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Chapter 43

Only the gentle are ever really strong.


This is the second time I’ve called upon the guys to discuss about them being wolves and how this will affect my friends. Shocked? I’m not.

The only difference is that in a few minutes Amber and Wren will be joining us, too to discuss about the same thing.

Although I’ve never seen it, I know what it does to a wolf when their mate doesn’t accept them. It crushes their soul and they can feel the physical pain. Some even go as far as hurting people to cope up with their loss.

I remember how I was when I first saw what Adrian was. He didn’t shift in front of me. He never did. Not completely, at least. I remember the hair growing on his hands, his nails elongating and his fangs coming out, but that was it. He controlled himself. And I couldn’t have been any more glad about it. But after that I went under the radar. Hiding in my blanket and not getting out. Being cautious of every blow of wind and ready to fight if he showed up. Even though I was scared shitless, I remember how hollow I felt when I didn’t see him for a whole week. It was like a part of me was just stripped out and I was just too afraid to admit that I needed him so much at that time.

So yes, I know how the boys feel and I know how the girls will feel when they go through the same process. It was painful, so damn painful that I still feel the hollowness I felt, even now when I have a mate in this moment. It is so vivid in my memory that I don’t want to ever stay away from Asher. So, I don’t want my best friends to face it.

So here I am, standing with my mate, his beta and his gamma waiting for the two girls to show up. I tried to call Chris and Blake but neither replied and no one knows where they are. I just hope that Blake handles it better than the girls. I know he is more mature than a person is supposed to be at this age and so I know that he will handle this like an adult.

The most surprising thing right now is the amount of comfort I feel right now in Asher’s arms. His embrace around my waist, clinging to me as if his life depends on it is the only thing keeping me to my feet at the moment.

I looked up at his face to find him gazing into my eyes, as if searching for any doubt about something only he knows.

I had many scenarios made up in my mind about what if the girls still don’t give in. What will I do? Will I leave my best friends in the whole wide world? Or will I leave the only guy who has given me a small amount of hope that love still exists in this world?

Honestly, I don’t know what I will lean towards, even when the judgment is waiting only a few minutes away. I am still holding on to that little part which comforts me that the girls will understand and I won’t have to make a choice.

Asher’s smoldering eyes have made the thought of leaving him more and more difficult.

While I contemplated on what to do, he leaned a bit towards my face and I did the same towards him understanding his gesture and locking my lips to his in a small but intimate moment.

If this was supposedly the last time I kiss him, I want to remember this moment for the rest of my life.

We pulled apart when someone cleared their throat, ending the angelic moment.

“Now I can officially agree that Karma is a true bitch.” Spoke the voice of Amber and I couldn’t be happier to hear her speak to me.

“Amber! Wren!” I exclaimed as I went towards them to hug them both. Their lips curved to the slightest of smile and they hugged me back.

“So, I guess you have made a choice?” Wren spoke and to say that this statement startled me would be an understatement.

“We–well I thought that maybe we all could talk and come to an agreement. Please guys, I beg you! Please don’t make me choose.” My voice broke the tears started to appear at the corner of my eyes.

“We are sure of what we want, Ava. And that doesn’t include them.” She spoke, averting her gaze towards who I assumed was Adam.

“Please Wren, we can work this out! Just hear us out.” Cried the voice of Adam.

“No! Ava, you decide. It’s either us or them.” Amber spoke with a stern expression but I can see it in her eyes how afraid she is of their presence. She is on edge, feeling threatened if one of them will kill us here.

“Babe, please, please, please just hear us out. You know how important you are to me!” This time Ryder spoke, with the same desperation as his friend.

While all the four stared at each other I looked towards Asher and for the first time since I’ve known him, I see doubt and fear in his eyes with something else that I could only take as regret, for what, I don’t know.

He stepped towards me, burying his head in my shoulder and wrapping his arms strongly around me.

“Please Sugar, don’t leave me. You know how much I love you. You know how much you mean to me. Just hear me out, yeah?” He whispered ever so softly and I think I felt a little wetness on my shoulder. If that wasn’t a sign that he was crying then surely his voice gave it away.

“You don’t know that I will leave you.” I whispered back, hugging him tighter than humanely possible.

“But I know you. These girls mean more to you than anyone ever would. And I know that however more I beg, that even if I get down on my knees to make you stay, you will walk away with them.”

I don’t know what to say anymore. He is right. This was never a choice of who I’m gonna leave with, this was the question of will I be capable enough to go through another heartbreak. Only difference was, this time it’s all me.

“Ava! Choose! Us or them?” Amber spoke with the same stern voice which made me pull away from him.

Without saying anything else, I put my hand around his neck, bringing his face down towards mine, and finally connecting our lips together.

This kiss was a promise. A promise that this is not the end. That we’re not over yet. That this is a battle we have to lose before taking the winning crown.

I pulled away and rested my forehead against his. I have to give him something. Something to tell him that I will be waiting. That I am not willing to give up easily. So, I murmured the words that he’s been dying to hear and I’ve been dying to speak.

“I love you, Asher. I love you.”

“No. No! You can’t do this to me. You can’t say these words and leave me in the same minute.” He said while trying to tighten his hold on me from which I already have slipped out.

“Let’s go girls.” I softly got out and they dragged me with them towards Wren’s car.

I promise, Asher. I promise that this is not the end. And this will not be the last words you hear from me.

I will come back. And so will all my friends, and that’s a promise I will fulfill even if my life ends. This is the least I could do for your pack. For our pack.

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