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Chapter 46

And that was the moment

The moment I realized

That we aren’t friends anymore.

We’re just two people who talk sometimes.

Nothing more.

Nothing less.


Third person’s POV

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they start a phase where the people from the past just never wish to understand what is to come and what is more important.

The kids here are no mere seniors in high school, they have decisions to make that is beyond them. Decisions that can harm or save many lives.

Ava was standing at that threshold. At this moment she finally had to make a choice which won’t have a loophole, which won’t give her a way to twist things around. She didn’t want to. Didn’t want to choose between her present and her future.

As Amber and Ava stared into each other’s eyes with completely different emotions, the former with betrayal and hatred and the latter with guilt, Asher stood on the side, observing all of it.

He knew how much her friends meant to her, god knows would he dismember every bone in a person’s body if anyone ever tried to lay a hand on his pack, and here he was thinking about the bond between mere humans.

One of the things that always amazed Asher was the bond that was formed between humans. They come from completely different scenarios and background but the moment they get to know each other, they form this relationship between themselves which revolves around trust.

As the Alpha of a pack, this bond was created out of respect, fear and a sire bond amongst the pack members but such thing is never observed in humans and that amazed him from the start.

“I can’t believe you. I knew something was up with you, I just thought you were our friend.” Amber seethed out, although filled with rage she tried to sound calm.

But the thing is that all of them knew that it was Amber all along who pushed the idea of a choice, Wren was ready to move on, and there was this one last light in her heart that was ready to be with Adam but Amber made sure to silence that whisper before it got out in the open.

And that always remained a secret for Wren to hold within herself, never letting anyone know what she actually wants.

Lucas, her ex-boyfriend, made sure that she won’t be able to trust any other guy. Because his intentions weren’t friendly that led to the thought that every guy is like that and that was all the excuse Amber needed to get her against one of her best friends.

And that has occurred in Ava’s mind more than once, and finally she acted upon it and let all of her rage and anger out in the open.

“Your friend? You’ve got to be kidding me! If I was your ‘friend’ as you put it, then you wouldn’t have made me choose! Right now, even you don’t know what you feel and I have been through it! Do you have any idea what it’s like to see your soul being ripped out of your body while you’re there doing nothing because YOU CAN’T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT!

“You are one heartless person you know! Don’t you think I know how you manipulated Wren into being on your side? I know you and I know what goes inside your head! You don’t want to be alone in this and that’s why you are ready to manipulate the shit out of your “friends” so that they stay with you.” Ava heaved out. And finally, the truth was out in the open, Amber took a step back, startled by her friend’s reply.

Deep down, she knew all of it was true but she was not ready to accept the fact that all of this was her fault. But that didn’t stop Ava from going further on her rant.

“Do you have any idea what will happen when you don’t accept them? They will kill everyone in sight! You are not even thinking clearly! You are letting the fact about Ryder slip that how nicely he treated you! He was head over heels for you and still is! You are just too blind to accept the fact that even someone beside a human can fall in love! And you are acting all tough right now but inside even you know that it’s killing you little by little every day you pretend to not care about him!” Worried, Asher put his hands around her shoulder, trying to calm her down.

He has never seen her burst out like that, never knew she had that vein in her that would burst one day. He massaged her shoulders trying to lower her anger, but all in vain. At this moment she had to let out all of her pent-up energy because it has become exhausting.

But Amber was not having any of it, even though she knew whatever Ava was saying was true, she just couldn’t give up without a fight.

“You don’t have any idea what I do or don’t feel. You’re just too self-consumed to see the logical side here and I manipulated Wren!? Please, like I can make people do crap. You just need to pass on the blame to someone in case something happened, and who else other than the person who wants what’s best for everyone, right?” She wanted to say more, make her hurt as deep as possible. She wanted to bruise every inch of sanity left in Ava and so she tried to continue before they were interrupted by a teacher who was wandering the halls.

“What is going on here? Why are you all not in your classes? And why are you inside girls’ washroom, Mr. Knights?” The teacher demanded.

None of them had any answer which earned them a detention which was harder for Ava because she hasn’t had detention ever in her school life. She was an ideal student who never forgot to turn in assignments and never got detention, but high school is supposedly a place for new experiences.

Ava could only wish that nothing else goes unplanned in her life or else no one would be able to stop the breakdown coming her way.

All this was too much for them to handle and so Ava laid out the next step, she decided to handle this one person at a time, and Amber was too much to talk to. And that left her with one option.

Ava’s POV

We need to think this rationally and I had to do something while I’m sitting here in the library for the first time with no clue what to do.

It was lunch and I could have been enjoying this with my friends. Oh, who am I kidding, they’re not my friends and I wonder if they ever were.

Asher and I are sitting in complete silence while the librarian doesn’t even bother to look our way, I guess detention is not so bad after all.

“We need to take care of this.” I told Asher.

“Well, what are you planning to do? It’s not like we can do much.” He sounded like he has given up, and maybe he has, god knows I feel like giving up.

“Wren. I know that she feels strongly about Adam and so I’ll talk to her and try to straighten things out.” I said and for that I needed a way to make a brooding Adam more living like, heaven knows how that will happen. “Can you ask him to act like normal? Like, nothing is wrong?”

“You are asking me to tell my gamma that he has to act like he doesn’t have a mate and he won’t lose his mind when he sees her ignore him? Yeah, sure why not? And while we’re at it let’s get him a girl to cling to.” He replied.

“Actually, that would be great!” I smiled and saw his straight face which did not look amused. “Oh, that was sarcastic.” I realized, well dumb me.

“You think?” Wow, someone’s in a mood today. “Besides, it would feel like you’re telling me that we have broken up and you’re going back with that stupid pup.”

“Oh, that’s great too! Asher we’re breaking up and I’m getting back with Adrian.” I said with a serious face.

“Do you not hear the tone in my voice! No, we’re not! What will you even accomplish with this? You’re crazy!” He burst out, which was quite the reaction I wanted. Thank god Amber is not here right now, she has decided to give up her cheerleading practice to the detention. And now we can discuss this openly. “And more than that you are dumb and stupid to think that I would even let you get close to that pup!” Ok then he was angry, very angry.

“See? Exactly like this. I would hate to see you that way but I need to so that this thing works!” I tried to explain.

“Yeah, like I said, dumb and stupid.” He is not in the mood, I swear. And we still have half an hour to sort this out.

“Listen to me, okay?” I told him and he just kept staring, “we need to get Wren on our side first. I have known both of them for so long and I know that Wren will be easier to get to.”

“But why are you running off to that swine!? Am I not enough?” Well, he isn’t taking it so well now and I hate it.

“You have to focus on the other problem right now. I will come back but we have to focus on someone else to come back first.” His face fell and he was ready to argue more but decided against it. Good boy. “So now chill out and listen carefully.”

And like a good little boy, that he is, he did listen very carefully. I just hope this doesn’t backfire. And I have to be with Adrian for a whole day tomorrow.

I hope all this goes as per plan because a minor change can be dangerous. And that is my control freak side speaking.

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