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Chapter 33

Actions speak louder than word,
So believe what you see
And forget what you heard.


I couldn’t have been happier when we reached the school. The car ride with Edward took a toll on me. He was talking non-stop and I just stared out the window. It seemed that he was getting uncomfortable.

It is an achievement for me. Getting the Edward Knights to get uncomfortable is the most amazing feeling!

We had 5 minutes for the classes to start and so I rushed towards my locker to get my books. Edward followed me in suit as his locker was next to mine.

He came after me but didn’t even open his locker, just stared at me while I took my books out.

“Can I at least get a ‘good morning’?” He asked hopefully. I didn’t reply to him but slowly my anger was fading away. I can’t stay mad at him for long. Not at least when he was being so adorable.

Get your senses together Ava. No falling for the adorable, hot, sexy and cute wolf. No, no I won’t.

I said to myself. Ugh, what is wrong with me.

Ignoring him I went to my class which so happens to be Math. Just great. How did I ever get this lucky? Note the sarcasm.

The halls were empty as the warning bell rang a few moments ago. Entering the room, I saw the class was filled with only two seats left. The students didn’t bother to look up as they were chatting with their friends. The teacher was yet to arrive and so I went to my seat which is near the window.

I was glad that the vacant seats were in the different corners of the room. At least I’ll get some space from Edward. This is the farthest I can be from him, seeing that he is in my every goddamned class.

Sighing in content I lay my head on the table and close my eyes to escape from all the noise around.

A few minutes later, the door opened and closed and the students immediately grew quiet. Lifting my head up I saw that everyone’s attention was to the front of the class. The teacher has arrived with a bored look on his face.

He taught us a new concept and gave us the rest of the class to do an assignment.

Suddenly there was a vigorous earthquake that moved my whole world. I looked around to see if everyone else is trying to run but it seemed like they didn’t suffer from an earthquake.

I looked back to see the person I’ve been trying to avoid, reaching to shake my chair again. He stopped his hand mid-way and retreated it while giving me an innocent look. I glared at him without saying a word and turned around, focusing on my assignment.

My world started to shake again and I couldn’t take it anymore. It was irritating me and when I start getting irritated, I can’t stay quiet.

“What do you want, asshole?” I gritted out while turning to look at him.

He gave me a sheepish smile, seeming content with himself.

“You forgave me a while ago. Didn’t you, Sugar?” He asked me. I scowled at him. How did he even know this?

“What makes you think that?” I asked him. There’s no way he could’ve known that.

“I can feel it. Remember what I told you yesterday? I can feel what is going on in your mind.” Of course, he can. Why does it have to be me?

“That still doesn’t answer what I asked you.” I said changing the topic.

“Nothing.” Did he really just say that? ” I just wanted you to talk.” He continued.

Noticing around the class I didn’t see Blake which was weird because he was there last week.

“Where is Blake?” I asked Edward.

It’s is quite strange. I haven’t seen him in any of my classes lately.

“ an.... update? in his schedule.” He said, unsurely. I glared at him again.

“Let me guess. He shares all his classes with Chris now.” I stated instead of asking. He again gave me a sheepish smile but didn’t say anything.

“Oh, this gives me another thought. Amber and Wren also share classes with Ryder and Adam. Isn’t that right, sweetie?” I said in a teasing way.

“Not necessarily.” He said. But it was obvious that what I said was true.

“Really? Then I’d like to go and see for myself. You know just one text and I can know who all my friends are with.” I said, taking out my phone.

“Okay fine, they all got an update.” He said, sighing in defeat.

“Only we all did?” I asked him with an accusing eye.

“Yes. The office lady was very generous.” He said with a smile.

This is too much. They all have been crowding us. I have no problem if my friends are okay with it, but I’m not. I need space, space for myself.

“Edward you can’t do this. I need space which I can’t get if you are always crowding me. The classes were the only place where I could think by myself. But now you have been crowding me and I am one step away from collapsing. I don’t care if you believe I’m your mate. I’m sure it’s just some kind of attraction.” I looked at him, noticing how his expression changed from confusion to sadness to anger. But I continued, “You need to give me my space. I can’t breathe Edward. Please.” I looked at him hopefully again.

I knew that I might be falling for this guy but it’s too much for me. I can hardly forget about Adrian and now I don’t want another werewolf hanging off my neck.

I see him clenching and unclenching his jaw. And boy was it hot. Even when angry, he is the sight for sore eyes. I don’t know for how long I drooled over him but I snapped when he said something that I didn’t expect him to say.

“Fine. You want space,” He spit the word like it was venom, “I’ll give it to you. Let’s how that turns out,” He continued looking me dead in the eye and completing his sentence, “for you.” And the bell rang signaling the end of the class.

He was the first one out of the class, rest of the students following their way out. I stared at the way he went through as if he would come back any moment.

I knew it would be hard for me to not have him over my head all the time, but I’m going to give it a try. To have some time for myself.

Following out, I noticed he was not in the class and he didn’t come later, either, leaving me to think that I might have said something I shouldn’t have.

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