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Hey guys!!!
It's been so long, OMG it feels so unreal at this point.
I wrote this story as a girl who would not even get 30 reads a month and now here we are, reaching the milestone of 140k!!! I could never thank all of the Inkitt community enough for this much love. All your comments and reviews have helped me turn my stories into a better version of what they were 3 years ago.

So here I come bearing a surprise for all of you guys! Like I said, there will be a bonus chapter but it will take a little more time because I want it to be perfect for all of you, and you deserve to read that perfect ending even more.

I know how many of you wanted there to be a sequel to Strings and I remember thinking how could I take this story ahead. And now I've finally found a way to do so.

Here I present an opportunity to all of you. The spin off to Strings will be called Stars Aligned and the prologue is up and ready for a test read to gain a few reviews and if it is as good of an idea as I think it to be.

But unfortunately this will be based on limited entry because I can't spoil all the surprise for everyone right?😏

That's why I have decided that the first 7 people to comment "I Want" on this chapter will have the first look at the prologue of Stars Aligned.

Now here are some rules if you wanna take part:

1. You have to be brutally honest about your thoughts on it.

2. You have to swear to secrecy that the draft will not be leaked, copied, altered, translated in any way. This is my work and I would appreciate if you would let it be that way.

3. You should be comfortable to share your Instagram username as I will be sending it there.

4. Follow me on Instagram to enter officially. (Once done, DM me "Stars Aligned" with your inkitt username)

5. Do not share your Instagram username in the comments. (I will contact you through DMs only)

6. Kindly note I will be cross checking the usernames who commented here to the DMs. (You have to comment here first before texting me on Instagram)

And that's it! You can find my Instagram through my bio if interested.


I hope you guys are just as excited as I am!

Can't wait to see how this goes.

Stay safe and happy

Thank you for all the love and support!



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