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Chapter 3

True friends are never apart,

Maybe in distance but never in heart.


“Hey! Missed me?”

“OH MY GOD!!! You are here! You are in front of me!” I exclaimed as I went to hug the life out of him.

“Oh! Look at you all strong and beautiful.” He said as he hugged me back.

“Are you real?” I asked confused and pinched him hard on his shoulder.

“Ouch!! Why would you do that?” Blake accused.

“Just to make sure you’re real.” I replied.

“But you should’ve pinched yourself you know.”

“But then it would have hurt me you know.”

“Then you should’ve asked me you know.”

“Yeah, I should’ve but where’s the fun in that?” I said, “Ugh god I missed you so much.” I said while hugging him again.

“Me too baby girl.” He hugged me back.

Blake is one of my best friends from New York. I went back there in the summer vacation of our middle school so that we can sell our house and spend some time there. I met him in the same park where I met Asher. I used to go there every evening hoping for him to come but in the depth of my heart I knew he wouldn’t come. But it was nice to remember all those good days. Blake came there one evening and saw me sitting there all alone.

I felt way too comfortable with him after sometime and after a couple of meetings I told him everything. He also felt relaxed around me and so he told me about his family and friends. His family recently shifted there and they decided to buy our house. I was more than happy. He was too gorgeous to be true I developed a crush on him. I decided that I will tell him how I felt about him but that day.


I am so excited today. I am going to tell him how I feel about him and he might say that he likes me back because he was a bit nervous when he told me he wanted to meet me and it’s something important.

“Hey Blake. How are you?” I asked.

“Umm... Hey Aves I’m good what about you?” he asked being all nervous.

“I’m doing great. You wanted to tell me something?” I ask. A little blush crept on my cheeks. Middle school me could have known better if I was just a little bit more focused.

“Yeah... it’s umm... it’s something important that I think you should know.” Blake continued, “I-I-I am... g-g-gay,” he stuttered out, “and I wanted you to know the first because you’ve been such a good friend to me in such a short time.”

If I have said that I’m shocked it would’ve been an understatement. I was all of the most heartbroken. Tears came to my eyes and before they could fall down to my cheeks I ran away from there.

Flashback ends

Then after that incident Blake came to my house and explained me everything.

It took me a while to overcome that but I did anyway, thinking that one day I will meet someone who really loves me for me, and hopefully, will be into girls. Middle school me was a total cry baby, I am not going to argue there. But later I realized that I never felt attracted to Blake in that way, it was always innocent.

We went inside the house and I filled him up with all the details about the city, school. I even told him about tutoring Edward, for which he was excited to know more about. And he told me everything that was happening back home.

I heard the front door unlock and heard my mom’s voice. “Sweetie I’m back.”

“Hey mom! I have a surprise waiting for you in the living room,” I screamed from my place at the couch.

"OH MY GOD!!! Blake you’re here,” my mom screamed in excitement and ran to hug him. I was sitting there adoring the two of them.

“It’s nice to meet you too Martha!” He exclaimed.

My mom was one of the fans that belonged to the Blake Fanclub. She loves him because he is open about his sexuality and doesn’t find it embarrassing to be who he is.

“Any boyfriend found? Somehow you always manage to get a hot boyfriend.” My mother said. It was true though. He always manages to get a hot boy to spend the summer with. Or as they call it his “summer love”.

All of us, me, Amber, and Wren think that most of the hot guys are gay, for example Troye Sivan. He has the voice of an angel. Those gorgeous blue eyes are to die for but they don’t take interest in any girl.

“No, I broke up with a guy this June his name was Damon. Hot though but a lying bastard, I tell you,” He said with so much confidence as though it is the easiest thing to find a hot gay boyfriend but one way or another, he does find one.

“Ahh... Douche, I never liked him,” I replied knowing I have never even met him.

“You don’t even know him,” Blake chuckled out, reading my thoughts.

“I know,” I replied but didn’t say anything else.

“So how long are you going to stay here?” Mom asked, changing the topic.

“I’m planning to complete high school here so you’re stuck with me for some more months.” He said, “Oh, I almost forgot the good thing.”

I waited for him to continue, when he didn’t say anything, I raised my eyebrows, gesturing him to continue.

He continued, “I am joining your school!”

I jumped with excitement and squealed while running towards him. “Oh My God! Really? I am so excited. When are you starting? Can I show you around? You can join our little group of three at the lunch. What if we have all our classes together? We will be inseparable. Oh, and you have no say in this that you will be living with us. I’ll prepare the guest room for your liking so we’ll go shopping tomorrow, and- ”

I was cut off by him “Chill baby girl, you need to breathe so let’s start one by one. I am starting on Monday.” He said answering my first question.

He continued, “Of course you can show me around maybe I will find some hot guy to fond over in school. And I would love to join your group because obviously I don’t want to be the loner on the first day and seeing me sitting with your popular cheerleader friend boys are going to throw themselves at me. I really hope we have our classes together I want to bug you at all times. And somehow, I knew that if you knew I was in town you won’t agree on me living at some rented apartment so I have my luggage in the car. Are we cool now?” He asked with a smile.

I smiled at him remembering that he is a great listener and can memorize anything as fast as light. “So, will we go together on Monday?” I asked.

“Of course, baby girl,” he smiled in reply. I was more than happy to hear this.

We chatted while we prepared dinner with mom and sat down, still smiling from our earlier conversation and the lively noises filling the dinner table.

After dinner we planned on having a movie marathon. We watched Netflix for a while until I got tired.

We went to my bedroom when I started to feel sleepy. He laid beside me and we stared at the ceiling in a comfortable silence.

“So, tell me more about your lover boy.” He said suddenly out of nowhere.

I was confused and raised my eyebrow at him to signal him for elaboration.

He managed to get my signal and said, “You know, Edward Knights.”

I shaped my mouth in ‘O’ as I understood what he wanted to say, “It’s really nothing much about him. He seems like a good person and I don’t want to judge him on the bases of the rumors that are going around. You know how I feel about rumors, but I don’t want to attract a lot of attention to me. Also, he’s not my lover boy,” While speaking all this I realized that I was staring at nothing in particular.

Blake turned to me and said, “You know that isn’t convincing me.”

I faced him, my head resting on my propped hand, “No, I’m not wrong this time. You know that I haven’t felt anything towards any guy after you-know-who and I don’t want all of it to happen again,” at his mention I felt my throat closing up and tears building in my eyes.

“I know how you felt after that but you have to move on. You can’t be alone for the rest of your life. One day or another you will find someone who will complete you. I’m not saying it’s now or it’s him, I’m asking you to give guys a chance because there are still good men alive who want you as their own for all their life,” He said with seriousness in his eyes, “just think about it, Ava,” he said and kissed my forehead in a gesture to say Good night.

I whispered it back to him. When he was out of the door, I lay back in my bed my mind occupied with the thoughts of what Blake just told me. His words have brought a new light to my thoughts and I think maybe, just maybe giving love another chance won’t be bad this time.

After this conversation with Blake, I realized that there is a small spark between Edward and me which I’ve been suppressing. And that made me realize that I have to face him tomorrow.

So, I bury my face in my pillow with the thought of letting Edward know that if he is interested, I am willing to give him a chance.

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