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Chapter 41

There are two types of secrets:

The kind you want to keep in,


Here we are to the place where not only mine, but the fate of my friends will be decided and just so you know, I’m so not looking forward to it.

We are in the middle of another forest (go figure) with no human in sight. We walk slowly hand in hand to the middle of the forest waiting for others to come. Edward more calmly than me. Well sorry if I can’t calm down about the fact that my friends will know the one thing, I never counted on telling them! Except for Blake, of course, which is another serious situation because he knows.

“I think it’s time to tell you.” Edward said calmly not having a positive effect on my already wrecked nerves.

“Tell me what?” I asked nervously. One moment of peace, is that too much to ask?

We suddenly stopped, standing face to face with his hands holding mine gently.

“We have met before.” He said. Wait what? Before? Of course, we have. I’ve known him since July when he first came here. What is he talking about? “No! Not like this year, but years ago.” He said probably reading my confused expression.

Huh? Years ago? Is he alri- oh! He’s talking about when we were kids! I almost forgot about it under these stressful circumstances.

“Oh! Yeah, I know about that.” I said, trying to put his mind at his peace. Now it was his turn to make a confused expression.

“You knew? How?” He asked, baffled.

“I was taking a tour of the house with Adam when I saw a familiar photo of a boy. I asked Adam and he told me it’s you. Although, I don’t understand one thing. When we were kids you told me your name was Asher. What changed? I didn’t bring this up earlier because I thought that we were kids so you most probably forgot about me. But I still didn’t get why you changed your name. What is your real name?” I asked looking at him questioningly.

He smiled and pulled me in for a tight hug. I was confused at first but wrapped my arms around his waist, nonetheless. He kissed my head and rested his chin on it. We stood there for a while when he broke the silence, answering my question.

“I really liked you from the start, sugar. The day we met I had a huge argument with my parents so I went to the park. I usually went there with Ryder but that day I wanted to be alone and so I went there and just started thinking about everything when you came in and started talking to me. Even as kids I knew that you were going to be the death of me. The way you used to call me Asher made me almost lose my senses.

“The day you didn’t come to the park I was disappointed, but hoping I’ll see you soon I went back home. For months I waited for you to come, not having any clue what went wrong when eventually I stopped. Everyone used to call me Asher and I just felt so heartbroken that the one person I wanted to say my name was not there so I told everyone to call me by my middle name. Before you ask, yes my name is Asher Edward Knights.” He said the moment I pulled my head away from his chest to speak. I nodded and rested my head again on his broad chest.

“When we moved here from New York, I had no idea I’ll get to meet the girl I’ve been waiting on for so long. The first day I entered the school, I felt a shift in my senses, they felt awake and then I saw you sitting in that wretched biology class. It took every ounce of self-control in me to not take you out of that class and claim you as mine for everyone to see. From the start you felt familiar, like home. There were still some doubts when I got to know your name but those green eyes just ensured me a hundred times more that you actually were my Ava. For two whole torturing months I looked for ways to make you spend some time with me and then when I got to know that you were the incharge of tutoring students who were having difficulty, my mind started running a marathon and I asked the teacher to assign you to me. It wasn’t difficult to persuade him, to be honest.

“I still regret that I let that girls like Lauren touch me in any way and I would do anything to take it back. Things were not going smooth when you found out about me from that poor excuse of an alpha but what surprised me more was that you already knew about us and things started going down from there, so I made my dad go to New York with your mom and made her make you stay with me for that time. I’m pleased with how we turned out to be, though. I finally got you.” He finished his rant and I had a hard time processing all of it.

I finally pulled away to see a smile growing in his face which made me smile wider. It didn’t matter what all he did in order to get me. I finally got him and I feel the luckiest of them all to share this moment with him

I’ve been trying to hide these feelings from myself for so long but while fighting them I never realized that once you fall there is no turning back, all you can think about is how it would end. I know that everything that falls, breaks. But one look at his face made me realize that if this is what I’m falling for then I don’t care if I collapse into a million pieces. Because I know that he’ll be there to put me back together.

I finally felt my heart beating so fast I thought it would burst out of my chest, but I know what this feeling is, and for once I’m not afraid to admit that I am truly, madly, deeply and foolishly in love with Asher Edward Knights and nothing in this moment can change that.

I shook my head and pulled him down for a kiss, to which he willingly submitted, letting me take the complete control this time. His hand tightened around my waist and mine around his hair, pulling him so close that there was no space for air to pass between us.

I want to say it. I want to confess everything to his face but something holds me back, maybe the fact that my best friends don’t know half of it yet or maybe I don’t want to give Asher the satisfaction so soon. He made me wait for 13 years, I have the right to make him wait, too.

We pulled away when a few sets of footsteps rushed towards us, snatching away our moment of passion, bringing us back to the cruel reality of what is about to happen. I sigh deeply and turn to look at Blake and Chris making their way towards us, hand in hand.

The beating of my heart intensified, but this time due to nervousness.

“Hi baby girl! What are you guys doing here?” Blake asked with a wide smile and I tried to return it.

Before I could answer, Amber and Ryder came towards us, Wren and Adam following in suit. It’s time.

I looked at Asher who pressed my hand in reassurance, and gesturing the same with the long blink of his eyes.

“Hey guys! What’s happening?” Wren asked, looking overly joyed. The date went really well, that’s a given.

The werewolf trio came to our side, leaving my friends in front of us, which was enough to make their expressions sour. A frown etched on all of their faces as they looked at each other questioningly.

“What is happening?” Amber spoke this time.

Here goes nothing. I sighed and looked at Asher who nodded his head and so I took a few steps forward and looked at all of their faces.

“Guys, you are everything to me. I can’t imagine ever surviving high school and childhood without you. And I want you to know that it killed me to keep this from you. But you guys wouldn’t have believed me even if I told you.

“Blake, I know you trust me too much and so do I, that is why you were the first person I told these things to. I don’t know why you believe me. But I do know that I don’t deserve a friend like you.” I said, my heart hammering inside my chest.

“Ava, what are you talking about? I thought you don’t want to do anything with Adrian anymore, so why bring him up now?” Blake asked, confused at first but then widening his eyes as he put two and two together. His eyes snapped to Chris who stood there, staring expectantly at him.

“No. You’re kidding me, right? This can’t be it.” Blake said shaking his head.

“We kinda feel left out, because we don’t have any idea what’s going on.” Amber said and I looked back at their mates who walked forward and held their hands.

Chris and Asher walked ahead towards us to which Blake stepped back. Hurt washed over Chris’ face but he approached Blake anyway.

Asher pulled me to him by my waist and I felt a little at ease. Here goes nothing.

Ryder started to speak to Amber, Wren listening to him and looking at Adam to find any sort of comfort.

“We are not normal. We don’t fall sick. We don’t bleed for a very long time and we cannot survive on our own. Babe, I know this seems like something out of a fairy tale but it’s true. We are not ordinary human beings.” When he couldn’t speak anymore, Adam chimed in, completing what his friend started.

“We are of a primitive species. I know this will seem unrealistic but it’s true.” Adam stopped to take in the expression of both of them. I just looked at their scared face nervously and moved more towards my mate, hoping to get lost within him.

“What is true? What are you guys talking about?” Amber asked again. Wren seemed to have been baffled, speechless, not knowing what is going on. I think she felt the same like the time when she found out how Lucas cheated on her with her cousin, only this time it was nowhere near to what had happened.

Asher pulled me forward, completing the unsaid words when he realized that they can’t do it on their own. “We are werewolves. I am the Alpha of the strongest pack. Ryder is my second in command, also known as my Beta and Adam is my Gamma.”

After a while both of them started to laugh not believing one word that came out of their mouths. Hurt washed over their mates’ faces because they can’t believe that the girls don’t believe them.

I looked towards Blake to tell them that it’s true and that werewolves do exist but him and Chris are nowhere in sight, making me panic. Asher looked at my face and read my thought and told me that they went home to talk it out.

I was relieved that Blake was taking it better than Wren and Amber who were still there laughing their butts off.

“It’s true guys,” I told them which made the laughter die.

“Come on Ava. Don’t tell me you believe this. Oh, wait I know, you’re in on this too. Well, you almost got us.” Wren said.

“It’s actually true. I can prove it to you.” Asher said but I pulled him back terrified of what would happen if he actually shifted right here in front of them.

“No!” Ryder shouted, making me sigh in relief.

“Actually, I would like to see you prove it.” Amber said in a challenging tone. She doesn’t know what she’s doing. It’s never wise to challenge an alpha on his strength, he can turn into the most lethal creature in humanity.

I felt Asher shake with anger. Like I said, challenging an alpha and hoping he would not act upon it was as foolish as it can get. I tried my best to hold him back but a growl escaped from deep his throat nonetheless.

Seeing this reaction, the boys got in a defensive position growling a loud ‘NO’ which showed their elongated fangs, implementing that they were on the verge of shifting too in order to protect their mates.

The girls watched in horror as the scene uncovered in front of them.

“What is that?” Wren stuttered out.

“This is what I’ve been trying to tell you. It’s true.” I said while trying to hold Asher back.

“You knew about this?” Wren whispered back, terrified of the way she saw my mate partially shifting.

I can’t do this with an angry puppy in my hands, so first things first.

“Asher! Stand back!” I shouted at him and he looked at me shocked due to two things. First, I called him by his real name for the first time, and second, I talked to him as if he was my pet dog. Well, he better start behaving or he isn’t getting any treats anymore.

He seemed to calm down, but pull me in his arms trying to sooth his wolf with my scent.

After a while he pulled away. Looking deeply and lovingly into my eyes he planted a soft kiss on my forehead which almost made me smile, but then I realized the company we had and started sorting out the situation.

I looked towards them but then saw... Nothing, nothing at all except for the trees. Where did they all go?

“Asher? Where are they?” I asked in panic. This was not the time for everyone to disappear!

“Don’t worry, sugar. They are all okay. Your friends are with their mates, discussing things and I assure you no one will get hurt. Trust me?” He asked with a genuine look in his eyes.

I pulled his face to me, planting a peck on his lips, pulling back and looking into his eyes, “you know I do.”

He smiled and nodded.

“Good, because I need you to call me ‘Asher’ again.” I gave out a laugh at that.

“You will never change, will you, Asher?” I called out playfully.

He shook his head and replied, while grinning like a kid in candy store,” I don’t think I’ll ever get over the sound of my name.”

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