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Chapter 40

No matter how many fights you get into, if you truly love someone,

It should never matter in the end.


The day fell upon humanity. The day some looked forward to but I dreaded the most. Yes, it’s The Friday. The day the boys are gonna tell the girls and Blake. I didn’t look forward to waking up and going to school. If only god would be there to help me.

What if there is a sudden earthquake? What if it starts to rain meteor? What if out of nowhere, heavy snowing occurs? If any of these things happen, I will thank god to the heaven and back.

But what if the girls react the way I don’t want them to? Now that is something we have to worry about. And honestly, I don’t know if they’ll handle it, and that’s what I’m scared of the most.

Taking a deep breath, I walked out of the room but was stopped by the sound of my phone ringing. Reaching for my cell I saw Wren’s face flash on my screen.

What is it now? I don’t think I’ll be able to face it. I thought but picked up the call nonetheless.

“Hey! What’s up?” I asked.

“I’m not coming today. I am gonna take the day to get ready.” She answered hurriedly.

“Okay? Then what about Amber?” I asked.

“Yeah, she isn’t coming either. She’s here with me.”

“Hi babe!” I heard Amber’s voice in the background.

“Okay then. I’ll get you both your assignments.” I said, feeling a bit sad.

“Thanks babe. You’re a life saver as always. I gotta go now but thanks again. I love you.” She said in the same hurried tone.

“Love you too.” I said and hung up.

Walking down I saw mom having her coffee, with breakfast for three prepared and neatly set.

“Morning honey! You slept well?” No mom I was awake whole night thinking all the things that could go wrong today!

“Like a baby.” I replied instead.

The guest room door opened and out walked Blake with dark eyes. I worriedly asked what happened.

“I just don’t feel so good so I won’t be going to school. And Chris is meeting up with me in an hour.” He said tiredly as he took a seat beside me.

“So, you won’t be going either? Am I missing something? Because Amber and Wren too are not going.” Blake shrugged and started to dig in his breakfast.

Mid way through my plate, there was a knock on the door and mom went up to see who it was. After a few minutes, in walked, with all his devilish charm, the one and only Edward.

“What are you doing here so early?” I asked, shocked.

“Well, good to see you too, babe.” He rolled his eyes not realizing what he just said. And mine just widened.

“Babe!? Wait... Are you two...?” Mom shouted while pointing her index finger back and forth between me and him.

“Yeah... Did I forget to mention that?” I said while glaring holes in his head. He gave me a scared look with his eyes wide and mouth opening and closing, trying to say something and failing.

“Oh wow! That’s great! My baby has officially moved on.” Mom said.

Wait! She’s... Happy?

“Mom? Are you... Okay?” I asked worriedly. Has she lost her mind in New York? Is she still gonna be the sweet mother I always had?

“Of course. I’m amazing sweetie. OMG! My baby has grown up!” She said with her hands covering her mouth and tears in her eyes.

“Okay firstly, never say ‘OMG’ again mom. Ever. And what are you here for?” I asked the man of the hour who stood there dumbfounded.

“Uh, I’m here to take you to school. Chris said that Blake won’t be able to and Ryder said that Amber won’t be either so I thought I’d give you a ride.” He said in a small voice. Sometimes I feel so good to have this power over him. Makes me feel the badass wolf that he is supposed to be.

“Oh yeah? I have a car for a purpose, you know? Purpose here, is referred to a situation in which I can use it when needed.” I said, narrowing my eyes at him.

“You do. But I don’t trust it.” He said, a little more confidently while I gave him an offended look.

“Sweet Jesus, look at the time!” Mom said abruptly as she rushed around the house getting her things. “Sweetie, I gotta run early today. Have fun at school. And listen to the boy he’s right.” She kissed my cheek and rushed out of the house before I could say something like ‘you’re my mother not his!’

“Shall we?” Edward asked and motioned his hand towards the front door. I nodded and waved Blake while walking out and getting seated in his car.

He started to drive and silence fell upon us. But then something happened. At the intersection, he took the road opposite to the school and I just looked at him.

“Where are we going?” I asked, harshly.

“Oh shit! Did I forget to mention? We’re not going to school today.” He said, with an obvious smirk on his lips. He so did this on purpose!

“The hell you forgot! Why do you keep doing this?” I am so angry right now. If looks could kill he would already have been buried.

“Because... I want to know what is wrong with us.” His reply came out as a soft whisper as he parked the car in front of the forest which leads to our place. Yes, our place. The waterfall.

“Nothing is wrong with us. We are perfectly fine.” I said in the same soft voice.

“No, we are not. You don’t let me kiss you anymore. And it all happened the day you left my home. Are you having second thoughts?” He looked at me with sad eyes, the ones that would make me cry if he spoke another word.

I cupped his face in my small hands and looked him in the eyes. Slowly inching my face towards him, I closed my eyes and let our lips touch in an embrace. He didn’t hesitate a moment before getting hold of my wrists and responding with the same passion, if not, more.

Unlike other times, this time the kiss was soft, as if he was afraid that if he pushes too hard, I might break.

Moving my lips along with his in sync, I felt a void in my heart getting filled which was created unknowingly the day I left his home. There was no urgency today, and I liked it this way, too.

After a few moments, I realized that I needed oxygen so I slowly pulled away, panting. I opened my eyes to see his still closed, as if he was still living in the moment, his breath too coming out in short gasps. My hands still around his cheeks and his holding mine, he slowly opened his eyes. Pure love and adoration were clear in them.

“Now you believe me?” I asked. A huge smile broke on his face which would’ve split his face in half. He nodded his head enthusiastically and I couldn’t help the grin forming on my lips.

“Let’s get out.” He said and got out of the car. Before I could comprehend what’s happening the passenger door flew open and he was picking me up in his arms to which I let out a surprised squeal.

Walking further into the woods I heard the water flow before I saw it, but to my surprise he led us further ahead. I looked at him in confusion but didn’t say anything because I didn’t wanna break the peaceful silence.

We went up further and stopped at a cliff which, to my surprise was decorated with petals leading the path to a circle made out of rose petals and candles surrounding it. I looked at him again and he was looking at me with a wide smile on his face which was matching the one on mine.

I opened my mouth to say something but nothing came out, instead I just kept smiling widely.

He led me to the circle and made me sit on the green grass before retreating and going behind a tree only to come back a moment later but with a large picnic basket in his hands.

He came to sit next to me and pulled out a jar of Nutella from the basket with a spoon and in that moment, I could’ve married him if he asked me to.

We just sat there eating all the sugary goods he brought with him and just talked about everything in general, like our interests and pet peeves and all of it. And what I can’t believe his pet peeve. Just like me and any normal human in their right mind, he hates it when people eat their food the wrong way, like eating pizza from the crust and opening the chips packet upside down. But his pet peeve is a bit unique, he doesn’t like it when someone pats him on the head, which is ironic really because he is practically a dog with lots of fur. How does he expect me to not pat him on the head when he turns into a big bad wolfie? And during this conversation all that was going through my mind was if he wanted to, I will do whatever he asks me to do.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, he held my hands in his and stared into my eyes with uncertainty. “I know that you might not be ready for this but I need to do it. Would you like to see my wolf?”

Surprisingly, I wanted to. We’ve been together for weeks, I’ve known about his secret for months and I’ve known him for longer, literally if you count our time as a bunch of five-year-olds. And during all this time I haven’t seen his wolf once. I nodded my head slowly still unsure but curious, nonetheless.

He smiled a small smile and stood up. “Sugar, promise me that you won’t run away. I know that you must’ve seen that pup’s wolf already but it is still a big deal to me.” He said in a small voice.

I just smiled at him and replied, “Actually, no. I never saw Adrian’s wolf. I asked him 3 or 4 times but he declined saying that I would not be able to handle it.”

He tensed visibly and spoke, “Are you sure you can handle it? I mean you are strong and I know that but this is a huge deal and I want to offer you my everything.”

“Don’t worry, the worst has already happened and I’m still here with you.”

He just nodded and went behind a big tree. I heard the sound of clothes shuffling and then the sound of his pants’ zipper going down and couldn’t stop the heat rising to my face.

In no time I heard the sound of branches breaking and then his bones twisting. It sounded painful even if no sound came out of his mouth. The next thing I heard was a low growl and later a wolf emerged with a midnight black fur, with eyes of the darkest and the brightest shade of golden. I don’t know how that is possible but his eyes were so contrasting yet as complementing. It’s weird but this is the most beautiful wolf I’ve ever seen.

In Ryan’s pack, I saw a few members in their wolf form, but never did he or anyone else shifted in front of me. I never saw Adrian’s wolf, Ryle, because Adrian said that he wouldn’t be able to control him and they will probably end up marking me. At that time, I wondered what is wrong with that but right now I’m glad that he didn’t mark me.

Edward’s wolf approached me in a non-threatening way and started to nudge his head in my lap. My hand moved forward to stroke his fur and I was amazed by how soft it was. Almost as soft as silk slipping through my fingers, he purred at my touch, getting relaxed. We stayed like that till it was time for the school to be over.

So, I guess I did skip the whole day. And I don’t regret anything, to be honest. This was one of the best days of my life. Thinking about all the events of today I smiled softly, running my hand through Edward’s fur.

He slowly got up and went behind the tree where he had his clothes kept and shifted back. Coming out of the tree he had a serene smile on his lips as he offered me a hand as a gesture to get up.

I took his hand, he swiftly lifted me up and pulled me in for a slow kiss. I welcomed his demanding lips with my own. We just stood there basking in the glory before breaking apart.

“Ready for the reveal?” He asked as he motioned both of us to the way out leading towards the car.

Between all this date I forgot that the elephant in the room could no longer be ignored. I let out a heavy sigh and nodded my head.

“Yeah, I guess.” We sat in the car and drove off.

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