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Chapter 49

I knew you’d linger like a tattoo kiss

I knew you’d haunt all of my what-ifs

The smell of smoke would hang around this long

’Cause I knew everything when I was young


When I woke up, it was the most beautiful morning of my life. The love of my life was lying beside me, with his arm tightly wrapped around me, and his head laid on my chest as he breathed heavily in his sleep.

I stayed there, not moving an inch, in fear that it will wake him up from whatever dream he is in, and I think my new guilty pleasure is to stare at his beautiful face while he sleeps.

My eyes were drawn to the tattoo on his arm as I traced it with the featherlight touch, making sure it won’t disturb his peaceful slumber. The rose drawn on his arm seemed so fragile, as if he had a special care for it.

The design so imperfectly perfect on him. The Alpha who fears nothing has a weakness which was depicted through a rose. It’s funny how these small things make me wonder if it holds this deep meaning or my imagination is running wild.

I resumed my research on his face, the freckles covering his nose, the slight frown on his forehead, as if he was doing a really complicated task.

I never noticed all this before, I never felt like doing this before, which makes my thoughts drift to the most perfect night of my life. Not many hours ago, we were one. And then it hit me, the mark, his mark, now covers my neck.

I raised my hand to my neck, caressing the new bruise there. It feels like it was always there, I just didn’t know. It doesn’t feel different, or uncomfortable, it feels... complete.

“Good morning, the most awesomest divine delight of my life.” Came his voice, startling me back to reality, and then it registered what he said and I couldn’t contain my laughter, as I burst out.

“You are watching a lot of Hannah Montana. You need to stop.” I told him. A few days ago, we were talking about how I grew up watching and remembering every episode of Hannah Montana and I can recite it in my sleep, and so he said he’d give it a try and now he’s hooked.

“What? It’s not my fault Miley wrote the line for Jackson. It’s a nice line, kinda explains you.” He defended with a cheeky smile, “besides, she had no right to do such a thing to her older brother, anyway.” He completed as he scooted into a sitting position by me, with his head resting on the headboard as mine lay on his shoulder.

I laughed a little and then stopped, this moment feels so perfect. We don’t need words to communicate, we just know that both of us are happy, just there with the presence of each other.

“So,” he started, breaking the silence which made me look at him curiously, “last night, do you... I don’t know-” I didn’t let him finish.

“Last night was the most perfect, most beautiful night of my life and I don’t regret one moment of it, so neither should you. I wanted it and I’m glad that it was you. I would want anyone else but you for now and for a very long time in the future.” I said and took in his expression which turned from doubt to glimmer to happiness to doubt again as he spoke.

“For a very long time in the future?” He repeated my words, conspicuously, “sugar, I don’t know if you know this or not, ” he spoke as my heartbeat increased, with a fear of what he was about to say, “but very long time won’t do for me anymore. I needed you before, I need you now and I think I would need for like, the rest of my life, so you must think of replacing very long time with forever.” He completed and I couldn’t help another smile breaking through.

“I would want no one else but you for now and forever.” I said again to see his eyes light up like a kid on Christmas. “What time is it?” I asked, as I totally forgot to check it and I don’t know if mom is up or not.

Asher looked at the bedside and replied, “it’s not that late, 11. We still have time, don’t we?” He said, nuzzling his head in the crook of my neck.

“Ash, I need to get up, mom might not have thought of disturbing you from your sleep so she didn’t come in, thank god,” I said as I gestured towards our clothes, or lack thereof, “but I need to go see her.” I completed.

He groaned at first, and tightened his hold before letting me go as I put on his shirt that was sprawled on the floor. I was about to head into the bathroom when I heard him whistle, and looked back at him, staring at me.

“I don’t know about you but I can’t really decide if I like you better with my T-shirt on or off.” His voice turned deep and I swear his eyes darkened a little as he slowly racked his eyes from top to bottom.

I decided to put on a little show and stood by the bathroom door, with one hand resting on the door while other on my waist and thrust my hips to the side, crossing my feet, and gave him the flirtiest smile I could muster.

“Maybe you should give both a try before deciding,” I said, lowering my voice, and for a moment I wanted to laugh at the way his eyes widened and mouth falls open.

“Oh, you asked for it.” He jumped out of the bed, butt naked and launched at me, before I had time to register what was happening, I jumped into the bathroom and closed the door, while laughing loudly, “Ava, this is not funny.” He said as he pounded heavily on the door.

I ignored his calls and looked at my reflection, my face flushed but glowing at the same time, my neck covered with red marks which he made sure to give attention to make them darker, and there were some more changes, so subtle that even I didn’t notice at first. Like how the green in my eyes has darkened, how my lips have gained a hint of red, and my red hair have more shine.

“Ava, I swear if you don’t open this door right now, I will break it.” He said from the other side in an agitated voice to which I scoffed.

“If you do, my mom will have your balls on a platter and use them to fix the door. Don’t ask how, she’ll find a way.” I replied after which he stopped and I heard his retreating footsteps. Looks like he’s scared of my mom. Well, for his own good, he should be. Because if she wanted to, she can be the scariest woman alive if something ticked her off.

After another half hour of trying to convince Asher to get out of the room, we found my mom working in the living room, her eyes glued to her laptop and the door to Blake’s room was still close, indicating that he and Chris are still asleep. Well, they might have been on to something, but so were we.

Just the thought of last night makes me blush, and Asher made sure to notice it because I felt his hands lingering on my waist lightly.

“You’re thinking about it. Aren’t you?” He whispered in my ear, my mom still not noticing our presence. I tried to ignore his comment and my flushed face and crept towards my mom quietly, placing a kiss on her cheek from the back, startling her.

“Ava! You scared me,” she said closing her laptop and getting up the couch, “someone’s in a good mood.” She commented and I grinned widely at her.

“And someone’s going to be sparkling if she gets to know what’s for breakfast.” I replied and made my way into the kitchen.

The day was spent smoothly with the four of us talking all day as Blake didn’t want to go out, and mom was finishing some paper work for tomorrow. We just sat there and shared all our childhood stories, from when Blake and I used to be inseparable when we first met, and how Asher used to spend his weekend playing catch with his dad when he finally was free from all the Alpha work.

Blake seemed to be on edge, still new to all the dating a werewolf concept, and I didn’t blame him. How could I when I was the worst example of it. He seems to be handling it really well than how I was, and I feel so proud of him.

Our bantering was put on hold when my phone rang, I went upstairs to answer it, as the caller ID shocked me to say the least.

“Adam? Is everything ok? Do you need Asher? What’s wrong?” Immediately I was worried because after the whole disaster, he has never approached me, and I honestly didn’t blame him. So, it did come as a shock to see his name pop up.

“Everything is okay, Luna,” I let out a relieved breath as he continued, “it’s better than okay, I’m amazing. Thank you so much for whatever you did. I-” I stopped him before he could finish, confused out of my wits.

“What are you talking about? What did I do?”

“Wren,” her name popped up and a sudden twitch in my chest made its appearance, “she called. She called me, and said that she wanted to meet, so I went to her home, and she was waiting at the door. And she told me that she’ll give us a chance, that she’ll give me a chance! And I know once she sees all the love I have for her to give, she won’t care about the pack. Thank you, Luna! Thank you so much!” He completed and I could’ve sworn I heard crying in his voice which made me cry.

The tears of happiness started flowing freely down my face, “Adam, that’s amazing. I’m so happy for you. I don’t know why I’m crying, I just... I’m so happy.” I barely completed and I could hear his smile for the other end when the line started to break and I saw that I was getting another call. “Adam I’ll call you later, I’m getting another call.”

“Ava! I talked to him.” It was Wren, and she sounded happy too, “and I said yes, that I would give him a chance and give a chance to this... lifestyle. I already feel like I can do this. Thank you, baby, thank you so much. I feel like I can do this.” She completed, not giving me a chance to say anything and for a while I didn’t. I was just so happy for them.

“You don’t know how happy you made me right now babe. I can promise you that you won’t regret this.” I made her the promise and she agreed, asking what I’m up to, “actually it’s Blake’s birthday today, you can come right now, we already cut a cake last night but we’re doing it again, so you can come by, maybe even bring your boyfriend.” I suggested.

“Boyfriend. It sounds so good already, so perfect. I think I want it. I’ll ask him and we’ll meet you in half hour. Your place?” She asked to which I said yes and she hung up, and I was still in tears when the similar warmth shot down my body travelling from my neck.

“Why are you crying, Sugar? Is something wrong? Did I do something? I’m sorry if I-” I shut him up by turning around and pressing my lips to his. This certainly was the best day of my life.

We started this day, or more like night, with my best friend’s birthday, then that turned to a beautiful morning, and now things were falling in place.

We broke after a soft, love filled moment, and then Asher saw the smile of glee on my face.

“That is a good expression. What happened?” He asked, now all the worry lost.

“She said yes, Ash. Wren said yes!” I jumped and wrapped my hands around his neck, catching him off guard but he managed to stay rooted and when it registered what happened, his arms wrapped tightly around my back.

“Really!? She did, that means...” He didn’t complete as he again pressed his lips against mine, a little forcefully but we were happy and I responded immediately.

“Yes. They are coming here right now. We should go and tell this to the boys too. Oh, my god this is the best day!” I happily held his hand and dragged him back to the living room where the boys were talking. “Guys!” I made the announcement as soon as they caught my eyes and they too jumped in joy.

Half hour later, Wren entered the house like she owns the place, just like always and Adam strolled behind awkwardly but his happiness was evident.

As soon as they entered, I embraced her in a hug and Asher did the same with Adam and also gave him a pat on the back. They were happy, it was visible and I was happy that things were falling into place.

I knew that all Wren needed was a nudge to give it a shot, she always does what she feels right, and I love her for that. She can be influenced but later on she always finds her own way.

She greeted my mom who was in her room, and told her about her boyfriend, and mom, too, hugged her and congratulated her.

“So, did you tell your parents?” I asked, once we settled down.

“I did, I’ve been thinking about it since we talked and I had a talk with my mom. Even if she doesn’t know... what... he is...” She drawled out before continuing, “she’s always been on team Adam, I think I have you to thank her for that. She told me that she could see the respect he had for me in his eyes and when I asked her if she would be okay with me dating again, she said, ‘I have been waiting for you to go around dating after that asshole. I’m just happy you chose the right one this time’ and she really did say asshole.” She said as we laughed at her mom’s choice of words.

This is good, now all we need is just one more person, and everything will be good. Everyone will be happy. But it’s my bad that just talking won’t be enough, Amber was a hard headed person, who cannot be convinced otherwise when she makes up her mind.

We just have to come up with something better, something worth it to make her give in. And I will try my best. Cause this was my pack now, and these are my friends. I need all of them happy, my friends always do come first, and I will make sure that everything will be tied in a tight knot that no one can break.

And that’s when I realized that earlier on the phone, Adam called me Luna and I didn’t mind it. I was happy, they accepted me as someone important. And I was ready to give them my everything.

With that, a permanent smile was etched on my face as the night turned to day and a day turned to 2 weeks.

The 2 most painful weeks. I should’ve known that my happiness is never the one that lasts forever.

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