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Chapter 42

A single lie discovered is enough to create doubt in every truth.


It was difficult to handle things when I got back. Although I left for home hoping to see Blake but he wasn’t there. I, obviously, panicked and called Asher who, obviously, didn’t pick up.

The girls are not answering, either and I’m just home (don’t ask how I came back) sitting on my bed freaking out. It was never easy hiding a secret from my best friends but now that they know, it’s all the more difficult.

Another stressful thing right now is that I skipped school and I have no idea what is the weekend assignment, meaning I’m a day behind in my school. Everything’s out of control.

This hassle needs to be solved quickly or I’ll lose the most important people in my life.

I just sat there staring at my phone when I heard the knock on the door. I skipped my way through the stairs hoping it would be Blake, Asher or the girls. Turns out it actually were my 2 best friends. They looked at me with the ever so serious expression and trust me when I say this that I have never seen Amber being serious about anything. It caught my nerves thinking that this was more of a big deal to them than it was for me.

“We need to talk.” Amber said, letting herself in. I followed them in, fidgeting with my hands.

“Okay, what is it?” Seriously, Ava! That’s the first thing you ask after your friends find out about their boyfriends being werewolves? Come on! You are better than this.

Wren snorted in reply, “you very well know what it is, Ava.”

“Yeah. My mind– it’s just in... a lot of places right now.” I stuttered. God! What is wrong with me!

“Well, you have been our best friend for almost 4 years and we don’t know for how long you’ve known about this–” Amber said by flailing her hands in the air to make a point.

“I have known since I started dating... um... A– Adrian.” I replied, not sure how they’ll handle the truth. I looked up at them in nervousness, seeing their eyes widening.

“You’ve known about this for so long! How come we didn’t know about it?” Wren sounded angry, that’s for sure. But I was not in a better place either, so to hell with anymore lies and secrets.

“Because I knew this is how you’d react! You know why I told Blake? Because I knew that he was the only one who would understand me and that if any danger came at least him knowing won’t harm him in any case. Well, we now know how that turned out. I don’t even know why he believed one word that came out of my mouth, but he did and he does. Look at how you guys reacted, you laughed at my face when I told you. You wanna know what happened when I told Blake? He laughed at me, too but when he heard the seriousness, he knew that I wasn’t joking.

“But what kind of friends are you? Huh? You don’t even know when I tell the truth or when I lie! Blake could hear it in my voice but you guys couldn’t even see it in my face!” By now I am sure that tears were forming in my eyes.

I saw their expressions soften, too as Wren started to speak again, but I interrupted her.

“You don’t think that I want you guys safe? You know what I did when I got to know that they were werewolves? I talked to them about leaving you because I know the kind of threat this world brings to a person. That is why Adrian left me in the first place. To protect me. I have always cared for you. But you know what made me convince that nothing is going to happen to you? The looks on their faces.

“Ryder got so angry at the thought of leaving you, that he almost shifted in front of me, in the middle of the library! And Adam? He couldn’t even digest the thought of not being with you, Wren! Those guys love you so much!” I shouted this time. The tears in my eyes long forgotten.

Honestly? It felt nice to let it all out. It felt relieving.

The girls stood there stunned. Not knowing what to say anymore. I know how difficult it is to accept such kind of truth, but it is what it is.

“Well, we came here to tell you that we can’t do this.” Amber’s words made me speechless. What! How could they not want their mates!?

“What? You’re serious?” I asked, my voice faltered.

“Yes. What we saw today, it was just... too much. I don’t think I can go through this.” She said.

“I don’t think I can either.” Wren spoke, too, leaving me shattered.

I took a deep breath in and tried to sound as calm as I could possibly be.

“So, what do you guys want from me?” no point beating around the bush.

“We can’t be involved in such dangerous shit. So, we came with a proposition.” Amber spoke.

“Okay... Let’s hear it then.” I said.

“You can either be our friend or Edward’s girlfriend or whatever you guys call it.” She completed, leaving me speechless again.

She is telling me to either leave my mate and be their friend or be with my mate and leave my friends. The truth is can’t do either. I love him. But I love my friends too! I can’t accept such proposal! If I choose one of them, I will leave a very important part of my life behind leaving a hole in my heart that could never be mended.

“You can’t ask this of me. Come on, guys! I can’t possibly choose either one of you. He is my mate! I can’t leave him! And you? You both are m–my best friends. Don’t make me do this! I beg you, please. Wren, are you okay with this? Leaving Adam? You went on a date with him! Wasn’t it magical? Wasn’t it exactly what you wanted to feel like on a date?” I asked, taking in Wren’s expression. I could see that I am breaking through her skin.

Please guys don’t make me choose, I thought

Wren didn’t speak and Amber was staring at me with a soft expression. “Listen Ava, you are my best friend and I know that you don’t want anything to do with them. That’s the reason you left Adrian in the first place, right? You don’t want to be a part of their world. It will only bring you hurt and you don’t want that. We’ve seen how Adrian broke you, and we’ve seen what you went through after that. We love you so much Ava, you know that. Just come with us. You’ve done it once, you can do it again. You are the strongest girl I have met. First your dad and then Adrian. The men in your life have only brought you down. Don’t let Edward do the same. You are stronger than this.” Her words stung me in my heart. The mention of my dad completely broke me.

She’s right. The men in my life have only brought me down. But will Asher do the same thing. I have known him since we were 5 years old. I have seen how he was as a kid, and how he is as an adult. But have I seen how he is as an alpha?

The truth is, no. I haven’t seen him as an Alpha. Well, that one encounter with Ryan is there but that’s it. I have seen how he can get possessive and angry but never have I known him as a leader. I don’t know what he is capable of.

I have no doubt that he loves me, because he does. I have seen it in his eyes. But how long will it last? Will it be long enough to complete a lifetime? Or will it end once he has marked me?

“I– I need some time. Alone.” I said not meeting their eyes and walked away from them towards my bedroom.

“It’s okay. We’ll see you on Monday. I hope till then you can make a decision that is good for you. I trust that you will make a wise choice, Ava. We expect nothing less.” Amber said and they walked out of my house.

I don’t know when I fell asleep but the sunlight pouring through my window made it clear that a new day has arrived and I sure as hell wasn’t looking forward to it.

I remember everything that happened last night. As hard as I tried to forget it, I couldn’t. The truth always is hard to accept.

My phone buzzed on my nightstand and I absentmindedly picked it up, seeing hundreds of texts and calls, mostly from Asher and a few from mom saying that she left early and that there was some meeting.

I couldn’t muster the courage to open Asher’s texts so I threw my phone on the bed and got up. Trying to concentrate on my morning routine, trying to find anything that can distract me from my thoughts.

It’s true that I have had an amazing life without a man trying to ruin it, but for how long can I stay like that? One day or another I have to settle down. Maybe when I have a stable career and a stable life. But what if I have met my The One now? It would not be worth it if I couldn’t even keep my one true love in my life.

I skipped through my day with my mind swirling with thoughts. I didn’t even realize when my mom came home. She did notice my expression and the absence of Blake.

It is safe to say that one of us has been more understanding about the situation. Chris and Blake have tried to let this work out on its own. I am honestly really happy for him. Chris is perfect for Blake in every possible way. And he has seen how happy they both are together.

“So... Is there something you wanna tell me?” Mom asked.

Well, I couldn’t possibly ask her the whole thing but maybe if...

“Actually, mom yes.” I said, dropping my fork on my plate.

“Okay. What’s on your mind?” She said, following my gesture.

“So. Hypothetically speaking, what if someone kept a really big secrets from their best friend that they know would change everyone’s lives, but they actually did it because they wanted to keep them safe and they knew how the said best friend would react. Let’s say the secret is out and the best friend reacted the same way the person thought and instead of listening to the explanation they made the person choose between the two very most important people in their life? What do you suggest a person should do?” Well, it doesn’t feel ‘hypothetical’ now, does it?

Mom just nodded her head in understanding before replying.

“I think that they should think about what is more meaningful to them. Who out of the two is more important?”

“See, that’s the point. Both are equally important. If they leave one of them behind to choose the other, then something bad might happen to them.” I tried to explain.

“Well honey, in that case you need to know where your heart leads you. It’s practically impossible to choose who you love the most so you need to deal with it the way you feel is right. You see, in your life there will be millions of decisions like this and not every time there will be someone to help you. Most of the time, you will have to find your own way.” She said, reassuring me by placing her hand on mine, over the dining table. “Amber and Wren are very important to you and I know that, but this other choice, you have to figure out if that option is worth every relationship you have in your life. And trust me on this, you would not want to end up in a toxic relationship.”

“Who said anything about Amber and Wren?” I asked, playing coy.

“I am your mother, Ava. Most of the time I know who and what you’re talking about.” She said. I doubt that mom.

“So, tell me then. Who is the other choice I’m talking about?” I asked, trying to challenge her to maybe distract my thoughts.

She just laughed to this and stood up, collecting our plates. “I will, but first you have to figure out if he is worth it or not.” Saying this she walked into the kitchen and started doing the dishes, leaving me with my thoughts again.

Is he really worth it? Is he worth losing my friends over?

Having this thought in mind I lay awake the whole night. When the crack of the dawn started showing, I realized my answer.

Picking up my phone I typed in a text and sent it.

It’s now or never.

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