at a greater level and I couldn’t do anything but wait and watch.

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