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Chapter 47

There is no charm

Equal to the tenderness

Of the heart


It’s safe to say that the exhibition was going smoothly. As angry as Asher was to see Adrian with me, he let him live.

I did my part which was to make notes for Adrian and he did his part which is finding things to make this report interesting.

Finally, after 3 hours, it was time for a refreshment break which was not much, just a sandwich and juice box.

“Yeah, I am not eating that.” Adrian said to me, “Let’s go somewhere else to eat.”

“No thank you. I don’t want to miss anything, which we might if we go out.” I held out my part of the argument.

“Oh, come on Ava! We already have so much information. Please, I really need to eat some real food.” He pleaded and I just couldn’t say no cause low-key I was craving McDonald’s too so I just nodded and we took his car to the nearest McDonald’s which was 10 minutes away.

“I guess the usual for you?” He asked me while we waited in the line.

“You remember?” I asked, kinda feeling bad for him.

“Of course, I remember. There are only so many girls in my life who would straight up ask for a chicken wrap and 2 large fries with a large coke.” He laughed but then something flashed through his eyes and he lost the happy glint.

Not wanting it to be awkward I replied with a yes and a thank you. He just shook his head and went for the order smiling at the attendant.

While we waited, he started speaking, “So why are you, of all, failing biology?”

I didn’t know what to tell him but when I looked in his eyes something told me that I can trust him with what’s going on, so instead of answering his question I asked him.

“Can I ask you something?” Just as I asked, our order arrived and he took it in his hands and we walked to an empty booth.

“So, what were you saying?” He asked.

“I wanted to ask you this,” I started to fidget with my fries while speaking, “How did you, you know, handle yourself when I didn’t talk to you for a week? When you told me about the-uh- werewolf thing.”

Taken aback by the question, he took a big gulp of his drink before answering. “Well, it was hard, really hard. I craved you every minute that passed with you, not beside me. Ryan knows the number of hours I was in training, making every pack member’s life hell. But I tried to keep myself together, knowing that what we felt for each other was stronger than any fear. I waited, knowing that pushing you won’t get us anywhere. There was this one time when I convinced myself that you won’t come back, and then I thought to myself if that actually did happen. If you really did leave me would I have let you go? I asked that to my wolf and he snarled at that, not talking to me for the whole 2 days,” he laughed at the memory, “but I knew the answer. I had known it all along, that I love you. I love you a lot, enough to let you go, if that is what made you happy, but not before fighting for it. And eventually, you did come back. For us. Not for long, though and I blame the rest on me.”

He smiled at me, a genuinely ‘I love you a lot smile’ due to which I had to look down at my food.

“Look, Ava, I don’t blame you for not taking me back, and honestly, I was a little surprised to know that you have a second mate. So, know this, that I won’t try to steal you from him, not because I can’t or that I’m afraid to, but because I want you to have happiness wherever you can find it, even if it’s not with me. But there is this one thing you have no control over, and that is on how much I love you. I won’t ever try to force my feelings on you but that doesn’t mean I can’t love you from afar. So, go ahead and live your life with whoever you want, but also know this that if you need a hand to hold on to, I’m always there.” He said while holding my hand tightly in his.

“Thank you, Addy,” I told him which made his eyes shine again.

“I love you, Ava.” He said, and I didn’t feel uncomfortable this time.

“I know,” I told him and took his hand to my mouth, kissing it softly.

We looked at each other for a while, smiling, knowing that everything was falling into place for us.

“So now you wanna tell me?” He asked and I told him everything about how the girls, especially Amber has been acting and about the boys.

We talked for a couple of hours completely forgetting about the exhibition but honestly, there was nothing left there anyway and so we head back, and he dropped me off at my home.

Blake was there waiting for me to spill my guts and I did. He was slightly shocked about the conversation that I narrated to him but in the end, everything turned well. He told me that Chris is planning something for his birthday which is this weekend and how he’s super excited to see what he’s been up to. But he is so not ready for the gift I have for him, he’ll be so surprised, he wouldn’t know how to react.

After that, I went to my room to freshen up and called my angry puppy- if you know, you know- whose contact is ironically saved as “My Angry Puppy” with a heart emoji. Cringy, I know but I like it this way.

“So how was your date?” Was the first thing that came out of his mouth.

“Well, hello to you too. And as far as my date is concerned, you might wanna know we had fun. Oh, and you know what!” I screeched like a teenager who just talked to her crush for the first time. “We had a moment,” I exclaimed sounding excited which obviously pissed him off even more.

“I hate you.” His brooding voice commented.

“Oh please, if you had the chance, you’d marry me in the next hour.” I joked, scoffing sarcastically.

“Is that an offer?” Now it was his turn to be excited and that made me blush for some reason.

“Anyway, what’s up with the Adren thing?” I changed the topic.

“What the hell is an Adren?” He asked, obviously confused.

“How in the name of Jesus are you my boyfriend? Adren is my ship, Adam and Wren, Adren.” I explained as a matter of fact.

“I can’t believe I love you." He murmured.

“Excuse you, you’d die without me.” I accused him, and honestly, he would die without me. And I can literally feel him shaking his head at me.

“It’s going good. As you said, he’s been bumping into her in between classes pretending he doesn’t care but I know for a fact that it’s killing him.” He said.

“I know it’s hard for him, but remind him that she will come to him one day, and that she will be able to call him hers,” I explained.

“I trust you sugar, so does my pack, it’s just that, it’s getting hard to have control over the pack. My Beta has gone crazy, we have to do something for him too.” He told me.

“I’m thinking. Tell him I’ll do everything that I can.” I assured him.

We talked a bit more and then I hung up, starting the next part of the plan. What is it you ask? Call Wren and try to strike the flame.

“Hey.” She said as soon as she picks up.

“What’s up?” I asked casually.

“Oh, you know...” She trailed not trying to say anything more.

And that’s when I decided to hit.

“Wren, you know I love you, right?” She murmured a silent yes, “then you must also know that I want what’s best for you, I never would’ve let them come close to you if they proved to be any kind of threat.”

“Ava, I don’t wanna talk about it, maybe I should just-” she started but I cut her off.

“Hear me out, please. I know how Amber can be pretty convincing, but you need to listen to what your heart tells you. Remember the time you talked about how Lucas made you feel low in front of his friends?” She whispered a yes, “and then how happy you later were when you broke up with him, the way you felt free. And you do remember the time when Adam asked you out, remember the way he treated you, which was nothing like the way you were treated earlier. Remember the date he put together for you. Do you know that he almost risked his Life, trying to ask me to help him out this all together? He knew that if Ash- Edward found out about him talking to me, he’ll get killed. But he still risked all that for you. Because he loves you.”

“I don’t know what to think anymore, Ava. He made me feel so safe, and so loved but then he looked so dangerous when he- when he... turned. I was scared.” She said terrified of the sentence.

“Wren, you should know this that he would never hurt you, just remember the guy you met and talked to, the guy who loves to take you out on romantic dates, the guy who would hold your hand whenever you get nervous or scared, the guy who will know what you want before you do. Please, not for the sake of me, or for the sake of him, but only for the sake of yourself, try. See how I did, I dated one of their kind earlier, I am dating one now. And I can never be happier.” I tried to convince her, with not a single lie slipping out of the words I spoke.

The line stayed silent for a long time, before she replied, “I have to go now, Ava. But I promise I’ll think about it.”

I sighed with relief, “Thank you, Wren. That’s all I need from you, please try and don’t let Amber get to you. I love you.”

“I love you, too.” She said, and I can feel the smile behind her words.

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